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Solo leveling Light Novel : 135

Beru was the primary to form his move . His Sovereign had given him just one order .

'Defeat the enemy without harming her . '

Beru once stood at the height of his species, and he knew what the simplest method to perfectly fulfil that order was . which would be this: Make the opponent lose her will to fight by imprinting the clear gap in power between them in her mind .


Beru disappeared from Cha Hae-In's view the instant he moved, before reappearing right ahead of her nose even before she had the prospect to understand it .

" . . . !!"

Cha Hae-In's animal-like instinct kicked in whilst the astonishment at Beru's speed nearly overwhelmed her, and she or he swung her sword at her opponent . She followed that up with dozens more .

However, Beru stood within the spot and evaded all of her attacks without taking one step .

It was a particular movement that eliminated all necessary motion . He was so bloody quick that afterimages were left behind in his wake . This was the display of an unbridgeable gap in their power levels .

'This is impossible!'

Cha Hae-In's eyes shook hard whenever she missed .

'It can dodge all my attacks at such an in depth distance without moving its legs once?'

Just one more time!

She took aim at the neck of her opponent and took a swing, but the creature lightly evaded it by leaning back slightly . regardless of where she attacked from, or how she changed her attacks, her opponent easily dodged all of them .

'How can this be . . . . ?!'

This thing wasn't even alive anymore . This thing was a summon borrowing the powers of the dead monster, so how could it still be this strong?

And also . . . .

'Mister Seong Jin-Woo, who can freely control such a summon, just what . . . . . '

Cha Hae-In's movements became a tad dull from the vague fear invading her, and Beru seized upon this chance to smack her incoming sword away with the rear of his hand . And then, pressed his face closer to hers .

Cha Hae-In froze abreast of the spot because the stench of death blew right into her face .

'This is that the end . '

She inadvertently gasped out the instant those huge mandibles filled up her view .


However, the creature didn't crush her head by snapping shut its maws but instead, chose to screech out loudly right ahead of her face .


She was knocked away ungainly from the screech containing his magical energy .


Jin-Woo grimaced while watching that . Indeed, there was no way he'd start enjoying the sight of somebody else getting knocked around one-sidedly like this .

However, she stood copy again and glued the grip on the sword as if to point out that she wasn't abandoning in the least . Jin-Woo tilted his head .

'What is she trying to do?'

The Cha Hae-In he knew wasn't a low-class Hunter who didn't want to simply accept the difference between her and her opponent even after confirming the reality together with her own eyes .

'And she's definitely not reckless enough to stay attacking when she knows of the gap, too . '

In that case, could she still be in possession of 1 more card up her sleeve?

'Whatever it's , I hope she's not making an incorrect call . '

Jin-Woo was mentally linked with Beru, so he could feel what proportion his soldier was suppressing its killing intent at the instant . On the opposite hand, Cha Ha-In's will remained unyielding, albeit she found herself in an absolutely disadvantageous position .

He was getting a nasty premonition here . Jin-Woo's expression became even more serious as he watched the 2 of them .

'… . . ?'

On the hand, Beru had did not understand Cha Ha-In's decision .

He had displayed their overwhelming gap in power several times by now . So, why hadn't she stop her challenges yet?

The former king of ants, a being who lorded over others at the apex of the organic phenomenon , was starting to get displeased by the human female's stubbornness . the idea of his anger stemmed from the past memory of him being a ruler .

'How dare . . . . . '

The moment Beru made up his mind, he arrived before Cha Hae-In within the blink of an eye fixed . He then pressed his face closer to glare straight into her eyes .

Any lifeform still breathing would've immediately realised who was the predator and therefore the prey during this situation just from their gazes meeting like this . it might be a warning from one's primal instinct .

Beru planned to awaken that instinct of his opponent and make her lose her will to fight therein manner, but unfortunately, his ploy wasn't as effective as he thought .

Just as Jin-Woo had predicted, Cha Hae-In still held one last trump to fall back on .

The skill, 'Sword Dance', one she was most proficient in wielding . Her movements sped up as if she was performing a deadly dance, and therefore the tip of her sword drew splendid arcs within the air .

Paht! Paht! Paht!

Too bad . . . .

Beru used his claws to simply defend against all those smoothly flowing attacks that had no interruptions in between . At the top of the barrage, his expression crumpled unsightly .

'No more fooling around . '

Beru snatched the sword flying at him together with his bare hand and crushed it .


She only had half a sword left, but instead of falling into despair, her glare became icy cold, instead .

'I have just one last chance!'

Every single drop of magic energy in her was poured into the broken sword to activate her skill, 'Blade of Light' .

The magic energy expenditure for this skill was far too great and she or he could only use it because the final hurrah . And for the primary time during this fight, she revealed it in its full glory .

The blade of sunshine shone brilliantly .

Beru had lowered his guard for a flash after breaking her sword, and she or he used that opening to leap into his front and stabbed the blade of sunshine forward .

Jin-Woo's eyes widened .


Of course, he wasn't worried about Beru . Utterly disregarding his worries, the blade glowing in golden light pierced deeply into Beru's tummy .


In that brief moment, Beru's mind spun quickly .

'This woman is an enemy . '

It'd not be a drag for him to die . However, if he fell here, then this woman's sword would point towards his Sovereign next .

It was then .

An instinct buried deep within all Shadow Soldiers' psyche, one designed to activate in times of great distress and override everything else, wiggled back to life .

- "Protect the Sovereign!"

In that moment, inside Beru's head blanked out into a 'reset' state and therefore the order Jin-Woo gave him, 'defeat the enemy without harming her' was wiped away completely .

Beru transformed into a terrifying monster so as to guard Jin-Woo . His body ballooned up to an enormous proportions . His mandibles split wide open as if he was preparing to chew on steel, and eventually , his claws extended bent resemble a gaggle of sharp blades!


Beru finished preparing to tear apart his owner's enemy, and swung all ten of his claws and their sharp edges at his target .


Just before all ten blades reached Cha Hae-In . . . .


Jin-Woo managed to form it just in time .

" . . . . I told you to prevent , didn't I?"

Jin-Woo stopped both sets of Beru's claws together with his bare hands and commenced glaring at his soldier . Beru met that enraged glare and commenced shuddering . He quickly leapt back and, while not even bothering to tug that sword of sunshine from his midriff, prostrated flat on the bottom and begged for forgiveness .

"Oh, oh my king . Mercy . . . . . "

Jin-Woo knew what this guy was thinking of the instant he was close to act . Hell, the singular thought of 'Protect the Sovereign' was ringing really loud inside his head, too .

'… . . . . . '

Jin-Woo glared at Beru for a touch while, before shifting his gaze away .

Plop .

Cha Hae-In was completely spent and, unable to face any more , plopped right down to the bottom . She knew that she just came face to face with death again during that brief moment .

"Are you alright?"

Jin-Woo walked closer . She was trying to push herself copy , but gave up within the end and, while keeping her gaze rooted to the ground , nodded her head .

"I am fine . "

'Fine, my foot . '

Jin-Woo supported her up and asked .

"Why were you pushing yourself that hard? I mean, you should not have any reasons to enter my Guild while putting yourself through a wringer like this, right?"

" . . . . . "

Indeed, this was alleged to be an easy test . quite that, this was a 'test' he cooked up to reject her tactfully . But, to think, she'd be this obsessed about winning, even to the extent of using such a dangerous skill, too .

This couldn't be chalked up to her desire to win in the least costs . That was why . . . .

"Could it's . . . . . "

… . Jin-Woo cautiously asked her, so on not damage her ego .

"Are you perhaps curious about me?"

"Excuse me??"

Cha Hae-In got flustered and formed a dazed expression of somebody getting hit within the back of her head . Jin-Woo tilted his head .

'That wasn't it, either?'

But then, Cha Hae-In carefully reorganised her thoughts and corrected her answer .

" . . . . Yes, i feel so . "


Within the United States' Hunter Bureau .

The director was feeling rather unhappy after receiving the news of Hunter Seong Jin-Woo's recruitment ending in failure . rather than getting a report, he summoned the deputy director to the conference chamber .

The deputy director brought Madam Selner with him .

"Explain what happened back there . "

The director asked even before that they had the prospect to take a seat down . This was the primary time since the founding of Orion Bureau that their scouting offer, amid Madam Selner no less, had been rejected by the topic .

The deputy stood up with a darkened expression and lowered his head .

"I'm truly sorry, sir . "

"I didn't call you here for your apologies, Michael . "

The director pressed a particular button, and every one the glass walls were covered up and therefore the exit was locked tight . the inside had become perfectly soundproof .

In order to stop the leakage of data , all matters concerning Madam Selner were never discussed over the phone or through emails . That was why the director was still unaware of what went down in South Korea so far .

"Now, please inform me what happened . "

The deputy director glanced at Madam Selner for a flash or two . She slowly nodded her head, and only then did the deputy open his tightly-shut lips another time .

"Madam Selner was ready to 'observe' Hunter Seong Jin-Woo . "

"What was the result?"

The director knew how her power operated, therefore the results of her 'observation' was as important because the results of the 'recruitment' itself .

"Hunter Seong Jin-Woo is . . . . "

The deputy licked his dried-up lips from tension and continued on .

" . . . . is seemingly one among the 'kings' . "


The director jumped up from his seat .

Of all the powerful Hunters she had met over the years, she described only three people as 'kings' . and every one three of them were powerful enough to shake the planet by the scruff of its neck, too .

Quite literally, they were the zenith of Hunters! and therefore the man named Seong Jin-Woo had to be included therein list now, as well .

The director shifted his gaze over to Madam Selner and asked her .

"Does that mean Hunter Seong Jin-Woo possesses the extent of power adequate to other Special Authority-rank Hunters?"

Strangely enough, she promptly shook her head .

"Excuse me?"

Frowns formed on the director's forehead .

The deputy could amply understand how his boss must be feeling right about now . He, too, had displayed an identical reaction back when he heard the precise same answer, in any case .

Madam Selner let loose an extended sigh .

"Looks like . . . I'll need to explain myself a touch . "

Her talk began from those words .

"First of all . . . . I'll assume that both of you recognize just what quite a capability I possess . "

The director and his deputy both nodded their heads simultaneously . the previous spoke first .

"You said that the Awakened are people connected to the powers of the 'other side' . "

By staring into the eyes of the Awakened, Madam Selner could sense the 'passageway' connecting said Awakened to the opposite side .

However, she said that there have been certain Awakened who were receiving such a lot incredible power from the 'other side' that it finishes up resembling a blinding flood of sunshine , instead .

These were precisely the 'kings' she talked about .

"So, what's different about Hunter Seong Jin-Woo, then?"

"He doesn't have a passageway . "

Madam shivered in fear again .

"When I looked into his eyes, the darkness within him was staring back at me . Oh, my god . He was the darkness itself . "

The deputy director refuted this immediately .

"But, he has helped out tons of individuals during his tenure as a Hunter, and that i can't see him as someone as evil as you describe him to be . . . . "

If Hunter Seong Jin-Woo was indeed a vicious, evil individual, he'd have immediately killed the 2 agents who pointed guns at him where they stood . However, he just let that slide without caring an excessive amount of about it .

Madam shook her head .

"I wasn't talking about whether Hunter Seong Jin-Woo was an honest or evil man, deputy director . "

The light shining in her eyes decided .

"No, I'm talking about the origin of his power . "

The director had been taking note of her together with his hands pressed below his chin until then, but he finally raised his voice .

"There's no mistaking that he's a strong Hunter, yes?"

Madam nodded her head .

"Hunter Seong Jin-Woo, he is not borrowing someone else's power . He only relies on the facility residing within him, so he is not restricted by the passageway . which suggests . . . . . "

"There's no limit to his power . . . . . "

The deputy director muttered absently before breaking into an abrupt shudder . He couldn't even begin to imagine how absurd the extent of power gushing out with none limit could potentially be .

The director fell into a deep thought after he heard both of his guests . And a brief while later, he nodded his head, evidently having made his mind up over something .

"Madam, many thanks for your diligence . "

After seeing Madam Selner off, the director headed right down to the underground floors of Orion Bureau together with his deputy in tow .

"Director, where are we going?"

"Ninth basement floor . "

"Isn't that where we store old records?"

"We have something else secured there besides the records . "

The director watched because the number on the elevator's display board steadily decrease and continued on .

"If we will not believe Madam Selner's power, then we should always use a special method to bring him in . "

That man was still so young . And he possessed unfathomable power .

If Hunter Seong Jin-Woo indeed possessed incredible power even as Madam Selner had eluded to, then it not mattered whether that was the facility of sunshine or the facility of darkness .

A knife you picked up to guard yourself would appear as if a deadly weapon from someone else's perspective . and therefore the director wanted to possess the knife called Seong Jin-Woo .

They received their destination, and while unlocking a series of electronic door locks, steadily walked deeper into the ninth underground floor . a couple of Bureau agents greeted them as they walked past, but the director didn't even spare one glance .

"Do you continue to recall the very first rank S Gate ever to appear?"

"Of course . "

How could anyone forget the worst dungeon break in history that destroyed some of the Western United States?

The American government summoned within the world's most powerful Hunters with an unbelievably huge amount of reward on offer, and eventually, they succeeded in killing the boss-level monster that emerged from that rank S Gate .

However, only five survived that encounter . Meaning, just one monster managed to kill dozens of the simplest Hunters out there . Without their sacrifice, the state of the us of America may need ceased to exist altogether .

That was why the American government bestowed the five remaining saviours the rights equalling that of the country itself, and that is where the term 'Special Authority-rank' originated from .

The director mouthed the name of the monster that brought upon one among the worst tragedies within the history of mankind .

"Kamish the Dragon . . . . "

Didn't the Mage-type Hunters say that 'Kamish' meant an undying flame?

They entered the deepest room on the ground , and therefore the director opened the safe found in there . and that is when one Rune Stone, under an important guard and being monitored constantly, revealed itself .

The deputy director flinched in surprise .

"In that case, could that thing be . . . . ?"

"Your guess is correct . "

The director placed his hand on top of the reinforced glass shielding the Rune Stone and formed a smile .

"This Rune Stone came out from that Kamish's corpse . "

Two of the Special Authority-rank Hunters settled down within the US after the top of the Kamish raid . In a way, they were the gifts that Kamish managed to deliver to the US .

To avoid another calamity like this, the Americans established Orion Bureau and focused all their might on improving the strengths of the Hunters . Around eight years gone by since then .

Simply because no Mage-type Hunters were among the surviving Special Authority-rank Hunters, Kamish's Rune Stone was tucked away during this cold underground storage beneath Orion Bureau, expecting a replacement owner to return along .

The director formed a meaningful smile as he peered into the glass case .

"Kamish will present us with yet one more invaluable gift to our beautiful country very soon . "

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