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Solo leveling Light Novel : 138

The answer is that the same as before, but during a very different tone .

If it had been a joke earlier, this point it had been really sincere .

“Why? Is it weird?”

” . . . Why does one want to make with such a guild name?”

“Because i prefer to act alone . ”

“Brother , isn’t it weird to connect such a reputation to your guild?”


“Wasn’t your ability to call out those black soldiers?”

“Umm . ”

“If we talk seriously, it means you’re not fighting alone . ”

Sounds quite reasonable .

Jin-woo nodded .

‘Even though this is often only a skill on behalf of me , it doesn't appear as if that to others . ‘

There was some extent .

It’s a guild which will share with me the remainder of my life from now on, so I wanted to offer a aiming to the guild’s name that would express myself well .

That’s why I chose ‘Solo Play . ‘

Without that meaning, it doesn’t work on all’

It’s a word which will express me .

Jin-woo asked again .

“How about ahjin guild?”


Jin-ah smiled and asked again as she was reminiscing about the feel .

“I think my name is the wrong way up , so I desire I’m getting to catch on wrong . But what does one mean?”(jìn-ah to ahjin)

“나 아-“I am” (我-“I” Pronounce: wǒ), 나아갈 진-“Going forward” (進-“inside” Pronounce: jin)”

a job that only I can do

And the name you would like to place on the guild to grow with me .

“Together, the Ahjin means ‘I’m on my way’, it’s (拿進)”

“in combination ‘내가 나아간다’-(I’m coming) meaning (拿進)-(take in/get in) wow”


Jin-ah gave the simplest compliment she could .

“That’s a touch nice . ”


The next day .

The name of the guild must even be decided, Jin-woo visited the office .

“The Guild name is . . . ”

Yoo Jin-ho, who had been out since morning, smiled broadly when he heard the story .

“It’s great, brother!”

Did you say that the elegantly floating swans were kicking their feet as hard as they might underwater?

That’s how desperate Yoo was .

Whatever it's going to be, it’s not just an easy one . ‘

I have imagined it repeatedly .

Introducing yourself to someone: ‘I’m Yoo Jin Ho, vice chairman of Solo Play . ‘

It just hurts .

I don’t know the precise reason, but one side of my chest would hurt .

But how are you able to put up vomit on a reputation you named after brooding about it?

As soon as I gave up and accepted it, the chance came .

“Brother , let’s do this for the guild!”

Jin-woo, who obtained the consent of his real partner, also made up his mind .

Then the guild name has been decided .

At that word, Yoo Jin-ho sang joyfully inside .

Jin-woo rubbed his chin .

“What remains is to seek out some members for the guild . ”

“True, brother . ”


“What happened to Hunter Cha Hea-in yesterday?”

“I don’t think Cha Hea can roll in the hay . . . She’s not the one I wanted . ”


Yoo Jin-ho swallowed his groan .

He knew that Jin-woo’s eyes wasn't normal but he should a minimum of be satisfied with Hunter Cha Hea-in .

Cha Hea-in may be a S-class Hunter, young, outstanding, and even beautiful .

There was no reason to reject her .

For ordinary people, it's something that has got to be done .

But did you think that the word “normal” may be a good idea?

“You exhausted almost single-handedly all the S-class monsters in your first official raid . ”

In the case of the typical S-Class Hunter, it's also reasonable to be neutral .

If so,

What quite Hunter will satisfy you?

It seemed that each one the applications of many people that flew to the guild to hitch it'll be rejected .

“I don’t think that the other volunteers are going to be better than Hunter Cha Hea-in . . . ”

Concerned that the door of the guild couldn't be opened forever, Yoo asked carefully .

“Hey, man . Just what quite person does one seek?”

“A person with a Hunter certificate, who has no interest in Guild activities and may be trustworthy”

“Uh . . . ”

Yoo Jin-ho just remembered a person who met that condition .

This is perfect . . . ‘


knock, knock

Someone knocked at the door of the office .

“Who is it?”

Yoo Jin-ho got up and opened the door .

There were two men who had never been seen before, stood up in awkwardly .

Park Jong Soo, president of the Knights Guild, who came to Seoul to seek out Jin-woo, and Jung Yoon Tae, vice chairman .

Park Jong-soo first recognized Jin-woo and smiled brightly .

“Oh! There you're . ”

Jin-woo stood up and asked .

“Who are you?”

“Ah, the greetings are late . ”

Park Jong-soo, who came quickly, politely extended his hand .

“I’m Park Jong-soo, the Master of the Knights Guild . ”

Jin-woo nodded .

Somehow this face looks familiar .

If it’s an individual who becomes the master of 1 of the five great guilds, albeit one doesn’t care, you'll still recognize their faces .

It should get on the news or on TV .

But .

If it's a knight, it's an outsized guild based in Busan .

Jin-woo, who heard the introduction, tilted his head and asked .

“But how did the Knights come here?”

“Oh, that is . . . ”

After hesitating for a short time , Park Jong-soo, who was exchanging eyes with Jung Yoon-tae, said with difficulty .

“This time we’re responsible of the A-class gate, the larger one . . . ”

But quickly the hesitation disappeared from his eyes .

“Hunter Sung Jin-woo it’s something that you simply won't regret about it . Could you only give us a minute?”


[Citizens tremble with fear at the enormous gate that appeared in Guangali . ] [Hunter Association, concerned about permission . ] [Knights Guild will hand over Gwanganri Gate?] [Is the nightmare of Jeju Island repeated?]
Park opened one among many articles and showed a video .

– check out that, that . Are you shooting?

– Uh, uh .

– Wow, that creates sense? What’s up with the gate?

The images, which were supposedly taken by ordinary people, were filled with terrified voices .

That too, the dimensions of the gate was too big .

The height beyond the 10th floor building .

Even the citizens who are now familiar with the gates that are created without attempting were inevitably scared .

The gate size and grade don't necessarily match .

Park ended the video and added explanations .

“It’s like an ignorant size, and magical ability is beginning of it . ”

?”It’s just like the magical ability beginning of it's unaware of its size . ”

They say that magical ability is pouring out of the gate sort of a river .

At the interesting news, Jin-woo asked with a significant look .

“Looks like S rank?”

“It’s not impossible to live , it’s only one step below . it's the most important gate ever seen in Busan . ”

It’s an A rank gate, but it’s on the brink of S rank .

“I can’t wait to ascertain the experience . ”

Unlike Jin-woo’s heart, which began to beat quietly, Park speaks with a bitter voice .

“You must have seen the articles already, but we try to urge permission from the association”

“Is it too dangerous?”

“As you recognize , We don’t have any S-levels in our Knights Guild . It’s hard for Orion Association to trust us . ”

Park Jong-soo checked out Jin-Woo’s eyes instead of talking .

“If you’re still trying to find a guild to hitch , accompany us . ”

Jin-woo showed the file cover on the table within the room before Park could even speak .

Park could see a title stuck within the top of the duvet .

[Guild members]
Park Jong-soo shrugged his head and nodded .

“Aha . . . ”

Park Jong-soo’s efforts to bring Jin-woo to the Knight’s Guild was vainly .

Then it had been time to require out the important thing .

“The Knights’ elite hunters aren't inferior to other hunters, except that there's no S level to steer the A level . ”

They have been good thus far but we don’t know what ‘s getting to happen during this raid .

And when the “what ‘s getting to happen” that he was worried about, happened, a superhuman Hunter was absolutely necessary .

One S class presence can reverse things .

They don’t need to look far .

He is right ahead of them .

The Korean team’s hunters are suddenly on the verge of annihilation, and therefore the leaders try to alleviate things .

In addition, Hunter Sung Jin-woo, who was right ahead of them, was a real force by himself,

‘Sign . . . does one want me to ask?’

“If the offer is rejected, I can understand what proportion he feels”, said Jung Yoon-tae .

“Is there something wrong?”

“Oh, no . ”

Park Jong-soo, who laughed and continued .

“So if you'll join us within the raid, we might be ready to combat this raid . ”

Jin-Woo put his arms around his back and leaned back on his chair .

Before Jin-Woo’s worries deepened, Park Jong-soo said hurriedly .

“Of course i will be able to be reimbursed for your trouble . ”

Then, he brought out a contract with a smile .

“I’ll offer you 20 percent of the revenue you get from this dungeon . ”

A large guild dedicates 20% of the revenue from the dungeon to at least one individual .

It was a treat to a Hunter that one couldn’t dream of .

When a standard large guild attacks a dungeon, the income that a S-class hunter takes as his share is typically around 10 percent .

The Knights offered a double share to Jin-Woo .

As Park Jong-soo said, the pay was really not disappointing .

But Jin-Woo’s idea was different .

“50 to 50 . ”

Park Jong – suu ‘s hand which had pulled out the pen that made for Jin-Woo easy signing, shook .


“You got to treat me as a guild, not as a private . If you do, then I’ll cooperate . ”

Jin-Woo said firmly .

Park Jong-soo’s pupils were shaken when he heard that he must divide the income by half .


But he couldn't get anyone as strong as Jin-Woo .

It is no exaggeration to mention that the fate of the Knights Guild depends on this raid .

Jin-Woo clicked his tongue .

But it’s not 20 percent . ‘

He didn't mean to require advantage of the difficult circumstances of the Knights Guild .

The most reasonable allocation in some ways .

It was 50 to 50 .

“Can the elite of the Knights Guild be compared to his shadow soldiers?”

There is no comparison neither in quality or quantity . Plus there’s another S-Class Hunter on the side .

If the reward is merely 20 per cent, then it’s a bit like a free service .

Is it necessary handy over his share to the opponent during a square deal for mutual benefit?

Jin-Woo clearly didn’t want to step back .

“Then let it's 40 to 60 . . . ”

“I’m not trying to bargain with you”

“So you mean there’s no room for thought except 50 to 50?”

Jin-Woo replied by nodding his head .

Yes .

Park Jong-soo was lost in thought .

He looked young and type so i assumed things would be easy to unravel but things are different . ‘


He is a person who can't be defeated even by collecting all the S-Class hunters of the Republic of Korea .

Having such a Hunter join the attack team .

It occurred to me that perhaps his request was an excessive amount of .

No . . . ‘

Park Jong-soo shook his head .

His 80:20 demand was unreasonable .

If the opposite side was heartless, then it'll not be 50 to 50, but Jin-Woo would enforce 80 percent .

Anyway, he’s sorry that he’s not Hunter Sung Jin-woo .

If we hand over this raid, the Knights Guild loss is immeasurable .

On the contrary, what is going to he lose?

Nothing .

It was no different from sitting at the negotiating table with a gun pointed to your head .

But isn’t that a really gentlemanly request if you would like to require half it?

That’s all there's thereto . ‘

If this contract is signed, Sung Jin-Woo are going to be the foremost reliable insurance within the whole South Korea .

Suddenly, I remembered what I heard from Jung Yoon-tae yesterday .

If the red gate pops , we’re all dead .

But what would happen if Jin-Woo were there?

Hunter Sung Jin-Woo is that the man who didn’t blink while handling thousands of S-Rated Monsters .

Didn’t you see what happened to the ants that were on Jeju?

“Oh, I definitely did . ”

I suddenly realized that the person who had killed all the ants was the person ahead of me .

Gulp .

His mouth turned dry .

The term “2 to 8” refers to ants coming in with the scene of the massacre .

“It was me who was rude . ”

Park Jong-soo admitted his mistake with ease .

I should deeply appreciate Jin-Woo’s generous condition .

I’m grateful .

But I took a step back, so I should request something from him .

What should I do?

After an extended thought, Park opened his mouth carefully .

“Okay, instead . . . ”


“Can Hunter Sung Jin-Woo handle the boss for us?”

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