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Solo leveling Light Novel : 150

A certain man was sneaking into an outsized hospital .

There was just one reason why he was making d*mn sure that nobody saw him . which would be due to the jerry can filled with petrol he was carrying at the instant .

In the past, one couldn't find any kind of desire or drive within this man's eyes . But now, they were burning with vigour .

'So, you dare to seem down on me, huh?'

He was already resolved to die today .

This man wandered about silently for an extended while, before finally choosing an appropriate location . His steps came to a halt in one among the hospital's many corridors, although this particular one didn't seem to enjoy all that much pedestrian traffic . He began cautiously pouring the petrol on the ground .

'You think I'll die all alone?'

It happened one week ago .

He got p*ss drunk and wandered round the streets, before picking a fight with some random passerby . And as a result, he got beaten up black and blue . So, he ended up during this hospital .

He regained his consciousness a touch later and declared to the doctor busy treating him . He said, 'I do not have enough money for the hospital fees, so might also stop what you're doing and let me go' .

It happened then .

He saw it .

He saw the doctor's eyes, looking down on him as if he was a pathetic fool .

That d*mn doctor b*stard . This man couldn't quite remember the face of that doctor, but even in any case this point , he could always remember those eyes .

That's why he made up his mind .

'I'll get my revenge on you . '

And that was his reason for seeking out the very hospital he once visited as its guest .

He wasn't getting to live any more , anyway . So, he poured the petrol everywhere this corner of the hospital, and then, dumped what little remained on himself .

"We'll all go together . "

His voice was thickly laden with spiteful rage .

Of course, this hospital was pretty d*mn huge, so something like this wouldn't even be ready to burn it down completely . However, he should still be ready to take a couple of with him . it would be excellent if a couple of doctors were included therein 'few', but if not, there's not much he could do that .

He already ruined his life through gambling anyway . But, he wasn't getting to quietly disappear like everyone else .

He threw away the empty jerry can, and after searching through his pockets for a short time , pulled out a lighter . the instant his thumb spins that flint, this f*cked-up lifetime of his would come to an end .

" . . . . "

He became expressionless and was close to depress together with his thumb, but then, an eerie breeze suddenly brushed him by .

'… . there is a breeze?'

The man felt something was off and scanned his vicinity . This corridor didn't even have any windows, so where could have that breeze come from?

'What was that?'

He tilted his head while looking around himself, only to abruptly realise that something felt rather empty down there . He lowered his gaze to his hand .

The lighter he held in his hand was gone .

'… . !!'

What an incredibly puzzling thing that was .

He wondered if he dropped the lighter while he was preoccupied, so he carefully combed over the ground , but that clothed to be a waste of your time .

'Just where did it disappear to . . . . ?'

Feeling utterly puzzled now, he raised his head then spotted an outsized , black something standing right ahead of his eyes .

It was an 'insect' with hands and legs .

The man was greatly taken all of sudden , his eyes bulging out until they were almost beginning . Before he could scream, though, the 'insect' reached out and grabbed his mouth .


"Kiikiik . "

The 'insect' raised the index of its blank check and pressed it against its mouth .

"Shush . "

This human shouldn't raise a commotion like this . The human female his king told him to guard was sleeping during a room nearby, in any case .

The man struggled bitterly, but he couldn't even budge one finger of the monster off his face .

"Euph, eupphhh!!"

The man's eyes now saw the 'insect' – no, Beru's open mouth slowly growing closer towards him .


Why did 'it' happen on level 101?

As Jin-Woo drove back, he thought back to how his skills abruptly went up A level earlier within the day . albeit his mind was occupied with something else, his hands holding the wheel remained steady and controlled .

'It's not even level 100, too . '

He thought that, if something about him were to vary due to the extent ups, then that ought to happen on level 100 . However, his expectation was a touch off the mark .

His Class-specific skills all got an upgrade after he reached level 101 .

A few guesses fleeted in and out of his head, but currently, only two of them held the strongest possibilities of being right .

The first one was about what the amount '1' signified . '1' meant a replacement beginning .

Could it's that, when his level reached 101, all restrictions on his Class-specific skills were removed and he was now liberal to upgrade them at will?

'If that's not it . . . . '

Jin-Woo's expression hardened when he considered the second theory . Personally, he'd have much preferred for this one to be wrong, though .

'Could it's because I got my Class at level 51 . . . . . ?'

There was an opportunity that the Skill levels rose up because he was exactly 50 levels above when he got his Class . Which also quite implied that he needed to succeed in level 151 if he wanted to upgrade his Skills again .

'… . . i do not want that . '

If he considered his levelling up speed lately, then indeed, he could only dearly pray that this remained nothing quite his hypothesis .

Soon, the building together with his Guild office came into his view . Jin-Woo drove the van into the underground parking zone . He was the sole passenger riding on the trusty steed of the Ah-Jin Guild, 'Bonggo' . Yu Jin-Ho chose to remain back within the Gate's location, saying that he'd conclude the proceedings before going back to the office .

The raid may need ended, but there was still another step of delivering the recovered loot to the brokers to believe . Since it had been Yu Jin-Ho who had contacted these brokers, it seemed that he wanted to personally take hold of handling this matter .

["Please, leave everything to me, hyung-nim!"]

Jin-Woo thought that he could still hear Yu Jin-Ho's voice crammed with confidence even now .

'I wonder, will he be okay?'

It was all good and well for a Vice-Chair of the Guild to be filled with drive and energy, but wouldn't it's better still to rent dedicated staff members for matters like this? Jin-Woo told himself to look for more employees and walked out of the underground parking zone .

But then . . . .


He spotted a well-known figure walking towards the Guild building from afar . which familiar person also discovered Jin-Woo staring back at her .

"Ah . . . . "

Her steps came to an abrupt halt right then and there .

Cha Hae-In formed a shocked expression and commenced to backtrack one step at a time before she rotated completely, and commenced deed .

' . . . HUH??'

Jin-Woo was utterly dumbstruck by what just happened .

The thing was, though – he could gloss over the rationale why she suddenly started deed after seeing his face, but he simply couldn't . . . .

'… . you think that you'll shake me because you started running?'

Just who did she think she was handling here?

Jin-Woo was suddenly overcome with a streak of stubbornness and pounced forward with everything he had after activating his 'Quicksilver' skill .

Time bogged down to a crawl, and only the background images appeared to move at a blinding pace . the space between him and Cha Hae-In decreased quickly enough, then he began thinking to himself .

'If I grab her from the rear or attempt to touch her, she might get hurt, so . . . . '

Jin-Woo lightly jumped up within the air, spun around once, and landed ahead of Cha Hae-In's escaping figure .

'… . !!'

Her eyes grew super wide in a moment .

Her escape route had been stop , and before she could do anything , her shoulders were caught by Jin-Woo's hands .


And so, the foot chase between two rank S Hunters came to a really anti-climatic end . Now that she was caught by him, she couldn't even bring herself to seem into his eyes .

Jin-Woo continued to stare at her with deeply puzzled eyes, before calmly asking her the important question .

"Why did you run away after seeing me?"

" . . . "

Well, he could concede a touch here and say that it had been possible for her to bolt like that . Fine .

"If you were getting to run, then why did you even bother to return to my office?"

If she wanted to avoid him that much, then she shouldn't even come anywhere near him, no? Jin-Woo's pointed question elicited Cha Hae-In to reply during a voice that was smaller than a buzzing mosquito .

"My car is . . . still in your parking zone . . . . "

'Ah . Right . There was an unfamiliar car parked within the lot for the last few days, wasn't there?'

That day, when Cha Hae-In came to the office, saying that she wanted to hitch his Guild . . . .

After they 'teleported' on to the Association's gymnasium from the Guild office, she forgot to require her car back and left it within the underground parking zone so far .

'Looks like she came sneaking back in to urge her car back because our Guild was alleged to get on a raid today . '

Too bad for her, she couldn't have imagined that he'd only need a touch over two hours to finish the raid of a rank A Gate . As a result, these two children need to meet one another again . She quickly tried to urge faraway from him, but within the end, was apprehended by him instead .

'… . . . . . '

Jin-Woo's wordless stare continued, and Cha Hae-In's head drooped lower and lower . He let loose a helpless sigh and slowly let her shoulders go .

"There's no got to run faraway from me, you know . "

Jin-Woo spoke as he formed an amiable smile .

"A person's mind can change all the time, am I right?"

Indeed, wouldn't people lose their interest, or suddenly gain interest when there was none, to start with? Wasn't that how an individual's heart operated? There was no reason for them to travel out of their thanks to avoid one another like this .

" . . . . . "

However, Cha Hae-In didn't even attempt to refute him, her head still remaining lowered .

'Maybe, she doesn't even desire lecture me?'

It was possible that she was unhappy about suddenly being grabbed like that .

"Well, then . "

Jin-Woo rotated to go away with a touch nod as his goodbye . No, he was getting to rotate . But before he could, Cha Hae-In hurriedly persisted to his sleeve .

"Excuse me . . . . . "

" . . . . ?"

By the time four, five question marks floated over Jin-Woo's head, she finally stopped hesitating and opened her lips to talk .

"Can you release a while so we will talk for a touch while?"

Only a moment ago she was fleeing for her dear life, but now, she wanted to talk to him?

Perhaps she sensed Jin-Woo's flustered confusion, Cha Hae-In quickly explained herself .

"Actually, Min Byung-Gu Hunter-nim wanted me to expire a message to you . "

Jin-Woo's expression changed once he heard that unexpected name begin of her mouth .

"A message for me?"

Nod, nod .

Cha Hae-In's head bobbed up and down .

"He said, there was something he wanted to mention about your powers, Seong Hunter-nim . "

But, how could that be? Jin-Woo did not have any point of contact, private or otherwise, with Hunter Min Byung-Gu . And their one and only meeting came over when Jin-Woo revived Min Byung-Gu into a Shadow Soldier for a brief while some time past .

The deceased Hunter administered his job perfectly and because of that, Cha Hae-In was ready to survive . it had been all thanks to that man's efforts that these two children could ask one another like this .

But then, just when did he have the time to go away a message behind?

Jin-Woo didn't display his power until the Jeju raid, and when he did, Min Byung-Gu was already long dead .

Something like that couldn't have happened .

Jin-Woo stared at her with a disbelieving expression . Cha Hae-In cautiously continued on .

"Your power, Seong Hunter-nim . . . . "

But, when her words reached there, Jin-Woo quickly cut her off .

"Hold on, please . "

Didn't matter if what she wanted to mention was true or not, this subject didn't seem compatible to be discussed within the middle of the road .

Jin-Woo scanned his vicinity once, then continued to talk to her .

"Let's continue our discussion somewhere more private, shall we?"


Chairman Yu Myung-Han received the files containing certain information from his Secretary Kim .

"These are?"

"They are information gathered from Seoul Il-Sin hospital, sir . "

Il-Sin hospital was where Hunter Seong Jin-Woo's mother had been staying until recently . Yu Myung-Han's eyes sharpened instantly . Without saying anything , he began reading the documents .

'The nurse entered within the morning and she or he was already wide awake? And Hunter Seong Jin-Woo was found right next to his mother?'

There was another strange thing mentioned within the file .

The hospital staff recommended an in-depth analysis of the patient's conditions to be administered as they were concerned about her health, but Hunter Seong strongly demanded for her release, instead .

Chairman Yu Myung-Han unconsciously shook his head .

'That doesn't sound like him . . . . '

That man possessed such a robust filial love that he risked his life and limb by entering dangerous raids so as to earn enough money for her hospital fees . However, such a person one-sidedly demanded his mother's release, when he couldn't are sure of her physical condition?

'No, it is the exact opposite . '

This could only mean that Hunter Seong Jin-Woo had already confirmed his mother's status by then .

But, how did he do that?

The longer Yu Myung-Han read the info sent in from the hospital, the deeper the frowns on his forehead became .

Everything about Hunter Seong Jin-Woo was shrouded in mystery .

'The dual dungeon incident, his sudden Re-Awakening, his mother's abrupt recovery, and even his mysterious ability to make countless summoned creatures . . . . . '

Wouldn't a series of serendipities eventually become inevitability?

There was definitely something here . There was absolutely little question that . Yu Myung-Han's sharply-honed senses were telling him such . His resolution became even firmer than before .

"Looks like I'll need to ask him face to face . "

"I shall send over someone before the top of today, sir . "

"No need for that . "

Secretary Kim was stunned from that reply .

"Sir, are you getting to go see him personally?"

"Secretary Kim . Who does one think the person I'm trying to satisfy is?"

" . . . . "

That was enough to shut Secretary Kim's mouth .

It was then .

Vrrrr . . . .

Secretary Kim's phone suddenly began vibrating . Chairman Yu Myung-Han returned his gaze back to the files and gave his permission .

"It's fine to answer it . "

Secretary Kim bowed his head slightly and quickly checked his phone . it had been a text message carrying urgent breaking news .

"Chairman, sir . "

Yu Myung-Han raised his head again .

"There's breaking news coming from Japan as we speak . Would you wish to ascertain it, sir?"

Secretary Kim wasn't someone to urge easily agitated over an easy matter . If he was asking you about whether you wanted to ascertain something or not, then that was an equivalent thing as you wanting to see that something immediately .

Nod .

Yu Myung-Han nodded his head, and as if he was expecting that, Secretary Kim quickly switched on the enormous TV hanging on the wall .

- Yes, this is often correspondent Park Seong-Woo reporting . As you'll see behind me . . . . .

The real-time live broadcast of Japan's most bustling downtown area filled up the TV screen because the device flickered into life .


Shinjuku, located in Tokyo, Japan .

A gloomy shadow was being sew the busiest, liveliest avenue in Tokyo, the one often mentioned because the beating heart of Japan . That wasn't an easy figure of speech, though .

Every single car, bicycle, and person – didn't matter who or what, they were all standing still beneath this massive shade cast over them .

People began climbing out from their stopped vehicles one by one . The road was becoming uncontrollably clogged up, but not one honked their horns or yelled call at irritation .

It was as if everyone here had been bewitched by an unseen force .

Every single gaze was directed to at least one particular spot .

"Oh, my god . . . "

"Dear Lord . . . . "

There was a Gate so huge that it blocked out the sky to cast a huge shade onto the bottom below .

The people below saw this common-sense-shattering Gate that easily matched a daily skyscraper in sheer size, and fell deep into the state of indescribable shock .

" . . . . "

" . . . . . "

The avenue once bustling with overflowing people was now being gripped tighter and tighter by a silence so wretched that it almost induced a number of the witnesses to start out vomiting .


The atmosphere within the Japanese Prime Minister's official residence was rather poor, as well .


The Prime Minister couldn't twiddling my thumbs his flood tide of anger and threw the remote hard at the TV busy showing the breaking news .

"P-Prime Minister!"

His adjutants hurriedly got up, but they shut their mouths and sat backtrack once the Prime Minister's dagger-like eyes landed on them .

"Why is not the Hunter's Association saying anything?"

The President of the japanese Hunter's Association, Matsumoto Shigeo, weakly lowered his head . He had become tons more haggard ever since coming back from his trip to South Korea .

The Prime Minister's expression hardened .

"God d*mn it . . . . "

Something that horrifying had appeared within the middle of Tokyo, yet the Association who should be responsible of such things, were keeping their mouths shut?!

"A rank S Gate has appeared right within the heart of Tokyo! But, does one think it makes any kind of sense for the Association to not have one countermeasure in place? How??"

The Prime Minister cried call at anguish .

Unfortunately for him, everyone present kept their mouths shut as if that they had agreed to try to to so beforehand . The Prime Minister's expression crumpled unsightly, sort of a man carrying the load of all the suffering found during this world, before he collapsed down onto his chair .

"Be honest with me, Association President . "

He then pointed at the cracked TV screen .

"What will happen if that thing exposes on us?"

" . . . . . It'll be the top , sir . "

As he thought – the Prime Minister hugged his head and muttered out helplessly .

"So, that's how it's . . . . . only one Gate, and therefore the city of Tokyo is finished, is that it?"

"That's not what I'm saying, Prime Minister . "

" . . . . ?"

The Prime Minister raised his head to seem , and Association President Matsumoto Shigeo continued on with an emotionless voice .

"I meant to mention that everything of Japan are going to be finished, sir . "

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