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Solo leveling Light Novel : 144

Because of the character of the incident itself, a huge crowd of individuals had rushed towards the school's perimeters .

"My son goes to the present school!!"

"Get out of the way!"

"I got to confirm what happened with my very own eyes!!"

"Aigo, aigo!!"

If it weren't for the desperate control efforts by the police and therefore the Association's employees, the scene of the incident would've descended into pure pandemonium from the maddened crowd .

The reporters had also rushed here as soon as word got out and were now busy snapping away with their cameras .

"Uh? It's Seong Jin-Woo!"

"Take his pictures!!"

Jin-Woo evaded their gazes and wordlessly walked over to someone that appeared to be a staffer of the Hunter's Association . This staffer immediately froze up in nervousness after seeing Jin-Woo's face . That was how scary the Hunter's complexion checked out that moment .

"S-Seong Jin-Woo Hunter-nim . . . . "

"Where's my sister?"

"Miss Seong Jin-Ah and other students are transferred to the Seoul Il-Sin hospital . "

" . . . . . "

Jin-Woo nodded his head, his expression still remaining grave, and rotated to steer away . The staffer unconsciously swallowed dry saliva while watching his back get further away .

Gulp .

The first thing those arriving here did was to verify the status of the scholar named Seong Jin-Ah, as per the instruction from the Association . Thankfully, she was unhurt . With the exception of abrasions suffered round her neck and wrists, there have been no other injuries on her .

Hunter Seong Jin-Woo was the one who had rescued her, so he should know that fact better than anyone, yet . . . .

'Even then, for him to be that p*ssed off . . . . '

It was an honest thing that he arrived on time, otherwise, how would he have reacted if something happened to his sister? The staffer shuddered from the terrifying dizziness he suddenly felt just then .

It indeed was an enormous relief .

Contrary to the relief of the staffer , though, Jin-Woo was feeling quite gloomy at the instant as he pulled out his phone .

'I'm sure Mom's close to get the news . '

Too many students lost their lives at the hands of the monsters . Rather obviously, his mother would desire her world was close to crumble after receiving the news .

'Before that happens, i want to inform her that Jin-Ah's okay . '

He thought intrinsically and was close to tap the "Call" icon, but then, he heard an unexpected voice coming from behind him and stopped .

"I've already sent a number of the Association's agents over to talk to your mother, Seong Hunter-nim . they ought to get on their thanks to the hospital as we speak . "

Jin-Woo looked behind him .

"Mister Association President . "

Goh Gun-Hui stood there, his complexion as dark as Jin-Woo's .

Even though the President himself wasn't guilty here, because the person representing South Korea's Hunter's Association, he was feeling the burden of responsibility for failing to stop this tragedy . Jin-Woo could only express his gratitude for Goh Gun-Hui searching for his family even under the present circumstances .

That prompted Goh Gun-Hui to shake his head .

"No, it's us that ought to be thanking you . "

Seventeen students survived .

It was only due to Jin-Woo's arrival that those students among the trapped within the school building were ready to get out of there alive .

"We are constantly in your debt, Hunter-nim . "

Jin-Woo could only smile bitterly at that .

He could have saved tons more students if he were ready to use the Shadow Exchange and obtain here directly . Such regret seeped clearly into his expression .

Goh Gun-Hui could faintly sense what Jin-Woo was feeling immediately from his expression . But the older man shook his head .

'Now is not the time to wallow in our emotions . '

Indeed, didn't he have something important to mention to the present young man? Goh Gun-Hui raised his head .

"Will you be heading to the hospital now?"

Jin-Woo thought back to the Gate in Gwang-An-ri, but quickly stopped worrying about it .

His MP remained an equivalent as before . Meaning, Beru and his ants were conquering the dungeon without encountering any problem at the instant .

'Well . . . . it isn't just any soldier but Beru, so it'll be fine . '

There was no got to worry about the progress of the raid immediately .

"Yes, I am . "

"Please, let me offer you a ride there . "

"No, i will be fine . "

"Please, allow me . there's something else I wish to speak to you about on the way, as well . "

Jin-Woo initially declined thinking that the offer was made out of courtesy, but he nodded his head after seeing the earnest attitude of the Association President .

"Alright, I will . "

Jin-Woo followed Goh Gun-Hui's guidance and that they both climbed into the rear seat of the waiting car .

Even though it had been a full-size saloon, the rear seat felt cramped after Goh Gun-Hui's huge frame and Jin-Woo's wide shoulders climbed aboard . Woo Jin-Cheol was sitting within the driver's seat, and nodded his greeting through the rear-view mirror .

Jin-Woo also nodded slightly as his greeting .

The car slowly set forward and only then did the Association President stop hesitating and speak up .

" . . . In a way, you'll say that today's tragedy has been foretold beforehand . "

His expression was hard .

On the opposite hand, Jin-Woo was feeling confused .

'Does that mean the Association didn't do anything about an event they might have prevented in advance?'

Before his confusion had the prospect to rework into anger, the Association President pulled out his phone and showed Jin-Woo its display . It showed a graphical chart .

"This shows the rise within the Gate activity round the city of Seoul for the last six months . "

The dots drew a mild curvature but when it got nearer to present, it suddenly spiked up steeply .

"And this side shows the stats from round the world . "

If the Association President didn't make that clear, Jin-Woo may need mistaken them for 2 of the precise same thing . That was how similar-looking the inclines in those two graphs were .

"The numbers of Gates appearing has spiked up noticeably throughout the planet . "

Goh Gun-Hui's complexion got darker and darker .

"However, that may not the sole strange thing . "

He returned the phone back to his inner jacket pocket and carried on .

"People eager to confirm their Awakened rankings are practically lining up during a long queue outside the Association a day now . "

The number of Gates where monsters begin was increasing, and at an equivalent time, the amount of Hunters who were alleged to block the Gates was also increasing? As if to take care of a balance?

Seeing Jin-Woo's interested expression, the Association President spoke during a complicated tone of voice .

"We think that . . . . . "

Goh Gun-Hui ended his lengthy explanation while implying that it had been only his personal hypothesis .

" . . . . Something is changing . "

Jin-Woo nodded his head .

This was indeed interesting information . Anyone could tell something big was afoot from that data . Unfortunately, that did not mean Jin-Woo could do anything about them immediately . it had been an equivalent story for Goh Gun-Hui, as well .

Also, an easy call would have sufficed if it had been about sharing of data and a hypothesis . Jin-Woo thought that Association President wouldn't have taken outing of his packed schedule to easily have this conversation .

"In that case, what you would like to speak to me about was . . . . . ?"

As if he was expecting that, Goh Gun-Hui picked up a briefcase resting by the footwell and pulled out various documents from there .

"Japan, the States, China, Russia, France, Britain, Germany, and even from the center East . . . . "

All the nations with some international clout were mentioned abruptly .

"These are all the official documents sent in from those nations that wish to form contact with you, Seong Jin-Woo Hunter-nim . I'm fairly certain that a number of them even have made unofficial contacts with you already . "

Jin-Woo briefly recalled the incident involving the American Hunter Bureau's people, but decided to not mention it .

"In all honesty, we at the Hunter's Association simply do not have any rights to prevent these people . No, we will only protect your personal information consistent with your request . "

Jin-Woo silently listened to the older man's story .

"I know that everything depends on your decision, Seong Jin-Woo Hunter-nim, but . . . . But, I fear that our country won't be ready to adapt to the incoming changes if you opt to go away us . "

Rather than a concrete answer, Jin-Woo shifted his gaze out of the car's window . As he fell deeper into a myriad of distracting thoughts, one among the most important hospitals within the country entered his view .

It was the very hospital where Jin-Ah had been admitted to .

"We will provide you with every convenience we will possibly provide . "

Goh Gun-Hui stuffed the documents back inside the briefcase and asked Jin-Woo with a tense expression .

"So, would you please remain in South Korea?"


The Knight Order's assault team chased after the ants and received the boss chamber's entrance .

Jeong Yun-Tae's eyes grew size after he spotted the ants that began entering the boss chamber .

"Hyung-nim, shouldn't we attempt to stop them??"

" . . . . i do not think I can . "

Indeed, Park Jong-Su wasn't confident in the least of persuading the summoned creatures that they needed to prevent the raid for the instant , in order that they could start retrieving the remains of the dead monsters and therefore the Magic Crystals .

He could only spit out a resigned sigh .

'Yup, let's just ditch it . '

His thoughts just went and did a 180 .

They entered this Gate so as to let the planet know that the Knight Order Guild was still going strong, didn't they? it would be perfectly acceptable to point out the planet that they might still clear a rank A dungeon, the very best rated one at that, without one casualty or someone getting injured badly during the raid itself .

'Not only that, without Hunter Seong Jin-Woo's presence, too!'

Wasn't it the case of nobody would know of what happened inside a dungeon?

Even if those ants managed to defeat the boss, the parents outside would only remember the name of the Knight Order Guild, not the creatures Hunter Seong Jin-Woo summoned out before leaving during a hurry .

Better still, once the boss died and therefore the Gate closed, there would be no thanks to confirm the reality . Judging from Hunter Seong Jin-Woo's personality, he wasn't the sort to travel around blabbing his mouth, either .

Park Jong-Su's thought process received that time and a smile floated abreast of his lips .

'Well, isn't this a fortune among misfortunes?'

It was then . The Hunters at the rear of the pack suddenly became rather noisy .

"Chairman? There are tons of things coming from our rear!"

"Yeah, I can hear them coming, too . "

" . . . . Mm?"

Park Jong-Su tilted his head and walked to the rear of the team . And needless to say , he could hear many footsteps also .

'Wait, did the retrieval team enter the Gate already?'

But, the highly-trained retrieval team of the Knight Order Guild wouldn't have entered a dungeon without receiving an order first, so how could this be?

Just as such thoughts entered his head . . . .

" . . . . Heok?!"

Park Jong-Su's brows shot up high . Because, the undead monsters, those the ants didn't snack on, were busy rushing to where the assault team was, all of them fully revived back to how they were .

'C-could it's . . . . ??'

Did the ants chow up the undead because they knew this might happen?

Such an idea only lasted for a flash in his head . Park Jong-Su realised that his team wouldn't be ready to affect that a lot of monsters, and hurriedly shouted bent his teammates .

"Everyone, enter the boss room, now!"

Their sole hope for survival was the summoned creatures left behind by Hunter Seong Jin-Woo . The assault team didn't even have an opportunity to verify what was expecting them inside the boss chamber and hurriedly jumped in .

After confirming that each last Hunter had entered, Park Jong-Su shouted out, veins shooting up in his throat .

"Block the exit!!"

Jeong Ye-Rim activated her skill, 'Holy Wall', and blocked up the entryway connecting the boss room and therefore the passageway before it .



The Death Knight standing ahead of the rushing horde noisily pounded on the invisible barrier . Her forehead soaked in physiological state now, Jeong Ye-Rim turned her head towards Park Jong-Su .

"Chairman! I won't be ready to hold this for quite five minutes, tops!"

"I know!"

Not only Park Jong-Su, but the remainder of the assault team members had finished preparing for a battle just in case the wall was breached .

But, once they took an honest check out the undead monsters pressing forward sort of a horde of insects on the opposite side of the wall, they began doubting whether or not they had any chances of winning here .

"All we will do here now's to wish that the summons kill the boss quickly and open up the trail for us . "

Park Jong-Su looked back at the ants that ought to be facing off against the boss with a pair of desperate eyes . He prayed that the boss was a simple monster to fight .

'… . Oh, my dear lord . '

His eyes opened even wider than before .

The boss monster currently standing during a face-off against the ants was something even Park Jong-Su knew of, after hearing about it repeatedly within the past .

A pale-faced 'Mage' wearing a tattered robe – the Arch Lich .

It was the strongest undead-type monster, thought to be the creature at the highest of the undead organic phenomenon .

'Why did it need to be a d*mn Arch Lich?!'

Park Jong-Su's complexion darkened considerably .

He prayed for the summoned creatures to quickly kill the boss and help them out, but then, the opponent clothed to be a d*mn Arch Lich . it would be more realistic for the Hunters to urge obviate the many undead first and help the summoned creatures out next .

It was then .

Beru took a breakthrough towards the Arch Lich .

The Arch Lich then immediately summoned over a dozen Death Knights round the ants and surrounded them .


Beru bared his fangs and extended its claws out .

'… . . ?'

The Arch Lich recognised the black smoke continuously rising up from Beru's entire body . it had been almost as if the completely-empty eye sockets had widened for a second there .

"The Shadow Army??"

The language of the monsters came out from the Arch Lich's mouth . Beru retracted his claws after hearing the boss's words .

The Arch Lich swept its gaze round the ants behind Beru and asked during a puzzled voice .

"Why is that the king's personal army attacking us?"

Kekeke .

Beru leaked out a sound that seemed like a cackle of ridicule, before pointing to himself .

"We are chosen by the king . "

And then, he pointed at the Arch Lich .

"And you . . . weren't . "

The Arch Lich couldn't believe it, its voice now containing a trace of anger .

"That can't be! I shall personally report back to the king, and . . . . . !"

Unfortunately, even before the Arch Lich could finish its sentence, Beru appeared right before its stunned eyes .

'… . !!'

The shoulders of the Arch Lich quivered momentarily .

Beru was a high-class monster that the owner of a rank S dungeon sacrificed its own lifeforce to make . albeit its overall Stats had fallen a touch ever since becoming a Shadow Soldier, there was just no way that an owner of a measly rank A dungeon, an Arch Lich, could fight against Beru .

The former ant king simply thrust its hand into the shocked boss's chest without hesitation .


The hand pierced through the chest, along side a pendant hanging on the Arch Lich's neck .


Beru's hand exiting from the rear of the Arch Lich was grasping the pendant now . That piece of jewelry was basically the guts of the Arch Lich .

It wasn't all that difficult for Beru, once a top monster himself, to detect what was supplying the lifeforce to his enemy . The Arch Lich desperately shook its head .

"No . . . . This cannot be . . . . !"

However, Beru didn't pay any attention to the pleading of his enemy and easily crushed the pendant in his hand .

Crack .

"You talk an excessive amount of for somebody close to die . "

Along with Beru's words, the body of the Arch Lich crumbled to dust .

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