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Solo leveling Light Novel : 134

Chapter 133

Did he just hear that correctly? Jinwoo was unsure if he had misunderstood . The Deputy Guildmaster of South Korea’s favorite Guild, one whose skills were recognized by the elites, Cha Haein was saying that she wanted to hitch a Guild that was still in its infancy . Unless she had been forced to participate or something, it had been completely absurd .


‘Who exactly had the influence to force this woman to try to to anything?’

Jinwoo mentioned the only existence in Korea that had the power to potentially threaten her,

“Did the association president put you up to this?”

Cha Haein looked confused and puzzled, not comprehending why the association president had been mentioned .

“Why did you mention the association president all of the sudden…?”

Dammit, he was the one that hadn’t grasped things at hand . Why was she making such a face albeit she had instigated this whole scene?

‘Argh, settle down . ’

This was certainly a surprising development, one that would have easily overwhelmed his current mood, but Jinwoo decided to calmly pull out a chair and sit across from Cha Haein . He checked out her silently, analyzing her figure . It only took a quick moment of focus, but Jinwoo had already recalled the knowledge he had gathered on her while the planet around him had been drastically bogged down .

‘She’s feeling uneasy immediately . ’

Her heartbeat . Her breathing . Her eyes .

Cha Haein was trying really hard to place on a relaxed demeanor, but she couldn’t trick Jinwoo’s advanced Sense stat . Still, why was she, despite her nervousness, trying to hitch Solo Play Guild like this? Jinwoo decided to ask an issue ,

“Aren’t you continue to under contract with Hunters Guild?”

Typically a contract between a Hunter and their Guild was negotiated in five year terms . Since Cha Haein joined the Hunters Guild after becoming an S-rank Hunter around two years ago, she should, at the very least, have three years left on her contract .

“I have enough to pay the fee accompanying a breach of contract . ”

At her cool reply, Jinwoo responded by tilting his head .

The penalty fee for leaving the contract early should be two or 3 times the quantity of the initial contract itself . brooding about the unreasonable contract fee that the Hunters Guild should’ve offered to the S-rank Hunter, the calculated penalty fee for leaving the Guild was truly appalling . so as to form her realize things they were in, Jinwoo changed his tone to be more business-appropriate,

“We at Solo Play Guild can’t afford to pay the acceptable contract fee for somebody like Hunter Cha-nim . ”

“Y-your Guild name is Solo Play?”

“Do you've got a drag with the Guild name my Deputy Guildmaster and that i picked out?”

“ . . . No . ”

Cha Haein sighed a touch then continued,

“It doesn’t interest me . I’m even fine with getting no contract fee . ”

She’s fine with being given no contract fee? she is going to be forced to pay an exuberant amount in penalties to go away Hunters Guild .

‘What is she thinking?’

Jinwoo’s eyes narrowed . When their gazes met one another for too long, Cha Haein couldn’t handle it and looked away . Jinwoo’s acute hearing didn't miss Cha Haein’s heartbeat increasing .

‘Is she hiding something?’

At now , Jinwoo couldn’t proceed without asking,

“Why would you undergo of these hardships just to hitch our Guild?”

“ . . . ”

As expected, Cha Haein kept her mouth shut . watching her face turning red, Jinwoo was sure that she was undoubtedly hiding something from him .


Now that he considered it, something about her had definitely changed . She acted a touch more out of character, even during the memorial service .

Regardless of what she was truly thinking, she might’ve been planning for this example for a few time . Jinwoo quietly waited for Cha Haein’s answer .

However, the lady lowered her head and didn't utter one sound for a short time .

Well, how would she even begin explaining her reasons behind her actions? She had been ready to feel him next to her, even after being knocked unconscious by

the monstrous’ ants attacks . When she was falling into the darkness of the void, Jinwoo’s scent had comforted her quite anything . There existed no words that would truly encapsulate and share that precious feeling .

‘Even if I explained it, he would just call me crazy . ’

She recalled how strongly her heart had thumped when she had been informed that Hunter Sung Jinwoo-nim had really been there during that point . the very fact that she hadn’t imagined it, relieved her .



Just if… she ever found a situation where she wouldn’t be ready to escape the clutches of death, she realized that her only true wish was having Jinwoo by her side .

‘Something like “I want you to guard me until the very end . ”’

Just thinking that made her cheeks blush . How could she put those embarrassing thoughts into words? it had been an impossible task for a woman who had almost nothing in common with ordinary girls . As such, she decided to travel with the solution she had prepared for this meeting,

“Comfort . ”

She raised her head and looked Jinwoo in his eyes and continued,

“I want to measure comfortably…”

She could be twisting her words a touch , but she wasn’t completely lying . She considered how she found it difficult to maneuver her head within the presence of the foul stench given off by the highest-ranking Hunters . Compared thereto , just being within the same room as Jinwoo made her feel comfortable . That was what Cha Haein meant when she spoke of “comfort” .

Although Jinwoo had interpreted her reasoning differently, he was still ready to understand Cha Haein .

Jinwoo replied to her by an easy nod of his head .

She presumably wanted to go away the stressful major Guilds like Hunters Guild and work “comfortably” during a much smaller and straightforward going Guild . To his knowledge, Cha Haein was twenty two years old, if not already twenty three .

‘The responsibility of an S-rank Hunter is perhaps an excessive amount of to handle for a lady in her early 20s . ’

Especially when he considered how she almost had lost her life back on Jeju Island . Remembering how he wanted to throw everything aside when he worked under the Association, Jinwoo could empathise together with her decision .


‘I understand her situation, but…’

He couldn’t just accept her like that . There was a reason why he wanted to call his Guild “Solo Play” . because the Solo Player, he planned to clear all the Dungeons reserved by the Guild on his own . If the minimum headcount rule stood in their way, he just planned to affect it like he did with Yoo Jinho during the C-rank Dungeon Raids: hire temporary members to fill the headcount requirement . That was the neatest method Jinwoo elaborated to level up .

Unfortunately, including Cha Haein therein plan would end in tons of unwanted issues . albeit she was willing to forgo the contract fees, they might still got to pay her . How else would she live her life? Recruiting an S-rank Hunter that they didn't need was a waste of cash . On top of that, since that they had no plans to place her to figure , it’d be a waste of an important and valuable resource of the state also .


‘It would be strange on behalf of me to keep off an S-rank Hunter that's trying to enter my Guild . Especially if she’s willing to forgo the contract fee . ’

And so, Jinwoo came up with a sudden idea,

“Truthfully, our Guild has an entrance test . ”

“Huh? The posting didn’t say anything about-”

Jinwoo quickly stop the flustered woman,

“It’s a replacement rule . Our Deputy Guildmaster must’ve forgot to say it . ”

Hearing the word “test”, Cha Haein’s gaze suddenly turned serious,

“What quite test is it?”

Jinwoo hid his surprise,

‘This woman, is she for real?’

He expected her to offer abreast of trying to hitch . Any S-rank Hunter should’ve been too proud at the prospect of being tested to hitch an unknown Guild, but Cha Haein was the entire opposite . rather than feeling insulted, her fiery and competitive spirit was awakened, spilling out underneath the veil of her expressionless face .

‘Is she the sort of person who wouldn’t avoid a fight?’

Or was this just another manifestation of pride?

Regardless, having spat out the words, Jinwoo couldn't backtrack anymore,

“You need to win against one among my summons . ”


Jinwoo swore he literally heard a crack materialize within the woman’s pride .

“ . . . ”

Are you actually underestimating me that much, Hunter Sung Jinwoo-nim?

How strange . He only met her gaze, but it felt like he could clearly hear her voice . Cha Haein didn't expose whatever she was feeling, rather she asked calmly,

“Which summon will it be?”

“For Hunter Cha-nim, I’ll pick the strongest one . ”

“ . . . Alright . ”

She didn't backtrack . Well, she probably hadn’t the slightest idea at the instant but Jinwoo’s Shadow Army had acquired a replacement member . The stronger someone’s competitive spirit is, the more a defeat would crush such a spirit . He was convinced that she would easily backtrack after losing against . . .


. thereupon in mind, Jinwoo accepted,

“Alright . ”

“When will the test be?”

“Right now . ”

Wanting to form his Guild as soon as possible, Jinwoo didn't want to waste an excessive amount of time handling Cha Haein’s case . Since they both agreed, they ought to get thereto directly . The test location would be the gymnasium of Orion Association . The S-rank Hunters had the advantage of borrowing the gymnasium whenever they wanted . This was only one of the various upsides of being an S- rank Hunter .

“Okay . ”

Cha Haein nodded . Both of them got up at an equivalent time, eager to get this done quickly .

‘Wait . ’

Something flashed across Jinwoo’s mind . He called bent stop Cha Haein, who already had a hand on the door out of the meeting room,

“Hunter Cha-nim, one moment please . ”


“You don’t need to go that way . ”

“ . . . ?”

Cha Haein stared at Jinwoo with a puzzled look . There was just one door to the meeting room . Surely he couldn’t be thinking of jumping out of the window .

Jinwoo closely approached Cha Haein, who stood still,

“There’s a neater thanks to get thereto place . ”


“I’ll need to be a touch on the brink of you . I hope you don’t mind?”


Cha Haein recalled Baek Yoonho’s retelling of that day’s events . When Korea’s attack team was in its most dire situation, Hunter Sung Jinwoo appeared out of nowhere behind Baek Yoonho .

‘Is he getting to show me that?’

Jinwoo was up close, quite she had expected . Cha Haein stared at Jinwoo’s face which was now right infront of hers and gulped,

“Excuse me . ”

Jinwoo pulled her into a light-weight hug . He didn’t think much of the gesture . After all, he had carried her everywhere the place when she was unconscious within the ant

hive . However, Cha Haein’s face turned bright red in a moment , yet she managed to stay still .

‘ . . . He smells nice . ’

Even as her face turned beet red, Jinwoo carefully held her on not lose her .

‘Alright . ’

He wanted to ascertain if this is able to work, thinking that he wouldn’t get an opportunity like this again anytime soon .

“You might get a touch dizzy . ”

He recalled his first time activating this skill .

Cha Haein put her hands on Jinwoo’s waist and let loose a soft and almost whisper-like,

“Okay . ”

Facing forward, Jinwoo triggered the skill by focusing mentally,

‘Shadow Swap . ’

The pair fell into the shadow on the ground without a sound .

In that moment, Yoo Jinho entered the meeting room . The young man felt just like the discussion was getting to take a short time , so he had decided to travel to the local shop in hopes of offering some refreshments for the both of them .

“Why don’t you two snack on this and-”

Yoo Jinho met the gaze of a high orc warrior . The warrior scratched the rear of his head as if embarrassed .

“ . . . ”

The tray within the young man’s hands fell to the ground with a clatter, and therefore the beverage glasses he had prepared shattered on the bottom .


When Yoo Jinho blinked his eyes in shock, the high orc warrior had disappeared without leaving one trace of his existence .

‘I definitely saw it…!’

He rubbed his eyes and shook his head . He looked round the room again, but the magic beast was nowhere to be seen .

‘Have I been working too hard lately?’

To think that he would be hallucinating . Yoo Jinho tilted his head and searched for a rag to wash up the ground .

Wait .

His whole body suddenly stopped moving as he realized,

“Where did hyungnim and Hunter Cha Haein-nim go?”

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