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Solo leveling Light Novel : 137

The Guildmaster of Knights, Park Jongsu, was greeted by unfortunate news when he returned to the Guild office .

“Hyungnim, them association folks said it’d be difficult to offer a permit for that Gate that opened yesterday . ”


The Deputy Guildmaster, Jeong Yoontae, quickly elaborated .

“Well, they said that the registered magic power of the Gate was real high . ”

“We talking S-rank?”

“Naw, it had been an A-rank, but they said the numbers they was gettin’ on the device damn near broke the edge . ”

“Goddammit . ”

If it had been an S-rank Gate, Park Jongsu had no qualms about giving it up . After all, Knights had no S-ranked Hunters among them . it might be impossible for them to clear an S-rank Gate on their own . If something like that were to happen again, it might take nothing but another gathering of the nation’s best Hunters to clear it .

But as long as the mana measurement indicated that it had been an A-rank Gate, it put the Guild during a different position . together of the highest five Guilds in Korea, Knights would be the topic of merciless ridicule if they might not even muster the manpower to properly clear one A-rank Gate . it might be a crippling blow to their already shaky reputation .

“So, hyungnim, what are we gonna do?”

“Beats me . . . ”

“If we hand over the Gate, those Myungsung bastards are gonna snatch ’er right up…”

Honam region’s Myungsung Guild . Upon hearing their name, Park Jongsu’s eyes widened .

“You’d just fork over a Gate in our territory to a son of a bitch like Ma Dongwook?”

“I’m just saying that’s what’ll happen, hyungnim . ”

“Why, I’d scoop my very own damn eyes out with a rusty spoon before I allow that to happen . ”

“Then you reckon we should always take the Gate?”

Park Jongsu’s flaring rage retreated in a moment and he pursed his lips in silent frustration . He had to tread carefully . His decision now will affect not just himself but the lives of the Guild’s Raid team . regardless of how angry he felt, he couldn't afford to be careless here . Park Jongsu furrowed his brows and rubbed his temples as he felt a headache approaching . . .

‘Our Guild’s A-rank Hunters aren’t likely to lose against those from other major Guilds . ’

If anything, just watching the standard and quantity of A-rank Hunters, Knights could easily go toe-to-toe with South Korea’s favorite Guild, Hunters Guild . the difficulty was that they didn’t have an ace-in-the-hole: an S-rank Hunter . That absence was threatening to tug Knights down and out of the highest five ranking they currently held .

At an equivalent time, Knights’ elites were quite capable of taking over your average A-ranked Gate . But if the Gate in question was verging on crossing into S-rank territory, then they might be incurring no bit of risk within the undertaking . The association was no less conscious of these facts than Park Jongsu, and thus was hesitant to offer Knights a permit for the Gate .

‘ . . . ’

After observing the Guildmaster lost in thought for a few time, the Deputy Guildmaster tried to contribute his own thoughts as delicately as possible .

“Hyungnim, if this thing finishes up being a red Gate, we’s all gonna die . ”

“Yup, probably . ”

The fact that it had been the very best level A-rank Gate was already troublesome . Adding thereto the likelihood of it arising to be a red Gate? it had been terrifying just to believe . They’d be counting their lucky stars if just one man were to survive for each two . The much more likely scenario would be nobody returning in the least . a complete loss .

‘Welp, no two ways about it, the logical choice is that we’ve need to provides it up . ’

But the instant news gets out that Knights gave abreast of an A-rank Gate, they were just about finished . Bad enough they didn’t have any S-rank Hunters . What quite a recruit would considering joining a Guild that couldn’t even clear an A-rank Gate?

“Then hyungnim, how’s about we meet up with one among them other Guilds to clear this one?”

Park Jongsu shook his head .

“Every one among them will know that we’re only offering a hand because we can’t catch on done ourselves . Who the hell’s getting to help us?”

Aside from Knights, every major Guild was quite capable of clearing the A-rank Gate on their own . albeit they find someone who was willing to team , it had been still terrible optics .

‘We might also frolic the country shouting for somebody to assist us wipe our own ass . ’

The two men’s faces darkened with worry .

“If not a Guild, how about an individual?”

The two men turned their heads to ascertain where the feminine voice had come from . it had been Jeong Yerim, their lead Raid team’s A-rank healer . The opinion of a healer in any Guild is usually given great weight . Especially if that healer was a talented A-ranker .

Still, the fate of Knights rode on this one decision . Park Jongsu was unconvinced by her well-intentioned interjection .

“We’re talking a few Gate that’s damn near S-rank, what help could a single-”

The man stopped himself .


There was such a private . the person who single handedly massacred not only A-ranked but S-ranked magic beasts! Unable to contain his excitement, Park Jungsu shot up from his seat .

‘If Sung Jinwoo-ssi could help us . . . ’

The man that defeated a magic beast the remainder of the nation’s S-rankers couldn’t even touch . If he was with them, it’d essentially guarantee the security of their attack team . they might be ready to avoid the shame of needing another Guild’s help in clearing an A-rank Gate,

‘Hell, it'd even improve our image . ’

They could be the primary Guild to boast about working with the strongest Hunter within the nation . Protect the lives of the Raid team, raise the status of the whole Guild . They’d be killing two birds with one stone . Elated, Park Jongsu immediately started deciding subsequent steps .

“What’s Hunter Sung Jinwoo-nim up to those days?”

Both Jeong Yerim and Jeong Yoontae shook their heads . The deputy spoke up first .

“All’s I heard was that he recently cleared a Gate that popped up within the middle of some road . Ain’t heard nothing since . ”

Remembering seeing Sung Jinwoo on the news recently, Jeong Yoontae took out his phone,

“Should I determine Hunter Sung Jinwoo-nim’s contact information, hyungnim?”

“Naw, put your phone away . ”


“You think a matter as important as this could be discussed over a phone call? i feel our greatest bet is to greet and say hello to the person himself . ”

“Ah ha!”

Upon hearing Jeong Yoontae’s approval, Park Jongsu declared with a smile:

“Alright, that settles it . We’re off to the capital . ”

That night .

Cha Haein tossed and turned in her bed while pulling at her hair .

‘I think so? i feel SO?!’

It was practically a confession! She pulled her covers up and over her head and kicked her feet under the blankets in flustered frustration . She stopped when she suddenly remembered something else from that conversation .

“Then . . . . ”

What had Sung Jinwoo meant together with his reply?

“Then isn’t there a far better method than joining my Guild?”

She had left during a hurry, making up an excuse that she needed time to believe it . But now, whenever she recalled that moment, she couldn’t help but cringe .

Her face turned red with embarrassment .

Of course it began together with her almost dying again . When she had met the enraged eyes of the Jinwoo’s shadow ant king, she was struck by a vision of unavoidable death . Paralyzed by absolute terror . therein moment, she was prepared to yield to the fate of becoming prey . She closed her eyes because the claws came at her from either side . But suddenly, she felt a comforting presence behind her, and before she knew it a well-known scent had pulled her into an embrace .


Cracking her eyes open only enough to peek, Cha Haein looked behind her and saw Jinwoo . He was holding on to the claws of the summon, glaring at the ant with a terrifying gaze . Standing there, caught between the personifications of life and death itself, her heart felt love it was close to explode .

And then . . .

“ . . . does one like me or something?”

Asking something like that under those circumstances was cheating!

‘I mean…’

Cha Haein shook her head violently . albeit she was asked something like that, she shouldn’t answer truthfully .

‘He’s getting to think I’m some quite weirdo . ’

But, whilst she thought that, her lips moved on their own . Perhaps it had been because her mind was simply more comfortable near Hunter Sung Jinwoo; she did acted during a way different than her usual self . Less guarded . As if she wasn’t herself .

‘As if I wasn’t myself?’

A muddled feeling of recognition snapped her out of her memories . That phrase suddenly sounded so familiar . Where had she heard it before? Sometime within the past… With a jolt, a forgotten memory flashed across her mind .

“ . . . Tell him . ”

Cha Haein sat up in her bed .

‘ . . . !’

It was something that happened very recently, but sort of a daydream she’d been rudely snapped out of, the memory had stubbornly buried itself deep into the corners of her mind .

“ . . . Tell him he has to…”


Cha Haein strained to recollect who the owner of the voice was . sort of a fog clearing away, the faint figure in her memory slowly came into focus .

“ . . . Tell him he has got to take care . . . ”

‘ . . . met with Hunter Min Byungku!’

When she lost consciousness and was peacefully drifting into the stygian depths of a dreamless slumber, the one that grabbed her wrist was Hunter Min Byungku . the feeling of being interrupted from the serene nothingness lasted just for a flash . She recalled watching Min Byungku with confusion . The Healer was clad during a black armor, showing only his face . Compared to his usual chipper self, his face carried a somber expression . because the memory became clearer, Cha Haein suddenly felt a chill running down her back . Hunter Min Byungku had spoken as if holding back tears,

“To Hunter Sung Jinwoo . ”

‘To Hunter Sung Jinwoo…?”

“Tell him he has got to take care of his power . ”

After showering, Jinwoo stood ahead of the toilet mirror .


He certainly didn’t look that bad . Still, to think that a beauty like Cha Haein would take an interest in him . such a lot in order that she’d attempt to join his Guild .

‘Am i actually all that?’

Jinwoo continued to gaze into the mirror . A smile blossomed on his face . Well, it’s not like he was getting to become a narcissist overnight . There was really just one thing he was confident of: his body . because of the daily quests, his muscles had become quite defined . And as a further enjoy the System, he’d grown taller also . As for his face… well, setting aside his intimidating gaze, wasn’t it just a standard face like all other?

‘Hold on . ’

Jinwoo’s eyes narrowed . He leaned forward to require a better check out the reflection of his face . Orion and therefore the man within the mirror stared at one another for an honest long while .

‘Hmm . ’

There was a glint in Jinwoo’s eyes as his gaze scanned over various parts of his face . As suspected, a better look revealed that much had changed within the past few months . Imperceptible differences to only casual observation, but looking carefully now, he realized that each little scar, mark, moles and the other imperfections had completely disappeared, leaving his skin flawless .

‘Perhaps an impact of the “Will of Rebirth” buff?’

One of the buffs he received when he became a Player had healed every wound on his body . it had been powerful enough to regenerate his leg that had been dismembered by the statue within the double Dungeon . He supposed it wasn’t strange for the buff to “heal” his skin also . But that wasn’t what had caught his eye .

‘ . . . regardless of how I check out it, I look younger . ’

He was within the middle of his 20s, but the face that stared back at him was that of a youthful college-grad . He checked out least two to 3 years younger than he should . it had been surprising, but not entirely unexpected . He knew that with a sufficient capacity for magic power, some awakened beings could slow their aging . Is that what was happening to him?


Jinwoo suddenly became keenly aware that he’d been watching his own half- naked reflection for several minutes now . With that, he quickly got dressed and left the toilet .

At an equivalent time, his sister came out of her room . The siblings met within the front room . With a smile, Jinwoo called bent Jinah .

“Hey, sis . ”


“If you had to mention , how does oppa look to you?”

“What does one mean?”

“Like, as a man . ”


Jinah scrunched her face .

“Where did this confidence come from? you only appear as if my shitty oppa . ”

“Hah, I see . Thanks . ”

With a smile , Jinwoo pinched Jinah’s cheeks . needless to say , the small sister responded by kicking her older brother within the shins . And a bit like the time before, the one who hopped round the room howling in pain was Jinah .

“Did you already forget who your oppa is? How does one get any studying through with a brain like that?”

“What did you say?!”

With her lips pouting, Jinah glared at Jinwoo .

“You know I got top of the category on the mock exams, right?”

Jinwoo chortled at his sister’s reaction . This was one among the great things about family . regardless of what proportion he changed, he could always calculate them to treat him an equivalent way . He started drying his hair off with a towel and headed towards his room .

“Alright, exerting . ”

“You too . ”

As he reached the door, Jinwoo thought of something and rotated ,

“Oh, by the way, I’m thinking of founding a Guild . ”


Jinah’s eyes sparked excitedly .

“So are people getting to call you Guildmaster from now on?”

“If everything goes well . ”

“What are you gonna name it?”

“That’s actually what I wanted to speak to you about . . . ”

“Oh yeah? what's it, what's it?”

Looking at his sister jumping up and down with anticipation, Jinwoo hesitatingly asked:

“What does one believe . . . Solo Play?”


“Solo Play . ”

Jinwoo said it more seriously this second time, but the befuddled look on Jinah’s face made him second guess himself .

“Why? does one think it’s weird?”

“ . . . W-why would you call your Guild that?”

“You know, like Solo Player, since i prefer working alone . ”

“Well, that matches you, but isn’t it a touch strange to call your Guild that?”

“How so?”

“Isn’t your ability that thing where you summon those black shadowy soldier things?”

“Yep . ”

“Then you’re not really fighting alone, are you?”

‘Huh . She’s right . ’

Jinwoo nodded .

‘From my point of view, it’s just another one among my skills . But that’s probably not how everyone else sees it . ’

Her words made sense . The name he chose might follow him for the remainder of his life . He had wanted to select something that represented himself well . Hence, “Solo Play” .

‘But if that doesn’t really fit me, then it’s useless . ’

Something that represented himself . . . Jinwoo pondered for a flash before he was struck by inspiration .

“What about Ahjin?”

“Ahjin? Ah-jin . . . ”

Sounding it out, Jinah couldn’t help but laugh .

“Well, it seems like you only flipped my name backwards, so I don’t hate it . But what’s it alleged to mean?”

“Well, Ah as in ‘self (我)’, and Jin as in ‘advance(進)’ . ”

His unique ability . An appropriate name for the Guild that might grow along side him .

“Combine the 2 , and you get ‘I advance’, Ahjin (我進) . ” “Oh~”

Jinwoo was elated to listen to Jinah provides it the very best compliment she had in her repertoire:

“It’s great . ”

‘Yes, that’ll do nicely . Ahjin . “I alone advance” . Well, i assume more accurately it’d be…’

I alone level up .

100 White Salts

Chapter Translator Editor Korean Check 129 Null Nyamh Notalk 130 Null WorstAsianNA Notalk / Null 131 Null Slimicee Null 132 Null Nyamh Null 133 Null Galachad Billy Stevens 134 Null MrScaryMuffin Null 135 Null Aster0x Null 136 Null Monkixote Null

A Message From The Team

Hey everyone, it’s me, Slimicee .

Thanks for reading our latest release of I Alone Level Up . It’s been a wild ride these past 4 weeks since our group took over from Chestnut, and tons went on . We’ve progressed from 2 guys doing MTL edits, to a whole team of dedicated Korean Translators and English Editors, something I honestly never saw coming . I can’t even find the words to precise how happy i'm with the work we’ve done . Nor am i able to overstate how thankful i'm to all or any of the dedicated individuals who have made 100 White Salts Translations what it now's , on top of the various readers who are the lifeblood of this community .

We hope to stay future releases at this level of quality and are always trying to find the prospect to enhance upon our Chapters . Next, i would like to the touch on something that has become slightly divisive within the community . i do know that a lot of people are asking about releasing Chapters singularly, but it’s simply not feasible for our team to try to to that and therefore the weekly batches . Especially now that we’ve transitioned to a compilation PDF release, we’ll be sticking to the present sort of release going into the longer term .

Well then, with all of that out of the way, I’d wish to dedicate the world below to listing out all of the people that have made our work possible . Thanks guys and gals, none of this is able to have happened without you .



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