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Solo leveling Light Novel : 149

'Huh . . . !'

He had been using his Class-specific skills constantly, but they showed no signs of budging so far . But then, their levels all went up in one go?!

Ba-thump, ba-thump!!

Jin-Woo's heart began pounding really hard for the primary time during a while .

Currently, there have been only two people inside the boss chamber, which would be Yu Jin-Ho and Woo Jin-Cheol . Since both of them weren't the sort to needlessly complain about small matters, he decided to to not mind their presence and summoned out his Status Window .

'Stat Window . '

Tti-ring .

Along with the familiar mechanical bleep, all the knowledge about him, ranging from his level to each item he was wearing, and even his current physical status, seemed to refill his view .

Jin-Woo's gaze stopped at the 'Class-specific Skills' list .

[Class-specific Skills]

Active Skills

- Shadow Extraction Lv . 2

- Shadow Storage Lv . 2

- Sovereign's Territory Lv . 2

- Shadow Exchange Lv . 2

'It's for real . '

Hearing about the reality and truly seeing it were two various things . Jin-Woo clenched his fist tighter, especially from the very fact that the extent for 'Shadow Exchange' had gone up .


The Shadow Exchange skill possessed such an endless potential but he was feeling frustrated by the limitation posed by its lengthy cooldown time .

'The description said that cooldown will change consistent with the skill level, right?'

With this, his frustration should go down a touch .

This was today's biggest gain for him . He was much more pleased about the skill Shadow Exchange being enhanced instead of his stalled level rising up again .

'Should I see what proportion of it's changed now?'

Feeling sort of a kid pulling the wrapping off his new present, Jin-Woo accessed the knowledge on the skill Shadow Exchange .

Tti-ring .

[Skill: Shadow Exchange Lv . 2]

Class-specific . . . .

… . Once activated, you want to wait two hours of 'cooldown' period before having the ability to use the skill again .

The 'cooldown' period will change consistent with the Skill's level .

'… . . !!'

Reduction of 1 hour!!

Just by rising one level, the cooldown time had decreased by one-third . Jin-Woo could barely hide his excitement now .

'One hour's gone after rising one level . '

A simple calculation told him that there was a high possibility of yet one more hour being chopped faraway from the cooldown time with subsequent level from the skill . And, what if he raised the extent of this skill another time after that?

'It means, no matter where i'm , mom and Jin-Ah will never find themselves in trouble . . . . '

Just brooding about that made his entire body shiver . That was the foremost important thing for Jin-Woo, in any case . Maybe his excitement showed abreast of his face, Yu Jin-Ho asked him an issue with a jovial smile .

"Hyung-nim? Did something good happen?"


Only then did Jin-Woo realise that Yu Jin-Ho had come closer to him .

'I was too focused on the Status Window, wasn't I . . . . ?'

He also could see Section Chief Woo Jin-Cheol walking towards this manner behind Yu Jin-Ho also . Jin-Woo grinned and closed the Status Window . albeit these two men weren't the kinds to boost a fuss over every single thing, there was no reason for him to seem sort of a madman to their eyes, either .

"Yeah, something like that . "

"That's cool, hyung-nim . "

Yu Jin-Ho's wits had become tons quicker after following Jin-Woo around for a short time , so he didn't attempt to dig in anymore . Instead, his attention shifted to the sight right next to them .

"Wowsers . "

This would be Yu Jin-Ho's first time ever seeing an actual rank A dungeon's boss . This monster's upper torso looked human-ish, but the lower part seemed like a snake .

It looked so nonsensically huge from afar, but now that he need to take a glance up close, it seemed even bigger and really disgusting to behold, as well .

It was only natural that he couldn't close his slack jaw after seeing such a humongous monster .

'I know that hyung-nim has entered several other high-ranking dungeons before this one, so does that mean . . . . '

Did that mean he killed creatures like this one whenever he entered such a Gate?

Gulp .

Yu Jin-Ho swallowed some dry saliva . for a few reason, his hyung-nim looked even more imposing and funky to his eyes today . And he felt incredibly pleased with himself, because it was him and not somebody else standing beside such a fantastic man .



"I respect you . "


"It's nothing . "

'Silly kid . '

Jin-Woo stared wordlessly at Yu Jin-Ho, and therefore the latter averted his gaze after realising how embarrassed he was feeling immediately . Meanwhile, Woo Jin-Cheol next to them was also stewing during a bottomless shock at the instant .

'I knew Hunter Seong Jin-Woo's skills were amazing, but this . . . . '

To think, he'd be ready to easily lookout of a boss-level Naga like this .

Other raid teams would begin tearing their hair out after seeing this spectacle . Especially once they would wish the complete participation of tankers, damage dealers, and Healers just to barely bring down a monster of this magnitude .

'… . . . . . '

Woo Jin-Cheol walked up on the brink of the remains of the boss-level Naga and lightly tapped on the monster's scales . He could definitely sense the steel-like hardness through his fingertips .

Scales of Naga boasted amazing hardness and that they were often utilized in the manufacturing of all kinds of defensive items, like various armours and shields .

'But, such scales were . . . . '

Some a part of the scales on the lower torso of the monster were crushed and torn into pieces as if they were made out of paper . That was the aftermath left behind by Jin-Woo's skill, 'Violent Slash' .

'Being ready to produce such devastating destructive power, while using nothing quite a few of shortswords . '

Cold sweat formed on Woo Jin-Cheol's forehead as he observed the monster's corpse . What an excellent relief that the youth was their ally and not an enemy .

It was then, Jin-Woo's voice came from behind him .

" . . . . are you able to step aside for a touch , please?"

Woo Jin-Cheol was too deep in his thoughts and couldn't properly hear that, so he quickly looked behind him during a fluster .


"I'm trying to make another summoned creature, but Chief Woo, you're too close, you see . "

"Ah . "

Yu Jin-Ho had already moved to a far enough location and was busy gesturing at Woo Jin-Cheol to return over there .

"M-my apologies . "

Woo Jin-Cheol offered an appropriate-sounding apology and quickly stepped aside . He kept staring with great anticipation, though . He had seen how the summoned creatures were created during his trip here, but this is able to be the primary time seeing a boss-level monster become a summon .

'Could this huge thing become a summoned creature as how it looks?'

Even Yu Jin-Ho's eyes were sparkling as he waited for the result . albeit he was subjected to 2 men's boiling anticipation, Jin-Woo was utterly relaxed as he activated Shadow Extraction .

'Rise up . '

The shadow of the boss-level monster answered the decision of its new owner .


A hand emerged out from the shadow and grabbed hold of the bottom , before dragging its body out from the darkness . However, the newly summoned creature was way smaller in size than what the audience was expecting to ascertain .

As a matter of fact, it had been only about an equivalent size because the summoned creatures created out of normal Nagas . Maybe, it had been slightly larger, but that was about it .

'Haha . . . . '

Woo Jin-Cheol was so tense that his palms were soaked in sweat, but now, he could excuse a wry chuckle . This result was perhaps an inevitable one .

How could a summon created from borrowing the dead monster's powers be almost like the particular thing? that might be almost the proper size, whether that criteria being its actual power or the physical size .

Woo Jin-Cheol felt relieved for a few reason after seeing the summon and its comparatively miniaturised size .

'Maybe, Hunter Seong Jin-Woo's powers have an outlined and clear ceiling?'

Even if that was the case, Hunter Seong's own combat abilities easily exceeded one's imaginations, so one could never see him as a simple opponent in the least .

Quite different from Woo Jin-Cheol's thoughts, though, Jin-Woo was shouting call at elation at the unexpected jackpot he just stumbled onto .

[The Sovereign's voice has roused the fighting spirit of the deceased . ]

[You have succeeded in strengthening the shadow!]

[The shadow's level will start from 13 . ]


Was this due to the Shadow Extraction had levelled up? For the primary time since Igrit's case, the message regarding the strengthening of a shadow popped out . Jin-Woo quickly checked the new soldier's information .

[?? Lv . 13]

Elite Knight grade

It wasn't that surprising to ascertain the grade 'Elite Knight' crop up like Fangs before since this guy wont to be the boss of the rank A dungeon . However, its starting level was 13!!

Jin-Woo confirmed that level and will barely keep his happy chuckles in restraint .

'Is it because its level is so high? Its power isn't all that different from the first . '

Unlike the soldiers he had extracted thus far , he couldn't sense many discrepancies between this guy's stats and people of the dead original . He picked abreast of the huge magic energy hidden deep within its smaller body .

He was actually puzzled by its different size, but he could make one hypothesis here .

'Maybe, this is often how it looked originally?'

That made sense, seeing that they were all Nagas, to start with . So, how could the boss be that much bigger than the others? If it used magic like Fangs to balloon up its size, then that made perfect sense .

His hypothesis was supported by the very fact that this new guy was ably controlling its own magic energy a bit like how Fangs did, and also from its great reserve of magic energy also . That reserve wasn't as huge as Fangs, though .

It was then .

[Please assign the soldier's name . ]

Just like before, the message urging him to call this new soldier popped up to his view . Jin-Woo didn't provides it much thought and named it 'Jima' .

[Will you name the soldier 'Jima'?]

'That's right . '

And so, a strong new mage had been added to his Shadow Army, also on his new Naga troops, as well . With the extraction process now over, Jin-Woo absorbed Jima back to his shadow .

Right on cue, the dungeon began sending out warning signals now that it not had an owner .

Rumble . . . . .

A faint tremor rose up from the bottom . it had been the signal that the Gate would draw in one hour . Yu Jin-Ho stopped staying back and quickly ran over to his hyung-nim's side .

"It's time for us to go away this place, hyung-nim . "

"Right . "

Yu Jin-Ho took one last sweeping shop around him and smacked his lips as if he was feeling regretful over something .

"But, hyung-nim . this is often a touch of a waste . "

His gaze was now fixed on the corpse of the boss-level monster .

"That thing would've fetched a handsome amount on the market, you know?"

A Gate would close soon after the dungeon's boss was killed off . Meaning, one would need to combat an enormous risk to bring out the body of the boss monster outside the dungeon .

If you made one mistake and got trapped in here, then you'd literally become 'missing in dungeon' forever, so to talk .

Perhaps that was why it had been rare to ascertain the corpses of boss monsters outside of the Gates . the primary problem being, because they were such a lot bigger, transporting them itself posed a big challenge .

Of course, their rarity ensured that the worth they fetched was quite substantial, as well . curiously enough , Jin-Woo replied nonchalantly to Yu Jin-Ho and his wistful longing .

"What's the problem? We'll just take it with us . "


Yu Jin-Ho's eyes opened wider as he hastily asked an issue .

"Hyung-nim, isn't that too big to require with us?"

Jin-Woo smirked softly .

"It's fine . "

He didn't skills strong his guy was physically, but well, didn't he have someone on his side who was way bigger than that corpse?

'Come out . '

When Jin-Woo issued his order, a former High Orc Shaman Shadow Soldier adorned during a black robe made a soundless appearance .

Shururuk . . . .

Fangs lowered his head as his greetings, and Jin-Woo pointed at the corpse together with his chin .

'Go ahead . '

In the blink of an eye fixed , Fangs grew back to an enormous . He then began dragging out the boss-level Naga, which wasn't even half his size, out of the boss chamber .


Woo Jin-Cheol's eyes shook hard after witnessing such a shocking spectacle .

'Wasn't that thing . . . . . ??'

Without a doubt, that was the High Orc Shaman from the Hunters Guild raid not too way back that Jin-Woo killed in one hit . He clearly witnessed it some time past .

But now, that thing was a minimum of twice the dimensions than when it had been still alive . And it wasn't just its size that had grown bigger, too . The emitted waves of magic energy coming from its body when it grew thereto size was far, far scarier compared to some time past also .

Woo Jin-Cheol was genuinely astonished by this new development .

'What is this?! Didn't the monster's power drop when turning into a summon??'

If that was the case, then how should he set about explaining that summon created out from the High Orc Shaman?

Jin-Woo could create summons out of the boss monsters from rank A dungeons, and he could even strengthen them, too?

'How can this make any kind of logical sense . . . . . ??'

Jin-Woo asked a nonplussed question to Woo Jin-Cheol and his slack jaw .

"Chief Woo? Aren't you coming as well?"

"Ah . . . . "

If one were to lose a number of their lifespan through mental shocks, then Woo Jin-Cheol must've lost half his life here today .

He had a mountain of questions he'd wish to ask . But then, he was actually scared of the type of answers he might get, so he felt disinclined to ask them, as well .

Woo Jin-Cheol hesitated, but within the end, could only reply with a tired look on his face .

" . . . . . Yes, let's get going . "


Reporters were thinking of leaving for early lunch on the other hand , their eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets after Jin-Woo leisurely walked out of the Gate .

"What the heck? Has he finished already?!"

"No way??"

He cleared a rank A dungeon in but three hours?!

A big lightbulb got switched on inside the heads of the gathered reporters .

'This may be a huge scoop! A jackpot!'

The reporters gripping their cameras tightly began flooding towards the Gate, fearing that they could miss Jin-Woo if they didn't hurry up . Too bad, the Hunters from the Monitoring Division waiting there quickly blocked their progress .

"Argh, let me go! We aren't getting to interview him, you know??"

"I just want to snap a photo! What the heck, will you're taking responsibility if i buy fired for failing to require one picture today??"

"It's only one photo, so why are you all behaving like this??"

And even as the desperate scuffle between the reporters and therefore the Monitoring Division's agents intensified . . . .


The sound of something heavy stepping on the bottom resounded out .

"Uh . . . "

One of the reporters dropped his camera in an utter daze .

Crack .

He didn't even realise that his fallen camera was stepped on by other reporters . No, he could only point towards the Gate and stutter call at pure shock .

"L-look over there . . . "

Or, more specifically, he was pointing at the huge , hulking giant of a monster stepping outside the Gate .

"R-run away!! No, no wait! Take its pictures first! Hurry!"

"Are you filming this??"

"Ah, yes!!"

The reporters quickly forgot about the physical confrontation of a second ago and hurriedly began snapping away with their raised cameras .

They were inwardly scared of the monster suddenly attacking them, but at an equivalent time, their fingers continued to maneuver at a blinding pace as if that they had been bewitched by something .


Fangs was diligently dragging the boss-level Naga's corpse outside the Gate, but when he felt quite lot of stares landing on his back, he slowly rotated to seem .

'… . . ??'

And he found that, not just the reporters, but the police, Association employees, and even the passersby on the road stopped in their treks to seem up at him .

Fangs was now suddenly overcome with embarrassment and sheepishly scratched the rear of his head .

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