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Solo leveling Light Novel : 147

"You will acknowledge summoned creatures as members of a raid team?! does one think such a thing even makes sense?"

Nam Joon-Wook yelled out at the highest of his lungs .

Formerly a prosecutor, he now served as a member of the National Assembly . nobody during this country came remotely on the brink of this man's ability to smell out and latch onto an individual's wrongdoings .

The Association President Goh Gun-Hui maintained his silence as he sat on the other side of such a person .

Nam Joon-Wook was actually smiling inside as he was watching his current verbal sparring mate .

'Indeed, albeit you had ten mouths, you'd not have anything to mention . '

The victor had been decided already . regardless of who it had been , they might say this was Association President Goh Gun-Hui going too far . He must've known this too, because he showed absolutely no signs of counterattacking yet .

'However . . . . '

Nam Joon-Wook wasn't thinking of easing over here .

His style was to stay up the pressure when the enemy was on the rear foot . He'd push his opponents hard until they were driven to the sting of a cliff .

Veins bulged in his neck as he raised his voice high, not at Goh Gun-Hui, but at everything of the third conference hall, currently filled to the brim with the interested parties and a cordon of reporters .

"Hunter Seong Jin-Woo has barely finished creating his Guild, yet you already wish to pass this nonsensical regulation? If this is not the case of preferential treatment, then what is?"

The Hunter's Association, a supposedly-neutral organisation, was actively getting behind Hunter Seong Jin-Woo . There was such a rumour doing the rounds already, yet the so-called new regulation was this nonsensical? it had been no wonder serious questions were being raised regarding this matter .

Today's hearing was convened so as to listen to the reasonings, except for some reason, Association President Goh Gun-Hui was resolutely keeping his mouth shut .

'Very good . '

Nam Joon-Wook sensed his impending victory .

Goh Gun-Hui's fame had skyrocketed recently thanks to him pulling off the Jeju Island raid so brilliantly . But now, Nam Joon-Wook need to deal two powerful blows thereto man, with the recent highschool dungeon break incident, and therefore the controversy surrounding the preferential treatment Hunter Seong Jin-Woo had received .

Basically, politics was a conflict of sorts .

If he need to bring down Goh Gun-Hui, a person standing at the other end of the political battlefield, then Nam Joon-Wook would get to enjoy his share of the advantages sooner instead of later .

He imagined himself dominating the front pages of tomorrow's newspapers and glared at Goh Gun-Hui with an arrogant expression etched on his face .

"Please say something, Association President Goh Gun-Hui!"

Wuuong .

For the primary time today, Goh Gun-Hui's mic was turned on .

Tap, tap .

Goh Gun-Hui lightly tapped on the top of the mic to verify that it had been working properly, and brought his lips closer thereto .

"Just what's it that you simply wish to listen to from me?"

Nam Joon-Wook's eyes narrowed to a slit .

'What a thick-faced geezer . . . . '

He expected Goh Gun-Hui to start out by offering up an apology . But, could it's that the old man still had some things to say?

Nam Joon-Wook raised his voice even higher .

"The new regulation you set into place! is that this a preferential treatment for Hunter Seong Jin-Woo or not??"

'So, now – how will you dodge this one?'

Nam Joon-Wook was expecting a cowardly excuse on the other hand , Goh Gun-Hui went and threw a spoilsport on his parade .

"Yes, it's preferential treatment . "

His answer was short, but the impact it carried was enormous .

Noisy, noisy . . . .

Not just the spectators within the gallery, but also the reporters and politicians were busy exchanging knowing or shocked glances with people sitting next to them, which only served to further add fuel to the chaos .

Of course, the one most surprised among them was Nam Joon-Wook .

'Did this geezer finally go senile??'

Goh Gun-Hui was alleged to deny everything till the top , or start grovelling for mercy when things went sideways, yet he came out and straightforwardly admitted to his wrongdoing . However, his eyes were far too calm for somebody making a confession .

Such a relaxed and audacious demeanour only managed to mention a way of an inexplicable nervousness in Nam Joon-Wook .

Gulp .

Dry saliva painfully slid down his throat .

And surely , Goh Gun-Hui began speaking again .

"There is one thing I'd wish to ask everyone that has gathered here today . "

He possessed an awesome presence . As if everyone had made a previous agreement, all of them shut their mouths directly when Goh Gun-Hui spoke up .

"An assault team comprising of 20 rank A Hunters, or an assault team comprising of only one person, Hunter Seong Jin-Woo . "

Goh Gun-Hui slowly stood up and swept his gaze over the faces of each attendee present as he continued on together with his speech .

"If you were to accompany either one among those teams during a dungeon break, which one will you choose?"

No one could offer a solution .

Because, it had been just about an equivalent thing because the answer already being set in stone . There was no reason to answer back in the least .

" . . . . . "

" . . . . . "

Everyone tried to avoid meeting Goh Gun-Hui's gaze, and soon, the Association President's head stopped occupation the direction of Nam Joon-Wook .

" . . . . "

Even Nam Joon-Wook himself couldn't utter one thing .

Perhaps thinking that he got a satisfying enough reaction from the gang , a smile floated abreast of Goh Gun-Hui's lips .

"Do you continue to believe the preferential treatment given to Hunter Seong Jin-Woo is unfair?"

A Hunter who could ably execute the role of an elite raid team from an outsized Guild all by himself – Goh Gun-Hui was now asking the gang if they ought to twiddling my thumbs such a private with a regulation that did not even apply to him anymore .

Nam Joon-Wook was close to say something . But before he could, Goh Gun-Hui was a step faster and continued on .

"A total of 21 countries, including the us , Japan, China, etc . , have demanded more information on Hunter Seong . "

Goh Gun-Hui waved around thick official documents for all to ascertain .

"Every single one among them is hell-bent on stealing away Hunter Seong to their countries . "

Goh Gun-Hui took a while to seem at the cordon of reporters, before shifting his gaze back over to the member of National Assembly, Nam Joon-Wook .

"Our current situation is like this, yet are you actually telling me that you simply want Hunter Seong to stay in our country albeit you're not willing to try to to a favour this small for him?"

" . . . . . "

Nam Joon-Wook's complexion was getting darker and darker . He could definitely sense that the tide had turned against him now . Unfortunately, Goh Gun-Hui wasn't thinking of letting his opponent go this easily . He kept his gaze firmly locked on Nam Joon-Wook before throwing another question .

"Let me ask you this – does one wish to ascertain a repeat of the incident of Hwang Dong-Su abandoning us for America?"

'Euhk . '

Nam Joon-Wook bit his lower lip .

As Goh Gun-Hui put the documents down, he was now overflowing with a particular relaxed air, something he had kept hidden until then .

Nam Joon-Wook knew what that look signified . That was the design of the victor he wont to make often, even as he was closing in on yet one more political victory for himself in situations almost like this one .

Nam Joon-Wook gritted his teeth and tried to boost his objection .

"However, you continue to need fairness in . . . . . "

"This is why I'm raising now immediately . "

Goh Gun-Hui cut Nam Joon-Wook's words right off .

"Honourable member Nam Joon-Wook, didn't you progress house recently to a fresh apartment house located near the Hunters Guild?"

Nam Joon-Wook's face reddened such a lot that even an off-the-cuff glance could detect the change .

"What was your reason for changing your residence to a location where the value of the important estate is several times costlier than the encompassing area?"

" . . . . "

If only his opponent wasn't a rank S Hunter – Nam Joon-Wook's would've run over there and punched the old man within the face . His own face was now within the alternating reminder red and blue as seconds ticked on .

Too bad, Goh Gun-Hui also knew the way to affect an opponent that was on his back foot, maybe even better than Nam Joon-Wook himself .

"I'd wish to urge you to believe this carefully . If and when another rank S Gate appears in our land, just who will intensify to guard your life?"

And with these following words, Goh Gun-Hui finished the proceedings off .

"You won't be ready to repurchase your life albeit you're willing to pay many times, no, make that thousands of times the worth you purchased your new residence . "


Standing before a rank A Gate for the primary time ever in his life, Yu Jin-Ho's bulging eyes were trying to seem up at the highest of this enormously tall Gate .

"Heok . . . "

He needed to seem really high just to barely spot it .

Seeing how Yu Jin-Ho couldn't close his mouth for the last 20 minutes approximately , Jin-Woo began thinking that his own reaction of seeing the rank A Gate some time past was perhaps too reserved for a primary timer .

"Hey, Jin-Ho? Your jaw will come loose if you retain doing that . "

"Sorry? Ah, yes . My bad, hyung-nim . It's just that, I've never seen a Gate this big before . "

How would he even react if he saw the Gwang-an-ri Gate, then? Jin-Woo smirked softly to himself .

Yu Jin-Ho scratched his head as if he felt embarrassed for being so shocked by the Gate's size .

"Hyung-nim, will it's really okay to not hire any retrieval teams or mining teams?"

"Nah, it'll be fine . "

Jin-Woo summoned 30 of the elite grade Shadow Soldiers that had been with him the longest .

"These guys will perform those jobs . "

Yu Jin-Ho flinched just a touch in any case those Shadow Soldiers suddenly appeared behind Jin-Woo, but eventually, he began nodding his head .


These guys with black armours and their black eyes . They always appeared to be overflowing with dense pressure whenever Yu Jin-Ho checked out them .

With excellent timing, the workers dispatched from the Association approached them from afar . one among them happened to be a rather familiar face, as well .

"Good day, Seong Jin-Woo Hunter-nim . "

"Hello, Section Chief Woo . "

The Chief of the Monitoring Division, Woo Jin-Cheol received the portable magic energy measuring instrument shaped sort of a speed gun from one among his subordinates .

"Will it's okay if i'm going ahead and measure them?"

"Please do . "

Jin-Woo moved aside and therefore the Shadow Soldiers all uniformly took a breakthrough . Woo Jin-Cheol began measuring the magic energy emission of every of the soldiers .

'Oh my god . . . . '

His eyes were opening wider and wider as he checked every all of those so-called soldiers . He thanked his lucky stars that nobody need to see the design of sheer shock on his face thanks to the sunglasses he was currently wearing .

'All of his summons are either rank As or rank Bs . '

Indeed, Jin-Woo had easily exceeded the standards for earning the raid permit for a rank A Gate like this one . But then, these weren't all the summons Hunter Seong Jin-Woo could call out, were they?

If the remaining summons all possessed similar levels of magic energy, then . . .

The corners of Woo Jin-Cheol's lips arched up .

'All those people arguing over the preferential treatment or not are simply idiots . '

He smiled and lightly shook his head, before turning around to face Jin-Woo .

"I'm finished with the confirmation . There are not any issues . "

Nod .

Jin-Woo nodded his head with a smile, as well . And now, there should be nothing else that might get in his way of starting this raid . that is what he thought, but then . . . .

"Seong Jin-Woo Hunter-nim!! Please look this way!"

"Please tell us how you are feeling regarding the very first raid of your Guild, Ah-Jin!"

"Was there a special reason for naming your Guild as Ah-Jin?"

"What is your relationship with the guy founding member, Miss Yu Soo-Hyun?"

From just beyond the police line, the proverbial torrent of questions from countless reporters were barrelling down on Jin-Woo .

This was the primary raid Jin-Woo's Guild was close to start . So, countless reporters camped out here since early morning to capture this historic moment with their cameras, and inevitably, there was no more room to even stand around near the Gate's vicinity .

If there was one thing different from other Guilds and their raids, then that might be the workers from the Association holding the reporters back, rather than a Guild's own personnel doing that job .

Jin-Woo pointed to the reporters together with his chin .

"I thought you were protecting my information?"

"Yes, we are indeed protecting your private information, but regretfully, there's not much we will do about the locations of Gates, Seong Hunter-nim . "

Woo Jin-Cheol grinned and made his reply .

"We will hold the reporters back, so you'll ignore them and easily specialise in the raid, Hunter-nim . "

" . . . . "

Watching the Association employees giving their all to repel the frenzied reporters, Jin-Woo thought that he could momentarily feel the considerate hands of the Association President patting him on the rear .

"Please, express my gratitude to the President . "

"Yes, i will be able to definitely do so . "

Woo Jin-Cheol bowed deeply and rotated to go away . And soon, all those uninvolved had left and therefore the only people remaining ahead of the Gate were Jin-Woo and Yu Jin-Ho . the previous asked the latter .

"Are you actually sure about this?"

"Yes, hyung-nim . "

Yu Jin-Ho gritted his teeth and replied .

"Even if it is the ends of hell itself, I shall follow you wherever you go, hyung-nim . "

Yu Jin-Ho sounded so gravely determined that Jin-Woo couldn't help but let a smirk shake his lips .

"Alright . "

Yu Jin-Ho was only a rank D Hunter . it had been an equivalent thing as committing suicide for a rank D to step inside a rank A dungeon .

Jin-Woo tried very hard to vary Yu Jin-Ho's mind, but the child insisted that he'd stay as his hyung-nim's porter . within the end, it had been Jin-Woo who gave up first .

'Well, I can definitely protect this one guy, so it isn't a drag . '

He was thinking that the child would hand over on his own volition after having a taste of a rank A dungeon . And also, he figured that it wouldn't be so bad to possess someone to speak to inside the dungeon also .

"Okay, so . we could get going, then?"

"Yes, hyung-nim . "

"Indeed, let's get going . "

The heads of Jin-Woo and Yu Jin-Ho simultaneously swivelled back after hearing that voice coming from behind them . and that is where they spotted Woo Jin-Cheol, his usual black suit now replaced by various armours covering from head to toe .

"I thought you already left?"

Jin-Woo asked, puzzled .

"The Association President ordered me to seek out out if it's really safe during Seong Hunter-nim's raid . "

Goh Gun-Hui was getting to use Woo Jin-Cheol as a witness if the difficulty with Jin-Woo happening solo raids was raised up again within the future .

"Is that why you would like to return with us??"

Woo Jin-Cheol replied as his face reddened slightly . it had been unknown whether that was thanks to him not getting used to the armour or he was embarrassed by the present situation .

" . . . . Will it's a drag on behalf of me to accompany you?"

Well, the guy was just doing his job, so was there reason to not let him tag along?

"It'll be fine as long as you do not attempt to hunt monsters . "

"My department isn't called the Monitoring Division for nothing, Hunter-nim . I'll only monitor things quietly from the rear . "

"That'll be fine . "

Jin-Woo easily agreed thereto and Woo Jin-Cheol bowed his head again .

"Thank you considerably , Hunter-nim . "

"Well, therein case . . . let's get going . "

Along with that declaration, Yu Jin-Ho and Woo Jin-Cheol stepped inside the Gate, Jin-Woo following closely behind them .

When he did, the System message welcomed him again along side the familiar mechanical beep .

Tti-ring .

[You have entered a dungeon . ]

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