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Solo leveling Light Novel : 139

Park Jong-su sat with a determined look.

Most of injury sustained during a dungeon is caused by the boss-level monsters. so as to attenuate this damage, Park Jong-Su needed a hand from Jin-woo to require care of the dungeon boss.

If it’s the facility of Hunter Jin-woo, then he should be ready to handle the boss

Park Jong-su, fearing rejection, quietly waited for Jin-woo’s answer. Jong-su’s face grew stiffer and harder because the silence continued.

Breathe …

Jin-woo kept his fork over his chin so as to cover the smile on his mouth. He frowned, trying to seem as worried as possible. The plan was successful.

Park Jong-su waited with sweaty palms and focused on Jin-woo’s decision. within the end, Jinwoo pretended to sigh as if he had no choice.

“Okay.” He continued.

“I’ll roll in the hay .”

Park Jong-su squeezed his fists under the desk.


As soon as Jin-woo gave his consent, all of Jong-su’s worries and anxieties appeared to wash away.

Why was I so concerned about this? I should’ve just came here from the start .

Park Jong-su’s face, which had been rigid since leaving Busan, had a bright smile for the primary time. Now all that’s left is to notify the association and obtain the permission to raid. No need for further delay, Sung Jin-woo Hunter has decided to hitch the attack team.

“It’s been a short time since that gate was discovered, the raid will begin tomorrow.”

“Then I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Ah.” Park Jong-su, learning his bags, said hurriedly.

“It’d be more convenient if you came with us.”

Rather than meet again tomorrow, it might be more efficient to remain together than to form a meeting . thereupon in mind, He invited Jin-woo to accompany him.

“We’ll host you during a luxury hotel and buy your accommodation.”

But Jinwoo had no reason to travel out of his way. His plans were to connect a shadow soldier to Park Jong-su’s shadow.

This is the higher thanks to roll in the hay . Jinwoo watched one among the circular shadows on the ground and appropriately attached it.

“I’m busy tonight , so it’s a touch difficult on behalf of me to hitch you.”


“But I won’t be late.”

Unless Guild Master himself is late.

Jung Yoon-tae, vice chairman of the Knights Guild, who had left the meeting room, screamed when he came in.

“Ah! Sir!”

Park Jong-su, surprised, rotated and looked.

“What? What?”

“The shadows just moved! this manner which way.”

Park Jong-su paused for a flash , then immediately stood up and stared at Jung Yoon-tae.

“Yoon-tae, have you ever been drinking?”


Jung Yoon-tae, who sensed the atmosphere, was at a loss for words and scratched his nose together with his index .

“Are you drunk?”

“I had two cans of beer at the remainder stop, sir.”

“Didn’t I tell you to take care while conducting business?”


Summoned Demon King

By PaoloAndreiAdame

16.6K 609

The kingdom has decided to summon heroes from the another world. Five human figure appear before them and ask the heroes to save lots of them from the Demon Queen. what is going to happen if the Demon Lord was dragged within the Hero summoning ritual?(P.S: this is often my First Story, Hope you only Enjoy it.)

The Strongest MC

By WhitePewDiePie

4K 95

Story of an individual dying then being reincarnated during a cultivation world

The Anonymous Swordsman

By SeptimusAJames

2.4K 110

The year is 2030 and VR games are being made left and right, though nobody has achieved a full dive system…..until now. Dragon Gaming Inc. has created the primary full dive pod ever and has called it ‘Phoenix Gen. 1’. Their motto is “May passion for all times ever burn in your heart in your second life”. during this game you'll see everything, hear everything, feel everything, and even smell and taste everything. Even the NPCs are more lifelike thanks to an excellent A.I. controlling the sport because the main ‘god’ of the sport .The only problem with getting one is that the pod costs tons of cash and wishes many room to install……but is that basically the sole problems?P.S.- Hello! Unlike my other story (Truck-San Strikes Again, check it out if you wish reincarnation stories) this may not relate to anything weeb or Otaku like. in fact I’ll contribute a random sentence about it but it'll mostly be just light chatter from the background. Also, i will be able to not be leaving notes during this book, so comment if you would like to ask something…in fact just comment anyways, i would like your opinions on this book. Vote for it if you wish it too. Bye now!

The God of All Gods

By Grimreaper219

1.4K 67

Hi, im nick king. this is often the story of how i became the god of all gods, the reincarnate of death itself, and therefore the husband of the goddess of reincarnation and death. It all began once I died.

I’m reincarnated because the last god?!

By legendraycrystal

22.4K 868

Emyrs, a 17 year old boy, was summoned into the unknown world called Eceth. He found himself because the last god of the god race and he has been lying dormant since the mysterious end of the age of gods. He sets himself to enjoy the planet he's in which is thru traveling and sightseeing the wonders of the planet of Eceth. He mets new companions and annoying “flies” on the way. Read how he as a god, travels round the world together with his lovely companion and saving people along the way.First time writing a completely unique , sry for bad English… hehe

Bringing the Farm to measure in Another World(B…

By Desperaz

172 17

https://www.novelupdates.com/series/bringing-the-farm-to-live-in-another-world/This story isn't mine. I’m only doing this because i prefer the story. Offline reading purposes only.Intro start:”If he’s being badass, I’m gonna plant my very own crops. If he messes with me, he won't live past next year.”Homebody Zhao Hai brought ‘QQ Farm’ along in his traversal to a different world and resided within the body of a fallen noble. His fief was a black land which nothing might be planted, and more importantly, he even had a peerlessly powerful fiancee, who was actually the successor of a duchy and future Grand Duchess!Even more importantly, he's a magical and martial cripple who couldn't learn magic and martial arts. His crippling was very thorough.”I can’t learn magic, but I even have the farm. You dare attack me? I’ll release bugs to eat up your rations and crops, and put pesticides and weed agents into your water sources to form your lands grow weeds. See if you dare to attack me. What? You wanna hire killers to assassinate me? Hehehe. I’ll hide inside the small house in my farm and see how you'll attack me. once you leave, I’m gonna terminate your country’s crop productions, then all of your people will revolt. See if you dare to kill me.”


By demoni15

21.2K 707

Arakawa Kouki got reincarnated to Japan that shares a special history with the Japan he knows, with the memories of his previous life still intact. Kouki was discouraged, “Ain’t reincarnation stories was alleged to be at some phantasy world crammed with swords and magics and elves?!” But at some point , his random scribbles leads (his mom) to the invention of a particular formula, which as a result, made him to be mistaken for a genius by the entire world.For that achievement, he was sent to the varsity of prodigies, the State Technology Academy, where he met the Canadian girl Alice, and therefore the robot engineering genius Shingo. And even at such an area , he was still mistaken as a genius?! whenever Kouki shows his knowledge from his previous life, he was mistaken as a genius, and everywhere he goes, irregularity follows.This is a comedic lifetime of a genius reincarnation, with many accidental mistook.•not mine•taken from:https://www.novelupdates.com/series/i-got-reincarnated-and-mistaken-as-a-genius/?pg=4

“I’m sorry, sir.”

Jung Yoon-tae bowed his head to Park Jong-su, then bowed his head to Jinwoo.

“I apologize, Hunter.”

Park Jong-su pressed the rear of Jung Yoon-tae’s head then bowed his head also .

“He’s a pleasant guy, but he sometimes says nonsense when he drinks. I apologize for his impoliteness.”

“No, it’s okay. Sometimes the shadows move, I guess.”

As the story was ending during a warm atmosphere, Jin-woo’s telephone rang.

Deu deu deu deu.

Who could this be?

Checking the caller, it’s variety I’ve never seen before.

“Excuse me, i want to require this call.”

“Of course. Of course.”

When Jin-woo politely excused himself and exited the meeting room, Jung Yoon-tae and Park Jong-su finally breathed a deep sigh of relief.

Then Jung Yoon-tae leaned his head and murmured.

“But, the shadows really moved…”

“Don’t worry about it!”

Park Jong-su checked out him, then Jung Yoon-tae closed his mouth. After a flash of silence, Jung Yoon-tae, interested by the result of the negotiations, broke the silence.

“Sir, how’d it go?”

“How’d it go? We agreed to try to to it together.”

“Good, good!”

Jung Yoon-tae’s tense face also brightened.

While smiling, he asked again.

“Have you invited him to hitch our guild?”

“Don’t be ridiculous. He’s making his own guild. ”

Park Jong-su held the file, [Guild Founding Member Candidate List], as Jinwoo did.

Jung Yoon-tae chuckled.

“There are already numerous established guilds. How large will his guild grow? He would be treated him sort of a king if he joined us. He’s getting to have a tough time building a cushty bed to sleep in.”

“I guess so.”

Park Jong-su, after an extended pause thanks to his disappointment, tried to put the file back, but an application fell out.

His face quickly stiffened when he tried to picked up the appliance .


A familiar woman’s photo, who he’s seen repeatedly , was attached to the appliance form.


Jung Yoon-tae’s face also stiffened .

“Wait, is she…?”

Park Jong-su nodded to Jung Yoon-tae, who couldn't believe it.

“Oh, The vice chairman of the Hunters.”

Jung Yoon-tae, who was speechless, stared at the image of the Cha Hea-in, then glanced at Park Jong-su’s face.

“Sir, does one think it’s a merger or acquisition?”

At that moment, Park Jong-su’s brow creased.

“Will this kid really….”

* * *

After leaving his office, Jin-woo pressed the decision button. a well-known woman’s voice came out of the receiver.


After hearing her voice, Jin-woo felt conflicted. He was both relieved and slightly saddened.

“Did you purchase a cell phone?”

“Yeah. I called to listen to your voice as soon as I got my new phone. Are you busy?”

Jinwoo looked towards his office where the 2 heads of the Knights Guild were expecting him, then laughed.

“Not in the least .”

“Thank God. I don’t know if I got an honest phone. I’m not wont to this type of stuff.”

“Did you attend the shop alone? Did you not bring Jin-ah?”

“She’s busy studying.”

Sometimes he wished his mother would consider herself quite her children. Jinwoo finished lecture his mother then quietly sighed.


Why wouldn't it disappoint me to find out that the caller was my mother? What did I expect?

Jinwoo laughed and put his telephone in his pocket, then searched . His eyes were lively.

Thanks to the Knights Guild today, he can taste the air of the dungeon tomorrow.

An A-class gate that was on the brink of S-class.

It’s been too long ago I’d last unwound.

Has it been a few week since I came back from the Jeju Island Raid?

Since then, he had entered the B class red gate and zip else.

Pounding. Pounding.

Feeling his heart beat faster and faster, Jinwoo was excited for tomorrow’s raid.

* * *

The Knights’ best hunters gathered together.

They were crammed with strange anticipation and excitement. that they had to be. this might be the day they die, every raid threatens to require their lives. Especially if it became a red gate, then death became about guaranteed.

However, Sung Jin-woo Hunter said that he would join the raid.


Jeong Ye-rim exclaimed in joy when he heard the news of Sung Jin-woo’s participation.

The other hunters were equally delighted to seek out that there was a robust safeguard. just one person here was nervous. it had been Park Jong-su, the guild master, still expecting Jin-woo’s arrival.

Ugh, I should’ve tried harder to bring him here yesterday.

Park Jong-su checked his watch. Five minutes to eleven. As scheduled, the raid should start in five minutes. However, the person said to arrive soon isn’t even in sight . His heart felt love it could blow out .

Without Jin-woo, could he even start the Raid?

As soon as Sung Jin-woo Hunter announced that he had joined the offensive team, the association immediately granted permission. Sung Jin-woo’s name alone had power.

Do we need to start the raid without him?

And secondly…

Park looked around at the faces of the raiders. Their eyes crammed with anticipation. Even without consent for the Association, it'd impossible to start out due to opposition from the guild members.

He has three minutes left.

Park Jong-su, who nervously took out his telephone again, put it down with superhuman patience. it's bad form to call back to an individual who, 10 minutes ago, said they’d be there soon. However, there was no sign of anyone with a robust aura approaching , and Jinwoo has not contacted him.

Park Jong-su asked for a cigarette while trying to find a lighter.

Where the hell are you, Hunter Sung Jin-woo…!

At that point , Jinwoo was leaving his apartment. Light clothes and sneakers. Clothing that was easy to maneuver in. He checked out the clock: one minute till eleven. He stepped out then searched towards the stark sky.

Jin-ah should take her umbrella…. I’ll save that thought for later. Let’s go.

A smile formed on the mouth of Jinwoo are going to be placed on his hood.

First, 「Stealth」.


「Shadow exchange」

He immediately switched with the shadow soldier.

* * *

Jin-ah’s highschool .

Three boys showed pained expressions towards the errands assigned by the teacher .

“Isn’t this whole labor exploitation?”


“Why do she want us to try to to her work?”

The boys, while grunting, opened the lock of the second art room, which is currently getting used as a storeroom.

“Ugh, dust.”


The boys were welcomed by a mountain of dust as they entered the long unused storeroom. there have been old art tools, abandoned paintings, and plaster statues.

“How many of those plaster statues did teacher ask us to bring?”

“All of them, so I suppose 6”

“Oh… then we’ll got to make multiple trips.”

“Then, we will take 4 for now..”

The boys rolled up their sleeves to maneuver the statues. While trying to select up one among the statues, a boy noticed something.


The other two boy walked over to the side of the primary .

“What’s this?”

A large region was on the wall. it had been a tall gate. the most important of them checked out the gate and laughed.

“What is this?”

The boy put his hand on the surface of the gate and said,

“The gates are protected. There’s no way anyone can get in or out of a gate apart from hunters.”

It was then.


The gate surface was cracked, and a hand grabbed the boy’s head.


The boy struggled, but the hand-held his head tightly, he couldn’t move.


A sound like that of an outsized melon cracking was heard. Blood splashed everywhere.


“Jun Seok-ah!”

The boys screamed while covered in blood. The black shroud that had been covering the gate shattered like glass, and therefore the magical beasts inside poured out.+


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