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Solo leveling Light Novel : 135

Jinwoo watched because the familiar misty tendrils enveloped his feet, pulling him into the shadows . He glanced over to Cha Haein to verify that she was also being absorbed into the ground along side him .

‘Just as I thought…’

Ever since the primary time he used Shadow Swap, Jinwoo had sensed that it had been an equivalent as walking through a Gate . instead of instantaneously swapping the situation of two entities, he had suspected that his ability was more like opening a Gate that connected two locations . Watching Cha Haein slip through the rift with him, Jinwoo was certain that he was correct .

‘One end of the portal appears on the ground here and therefore the other end is wherever the Swap target is . ’

In this case, the target was his Shadow Soldier . Jinwoo shook his head in disbelief . If his soldier was in Argentina, that journey—the equivalent of a 27- hour non-stop flight—would have happened instantly . Even with its lengthy cooldown, it had been incredible to think that he had the power to make a Gate to the opposite side of the planet every three hours .

Jinwoo didn’t have much time to enjoy amazement, however . The instantaneous nature of his ability meant that the dark shadows that consumed his vision quickly dissipated . He could now see that they were standing within the 

corner of Orion Association’s gym . Jinwoo had planted a soldier here previously, just just in case he needed to urge to the Association quickly .


With an important mechanical sound, the rows of lights overhead came to life one after another . The room’s automatic sensors had detected the pair’s magic power and commenced to illuminate the chamber . Cha Haein still had her eyes closed, but opened them once she sensed the brightness .


Her eyes were opened wide, unable to contain her surprise . during a blink that they had been transported from Jinwoo’s Guild office to the present familiar location .

‘Is this even possible?’

As far as Cha Haein could recall, there had been no documented Hunter ability even remotely on the brink of this . She stared at Jinwoo with a mix of disbelief and awe .


Cha Haein paused . She wanted to understand everything about this enigmatic Hunter, but found herself unable to talk . One reason for this was that she had too many questions and didn’t know where to start out . the opposite reason for this was that Jinwoo’s face was mere centimeters faraway from hers .

“Um . . . it’s ok now . ”

Gently, Jinwoo touched her hand . Cha Haein could feel the temperature of her cheeks rising as he peeled her arms faraway from around his waist .

“You don’t need to hold onto me anymore . ”

Breathlessly, Cha Haein nodded as she stroke the spot on her hand where Jinwoo had touched her . Jinwoo walked faraway from the corner where his shadow soldier was hiding and made his way towards the middle of the gym .

“So, let’s start . ”

“Okay . ”

Cha Haein started after Jinwoo, but paused suddenly . She suddenly remembered that she had left her sword back in her car, thinking that it might be rude to be armed while visiting someone else’s office .

“I left my weapon in my car…”

“Oh, your pickaxe?”


“The weapon you were holding within the high orc Dungeon was a pickaxe right?”

Cha Haein felt the blood rush to her face a second time as she recalled that embarrassing encounter .

“No, my weapon is—”

Jinwoo was fighting hard to not laugh . Seeing his expression, Cha Haein realized that he was teasing her .

“ . . . ”

Cha Haein flushed a good deeper shade of red . Mercifully, Jinwoo delayed his hand .

“Just kidding . ”

The levity in his expression quickly shifted to a more serious one .

‘What should we do then?’

Even though Cha Haein was a S-rank Hunter, she wouldn't be ready to fight barehanded against one among his soldiers . Of course, he expected his soldier to win, but didn’t want to risk hurting Cha Haein within the process .

“It’s alright . ”

Cha Haein changed directions and walked towards the storeroom .

“There should something that I can borrow from the storage . ”


Jinwoo was learning something new . He watched from the middle of the gym as Cha Haein pressed her Hunter’s license against the panel next to the storeroom door . There was a confirmation beep and therefore the door slid open automatically . Inside, lined up neatly against the wall, was a good assortment of weapons .

‘So they’re prepared for something like this . The Association has some good foresight . ’

The Association imposed heavy taxes on all Hunter-related transactions and Jinwoo always wondered where that cash went . it had been a relief to understand that it had been being put to good use . While Jinwoo was deep in thought, Cha Haein scanned the storeroom and picked up a sword that was similar long and weight as her preferred weapon .

“I’m ready . ”

“Are you sure? it'd be difficult to use a weapon that you’re not wont to . ”

Cha Haein shook her head dismissively .

“It isn't the tools we use that make us good, but rather how we employ them . Besides, if i used to be fighting a magic beast, they wouldn’t await me to fetch my usual weapon . ”

Jinwoo nodded in agreement . Cha Haein’s sentiment was admirable and he found himself warming up to the feminine Hunter .

‘Alright, so who should I call up?’

Cha Haein was exuding a strong aura and presence . It seemed that her words weren't only for show . Without a doubt, most of Jinwoo’s soldiers would be torn apart instantly by this woman . thereupon in mind, Jinwoo played the foremost reliable card from his deck .

‘Come forth . ’

Obeying his command, some of Jinwoo’s shadow detached itself and crept forward several paces . A gauntleted hand burst out from the darkness and grasped the gymnasium floor . the shape of a shadowy knight slowly climbed out from the abyss . He was clad in pitch-black armor and bore an elaborate helmet adorned with an extended , blood-red plume that fell behind him, all the thanks to his waist . it had been Igrit, the strongest swordsman of his Shadow Army .

‘The strongest swordsman, yes . But not the strongest overall…’

Jinwoo decided that it might be overkill to call upon Ber . Afterall, he already knew that Ber’s original form had easily overwhelmed the whole Korean S-rank

team and left Cha Haein in mortal danger . albeit the shadow retained a fraction of its original’s power, Jinwoo was cautious of the psychological toil that the ant king might impose on her . Similarly, calling upon Tusk was out of the question, as Jinwoo couldn't calculate the high orc sorcerer to avoid damaging the Association’s property . within the end, Jinwoo selected Igrit .

‘I can calculate you . ’

Staring at the rear of the dependable knight, Jinwoo felt confident that his choice was correct . However…

“Sung Jinwoo-ssi . ”

Cha Haein interrupted his thoughts .

“What is that the criteria for this test?”

Her voice was soft and relaxed, carrying the chilling air of a profession assassin . it had been a tone of voice that might freeze most of the people in their tracks . It even caused Jinwoo to reconsider his choice for a touch . He took a flash to regain his composure and think before giving her a solution .

“The test concludes either when the summon is destroyed or when Hunter Cha- nim surrenders . ”

Cha Haein nodded then , in one smooth motion, unsheathed the sword she had picked up from the storage and assumed her fighting pose . The scabbard

was gracefully discarded as she spun around, landing with a clatter on the sidelines by the far wall . albeit the sword was a standard , average-level magic weapon, it looked incredibly formidable therein moment, gripped confidently in Cha Haein’s hands as she stood ready for combat .

‘She truly is robust . ’

Jinwoo could feel Cha Haein’s determination . The woman, one among the strongest Korean S-rank Hunters, was resolved to throw everything she had into this fight . as compared , Igrit’s presence barely registered on Jinwoo’s radar as he drew his two longswords . once more , the notion that his soldier might lose crossed Jinwoo’s mind .

‘Hold on . . . she said that she doesn’t care about what weapons are used right?’

A wry smile formed on Jinwoo’s face as he decided to use Cha Haein’s words against her .

“Um . . . could you switch around for a sec?”

“ . . . ?”

Cha Haein tilted her head in puzzlement but did as he requested . Once her back was turned, Jinwoo promptly called up his inventory and pulled out the Demon King’s Longsword .

‘Use this . ’

He placed the weapon in Igrit’s hand . If a magic beast doesn’t care about their opponent’s weapon, then logic dictates that a Hunter shouldn’t either . Igrit bowed his head in deep gratitude and commenced to bend the knee also , but Jinwoo stopped him .

‘Hey, I told you already that you simply don’t need to be so formal with me . ’

Jinwoo sighed . If only he could take half Igrit’s chivalrous personality and provides it to Iron . Having completed his preparations, he called bent Cha Haein .

“Okay, you'll turn back around now . ”

When Cha Haein faced her opponent again, she noticed that the knight held a replacement sword . Electricity coursed through the blade with bright flashes, lighting up the world around them with its eerie blue glow .

Fanart by Joshua

“ . . . ”

Jinwoo avoided eye contact together with her and shuffled his feet, feigning ignorance .

“Ready to urge started?”

“ . . . okay . ”

Cha Haein realized that she had no room to complain, given her words about weapons earlier . Still, she couldn't help but let the discontent show on her face . Jinwoo felt slightly guilty, but it had been too late to vary his mind now .


Igrit moved immediately at the beginning signal, sweeping the Demon King’s Longsword during a large arc and activating its ability . With a blinding flash, a bright bolt of lightning streaked across the space towards Cha Haein . The brightness stunned the lady for just a flash before her combat experience kicked in . With cat-like grace, she bent backwards to let the lightning sail harmlessly over her body . The attack struck the far wall of the gymnasium with a thunderous crash, leaving the wall charred and smoldering .

Cha Haein recovered her stance and shot a dark look in Jinwoo’s direction . However, the newly-appointed S-ranker avoided eye contact another time .

Instead, he seemed to be intensely focused on checking the length of his fingernails .

‘ . . . ’

Rather than complaining, Cha Haein grasped her sword with both hands . Jinwoo subtly signalled to Igrit to avoid using the lightning strike . The knight immediately obeyed and charged in to interact in melee combat . the feminine Hunter met the knight head on, swinging her sword at her foe’s body . The speed of Igrit’s attack was truly terrifying . If Jinwoo had fought the present Igrit in their first encounter, he probably would haven't acquired his necromancer powers . And yet, astoundingly, Cha Haein didn't block or parry the knight’s strike . Instead, she dodged it by a hair’s breadth . Even more surprising was when she swung her own weapon during a perfectly timed counter .

A few minutes prior, just before Jinwoo and Cha Haein received the gym, Association President Go Gunhee was working in his penthouse office suite situated on the very best floor of the South Korean Hunter Association headquarters . From his office, the president had a view of all the Association- owned buildings and therefore the surrounding environments .


A distant flicker of sunshine caught Go Gunhee’s eye and he turned his head to seem out the window . The Association gym should are closed, but the president could clearly see that each one the lights within the gym were turned on . Go Gunhee reached over to press a button on his telephone . His assistant responded immediately .

“Yes sir?”

“Did someone reserve the gym today?”

“Um . . . consistent with our records, no sir . ”

“Is that so?”

Go Gunhee pondered for a flash before continuing .

“Could you send me the gym’s security cam footage for the past few minutes?”

“Of course sir . ”

A few moments later, Go Gunhee was sipping tea and watching the safety cam recording on his computer . For the foremost part, the video contained grainy black and white footage, because the gym was dark and therefore the camera was in infrared mode . There was a bright flash because the lights came on and, once the camera switched modes, the president was ready to see a person and a lady standing during a corner of the gym, holding one another during a tight embrace . He leaned in closer to the monitor as he repeatedly clicked the button to magnify the video feed .


Go Gunhee choked as he tried to prevent himself from spitting tea everywhere the pc screen . There, clear as day on the monitor, were the faces of S-rank

Hunters Sung Jinwoo and Cha Haein . The elderly man stroked his chin and stared at the frozen image of the pair .

‘When did they get together?’

The Association president suddenly recalled the instant Hunter Cha Haein regain consciousness aboard the helicopter after the Jeju Island incident . She had called out for Hunter Sung Jinwoo .

‘How did I miss that?’

Go Gunhee felt a wave of heat radiate through his body as a smile formed on his wrinkled face . Both Hunters had requested for information protection the minute they became S-rankers . within the president’s mind, they were the sort that valued privacy and tried to avoid the paparazzi . Unfortunately for Cha Haein and Sung Jinwoo, they were instantly recognizable to the whole nation . so as for them to spend private time together, they might need a secluded space, like the Association gym after business hours . it might be difficult for them to enjoy the standard romantic retreats afforded to couples their age . Go Gunhee felt a tug at his heartstrings .

‘Ah, to be young again . ’

The Association president pressed the button on his telephone another time .

“Sorry, but could you disable all the safety cameras for the gymnasium?”

“Sir? But…”

“Just say that we were performing some maintenance or something . ”

“Understood sir . ”

Go Gunhee deleted the safety footage on his computer and leaned back in his chair . He glanced out the window towards the gymnasium again and smiled .

Feeling reinvigorated, he attacked his remaining paperwork with gusto .


The tea in his cup rippled because the earth vibrated gently . The thunderous sound had come from the direction of the gymnasium .

“Ho ho, oh my . ”

Go Gunhee chuckled, but kept his eyes focused on the documents before him . It seems there was one more reason why the pair needed to use the specially constructed facility .

‘Ah, to be young again . i'm wondering what their children will look like?’

‘Damn . . . ’

Jinwoo gritted his teeth and rubbed his temples . The foreboding feeling he got from observing Cha Haein’s fighting posture was substantiated . Igrit, even with the Demon King’s Longsword, was no match for the feminine Hunter . She stayed on the brink of her opponent, but was still ready to anticipate and avoid every attack from the knight while countering back . A sweeping horizontal strike was met with a duck and a stab to the gut . A piercing lunge was met with a parry and pommel strike to the face . Finally, a vertical slice was met with a fast side step and a strong upward slash aimed toward the unprotected joints in between the plates of armor .


The moment Cha Haein sliced off the Igrit’s left arm, Jinwoo decided to call the match . albeit his soldiers were ready to regenerate immediately, it bothered Jinwoo to ascertain them get injured .


Cha Haein took a deep breath and made her pulse to settle down . To Igrit’s credit, it had been not a simple fight . the feminine Hunter was drenched sweat . She used her slender snow-white fingers to wipe her brow, her clothes being too soaked to be of any use . Jinwoo shook his head in disappointment as he recalled the defeated knight .

“I concede . ”

“No, that didn’t count . ”

‘ . . . ?’

Cha Haein was still keeping her weapon at the ready as she faced Jinwoo .

“You said you were getting to send your strongest summon right?”

The female Hunter raised her weapon and took her fighting stance another time .

“Was that black knight really your strongest summon?”

Cha Haein’s tone was as accusatory as her question was rhetorical . Jinwoo shook his head, confirming her suspicion .

“Please call out your strongest summon . This test is pointless otherwise . ”

“You might get hurt . ”

“I’m prepared for that . I just want try fighting it again . ”

“You knew?”

Jinwoo’s expression betrayed his surprise . the feminine Hunter nodded .

“I watched the printed recording . ”

Cha Haein had reviewed the Jeju Island footage numerous times that she had it fully memorized by now . In her head she could recalled the looks of the enormous shadowy monster . The familiar hooded figure that breathed fire .

“One of your summons is that the high orc shaman boss from the A-rank Dungeon right?”

It that was true, then the terrifying ant that Jinwoo defeated on Jeju Island would even be his summon now . From the very beginning, Cha Haein had expected the ant king to be her opponent for this test .

‘Defeating the other foe is meaningless . ’

Cha Haein wanted Jinwoo to really acknowledge her . so as to earn that recognition, she would wish to defeat the monstrous ant . Jinwoo nodded, admiring her conviction .

‘Ber . ’

The Shadow Soldier skilled his master’s summon, stepping out from a cloud of black mist behind Jinwoo . At the sight of him, Cha Haein instinctively took a step back . then another . The ant king exuded a terrifying aura that each one but paralyzed her, almost like their first encounter on Jeju Island . Jinwoo could see the colour drain from Cha Haein’s face and grew concerned for the feminine Hunter .

“Are you sure you would like to travel through with this?”

Even though the Shadow Soldier Ber wasn’t as strong as his original form, the ant king had been created for the only purpose of killing Hunters . Cha Haein, realizing that her jaw was hanging open, pressed her lips firmly together . With a determined look on her face, she responded with a curt nod . All the while, Ber was observing the feminine Hunter . He turned to Jinwoo and bowed his head .

‘My king, what's your command?’

Jinwoo glanced over at Cha Haein . the feminine Hunter didn't react to Ber’s question . Rather, she didn't hear anything in the least because the two were communicating telepathically through the bond between a Shadow Soldier and therefore the Monarch of Shadows .

‘Make her submit without hurting her . ’

‘My king, I hear and obey . ’

As the ant king turned to face the feminine Hunter, Cha Haein found that there was a lump in her throat and swallowed it . The magical ability emanating from her opponent sent chills straight through to her bones . Cha Haein tightened her grip on her weapon to prevent her hands from shaking .

‘How did Sung Jinwoo-ssi fight such a creature?’

Igrit was a troublesome opponent, but Cha Haein had faced that challenger without batting an eye fixed . Now, however, she was barely ready to match her opponent’s

gaze . because the two faced off, Cha Haein took her fighting stance and Ber released a piercing shriek .


The claws at the top of the ant king’s hands grew out until it resembled an extended , thin blade .

‘No claws . ’

Ber froze . He could sense Jinwoo’s stern gaze behind him .

‘Don’t make me repeat myself . If that woman gets hurt, don’t think that you’ll be comfortable afterwards . ’

‘My king, as you would like . ’

The ant king retracted his claws and stood before his opponent during a neutral stance . Jinwoo nodded and eventually gave the beginning signal .


“The results from the association have come up a touch higher . ”

“Is it a S grade gate?”

“No, yes, i'm a grade A student, and he said he went up to the utmost reading . ”

“I got hit, this one . ”

If the S class has begin , I can hand over neatly .

It doesn't add up that one knight with no S class Hunter clears the S class gate .

Maybe you'll barely clear the S-class hunters across the country like within the case of Jeju Island Reid .

But .

If the results of horsepower measurement may be a grade, the story changes .

One of the five guilds, Knight Templar, can't properly handle the A-level gates .

It may not are possible to seek out a reduced position in the least .

“Good morning, are you crazy?”

“I don't know . ”

“We’ll get obviate it . ”

Honam’s reputation guild .

Park Jong – soo set the bar for the word ‘fame’ .

“Let’s put the gate in our yard into the mouth of her mouth . ”

“It is claimed that the horse is,” said the chaplain .

“It won't be so if the soil gets into my eyes . ”

“Grayson, why don't you're taking it?”

Park Jong-soo, who was so excited, asked what he was wearing .

It was natural .

The death and death of the attacking members also as myself are often determined during a word of their own words .

I couldn't say anything excited .

Park Jong – su features a headache .

‘Our Guild a category hunters aren't at the extent of competing with other large guilds . ’

No, in terms of the amount and qualities of a category , it had been like Hunters, which is named the simplest guild in Korea .

Only S grade one .

It was the Knights Templar who was in danger of being forced out of the five guilds because they didn't have one .

For an equivalent reason, only the elite of the Knights were enough for a standard grade A gate .

However, among the a category , if the gates with the very best magic value are at the gate, the Knights Guild without S class had to require the danger of the team members .

Even if it's classified as a category , the clearance difficulty of the dungeon itself is on the brink of S grade .

The Hunter Association also said that it had been hesitating to offer permission because it knew the danger .

‘…’When Park Jong-su’s worries deepened, Jung Yoon-tae cautiously said .

“Actually, if this RedGate pops up, we’re all dead . ”

“Yes . ”

The top-tier A-grade gig is just too much, and suddenly it turns into a Red Gate?

It was a terrible thing to believe .

Half if you’re lucky .

If the luck doesn't follow, all of the raids, including yourself, might be killed .

‘If you think that coolly, this thing is true . ’

However, when the rumor of a guild abandoning the A-level gate spread, I had to ascertain that the destiny of the Knights was also over .

What quite newcomer will come to the guild that doesn't have a S-class Hunter or a category A gate?

“Gracie, let’s take part with this other guild . ”

Park shook his head .

“I don't think I’m getting to be alone .

To handle the A-level gates which will eat allots when the Knights Templar is lost .

If I had to carry my hand, it had been still a drag .

‘It’s an equivalent as advertising a scarcity of competence . ’

There were dozens of individuals on their faces .

then .

“If you are doing not get interested in the guild, how about an individual?”

Two people ‘s head went back to the woman’ s voice coming from the side .

It was a healing class a category Hunter and Jeong Jalim who are responsible of Hill within the Knights’ elite raid .

The healer’s voice is great .

It is not necessary to mention that the healer features a sort of skills to carry a category A rank .

But .

Park Jong-soo didn't hide his embarrassed expression because the fate of the Knights Guild was hanging on today .

“I am getting to enter the top-level A-level gate .

Park Jong-soo’s words were stop .


It is because the one that came suddenly came up to mention the word .

The man who exhausted the A-class, S-class marshals alone!

Park Jong – su, who couldn't stand the thrill , got up .

‘If Sung Jin-woo comes!’

He was the one who knocked out all of the S-class hunters in Korea who had not been ready to are available before .

If he did, the safety of the attackers would be one hundred pc guaranteed .

Where is it?

I was ready to avoid the mistakenness that I had to affect class A gates by borrowing the facility of another guild .

‘Rather, when the knighthood’s name goes up, it goes up . ’

Who would be within the guild to possess the simplest Hunter in hand and raid?

The lives of team members and therefore the honor of the Knights .

It was an excellent thanks to catch both rabbits directly .

My god asked me, Park Jong-soo, excitedly .

“What are you doing now, Sung Jin Hun Hunter?”

Jung Jilim, who had made his first speech, also shook his head .

“It’s quiet apart from the news that I’ve handled one among the gates on the road recently . ”

Jung Yoon-tae, who recalled Sung Jin-woo from the recent news, pulled out his telephone .

“I’ll contact you, Sung Jin Hun Hunter Yes, sir?”

“Yes, it is . Put the phone in . ”


“Should we attempt to solve this important thing with a phone call? I’ll find you and provides you your word . ”


When Jung Yoon – tae agreed, Park Jong – su said with a smile .

“Let’s go up once . ”

*** That night . Hain, who lay on the bed, struggled bitterly while wearing his quilt over his head .

‘I think so, i feel so!’

That’s why I confessed it!

Her movements stopped when she was kicking her bed .

There was an unexpected thought .


How does one interpret your answer?

– isn't there a far better thanks to inherit the guild then?

Once I got up during a hurry to believe trying to save lots of my seat, but once I remembered the instant , i used to be distressed and therefore the accident stopped .

Hot .

I remember once I came back again, my face was hot again .

When faced with the mad eyes of the petrified pet, I had foresaw death that I could never avoid .

Absolute horror .

The fate of the fisherman .

I checked out the ten fingernails on each side of the car, and that i saw that the car had closed his eyes .

But then .

I felt a warm warmth behind my back . At an equivalent time, a well-known scent enveloped her warmly .


Cha Haein glanced openly and looked back .

Jinwoo, holding the pet’s nails, was watching the pet .

It is true that at that moment my heart was running wild .

By the way .

-Perhaps… Are you curious about me?

Is not it folly to invite that situation?

‘no . ’

Cha Hae – soon shook his head as if trying to shout .

Even if I asked so, I shouldn't have answered honestly .

‘Maybe you think that you’re a wierd woman . ’

By the way .

I thought that I couldn't , but my mouth moved by itself .

If you're with Sungjin Hunter, you'll be ready to express your unhappiness .

It’s not like yourself .

‘Like you're not yourself?’

Those words that are strangely familiar .

Where was it?

There was a memory somewhere that I heard an identical expression .

then .

The memories that had been erased in my mind swept past my brain .

-……send it .

Bullock .

Cha Hae – in caused his upper body .

‘……!’Obviously it had been not an old thing, but as I dreamed and awakened , the voices that had disappeared on the opposite side of the memory came to mind .

-…Please tell me .

‘I . ’

Cha Haein tried to recollect the contents of the voice and therefore the owner .

The form of memory, which was blurred because it was covered in dense fog, gradually came to my appearance .

-……Please tell me you would like to take care .

‘I met Min Bong Hunter . ’

When he lost consciousness and was dragged into an unknown darkness, it had been Min Bung Hunter who snatched his wrist .

I was feeling uncomfortable for a flash .

I remember seeing the black armor surrounding the entire body of Min Bong Hunter, i assumed it had been the wonder .

Only the face is exposed .

Even his face seemed sadly somewhat unlike usual .

As the memory of the time slowly began to emerge, Cha Haen suddenly felt the rear of the throne cool .

Min – bong Hunter spoke with a face that appeared to bear the crying .

– To Sung Jin Hunter .

‘To Sung Jin Hunter …?’ – Tell them that you simply must take care of your strength .

*** Jin-woo, who finished the shower, stood ahead of the toilet mirror .


I’m sure it's good here .

By the way .

I really liked the sweetness of the girl like Cha Seo, so i attempted to maneuver the guild .

‘Am I that much?’

Jin looked into the mirror .

There was a figurine and laughter .

I had no intention of falling crazy with others albeit I didn't tell them .

Only one part is confident .

It was all the muscles that became harder and harder in daily quests that didn't fall each day and repeated a day .

It is the sound of the body within the end .

The face is …… Well, apart from a touch strong eye, isn't it a standard sight on the street?

But then .

‘wait . ’

Looking at the mirror, Jinwoo ‘s eyes turned sincerely .

I tilted my head slightly forward and looked in additional detail .

The enlightenment within the mirror and therefore the enlightenment actually have faced one another for an extended time .


I was young within the eyes of Jinwoo .

The gaze swept across the face .

I knew it .

The change was right .

Even though it didn't grow big, the tiny scars, dots, and dirt that were found once I looked closely, a number of them were disappearing neatly .

‘Is it thanks to the effect of rehabilitation will buff?’

Among the buff effects I received in exchange for the player, i used to be told to ‘restore all parts of the damaged body’ .

It was enough to breed even the leg which was cut by stone statue .

It may not be strange that minor skin damage is cured .

But what a wierd thing .

‘…I think it’s a touch bit difficult . ”

The age of mid-20s .

But within the mirror, he was seen in his early twenties, about two or three years younger .

It was a surprise .

It is said that magic can prevent a particular degree of aging of an awakening, is it almost like that?

‘Eli …’

Jin-woo came out of the toilet when the person thought that it had been funny to seem at the mirror by himself .

My sister was out of the space , too, so her brother and sister reunited within the front room .

Jinwoo laughed and called Jinna .

“Brother . ”


“How about you?”


“Like charm as a person . ”


Jina frowned .

“Where did you come from? My eyes are just my brother’s brother? ”

“Come on, many thanks . ”

Jinwoo laughed and smiled at Jin-A’s ball, and Jin-ah also responded with a pointy bottom kick .

Of course, it had been Jinnah who jumped sore .

“Have you forgotten what your brother is? are you able to study properly thereupon head? ”

“What did you say?”

Jin-a who popped out of his mouth pointed his eyes .

“In this test, i'm the primary within the whole school?”

Jinwoo swallowed the laughter, his brother’s reaction was fun .

The good thing about my family is that albeit i'm different, they always give me an equivalent attitude within the same place .

Jinwoo rubbed his wet head with a towel and gone by Jinnah .

“effort . ”

“My brother too . ”

Jinwoo, who was close to enter the space , recalled something and looked back .

“True, i would like to form a guild this point . ”


The shining red eyes shined their eyes .

“Are you taking note of the boss now?”

“If it's good . ”

“What is that the name of the guild?”

“I don't want to ask that when . ”

“Five! what's it? ”

The younger brother who sends the expectation eyes gently asked the reality .

“How about the Soleil Guild?”

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