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Solo leveling Light Novel : 133

Chapter 132

With a tough thud, Matsumoto fell to his knees . The leader of Japan’s Hunter organization knelt before another man . The distinguished representative of each Hunter within the nation and therefore the one liable for the protection of all of Japan’s citizens, prostrated himself in absolute desperation, with no other need but to survive .

The deafening silence roared between them .

Even during this moment, a mess of thoughts cycled through Matsumoto’s head . However, regardless of how he spun the wheels in his mind, he couldn't consider a far better method than this . This wasn't the time to stress about something like pride . If what he had schemed was revealed to the planet , the fallout wouldn't end with just him . nobody in Japan would be left untouched .

“Association President Go Gunhee… I invite your forgiveness . ”

The Korean association president’s eyes remained chilly . Just moments ago, Matsumoto proudly spoke about “no evidence” . When things turned against him, he caved and pathetically begged for forgiveness . How could Go Gunhee check out him with anything aside from coldness?

“Get up . ”

With a tough voice, Go Gunhee tried to prevent this pointless apology, but Matsumoto slammed his forehead into the bottom , the loud thud of his skull hitting the hard floor punctuating the air with despair .

“We just lost half our highest-ranking Hunters; from now on, Japan are going to be forced to show to other nations for help . ”

No matter how good Japan’s Hunter system was, having lost half their S- rankers, it had been only a matter of your time before a niche appeared in their network . Their current Hunters would haven't any trouble taking over any A-rank Gates, but… the instant an S-rank Gate appeared in their country, Japan could not afford to be careless . Worst-case scenario, what happened to Korea’s Jeju Island would happen to Japan itself .

“If that file is released to the planet , every nation will thoroughly turn their heads faraway from us . Please, Association President Go Gunhee . i urge of you . Please consider the innocent citizens of Japan and forgive—”

“Think of it as your punishment . ”

Go Gunhee’s traverse Matsumoto’s words sort of a knife,

“The consequences of the sin that you simply and your Hunters tried to commit . Accept it with responsibility . ”

This consequence and responsibility was Matsumoto’s bomb to carry , without ever knowing when it might explode . He and his Hunters must latch their

fingers around it and await their punishment . That was the meaning of Go Gunhee’s words .

But Matsumoto didn't raise his forehead from the bottom ,

“Association President Go Gunhee… Until your wrath has abated, i will be able to not rise from this spot . Please, please! i urge for your mercy!”

“Then you allow me no choice . ”

With an annoyed expression, Go Gunhee took out his phone,

“You have five minutes . ”

What did he mean? Confused, Matsumoto raised his head and met Go Gunhee’s irritated expression .

The Korean elder waved his phone,

“If you are doing not leave this place within five minutes, every reporters’ number on this phone will receive a message that Japan’s association president, the renowned symbol of each Japanese Hunter, is kneeling and begging ahead of me . ”

In other words, if Matsumoto continued to hold close Go Gunhee thanks to fear of the bomb’s eventual detonation, then Go Gunhee would merely make sure the 

bomb exploded at that very moment . it had been not a threat . it had been cause and effect . a sensible eventuality .


Matsumoto bit his lips .

The Korean elder wasn't a simple-minded man . At this very moment, Matsumoto realized something too late .

Go Gunhee had always been a person with great resolve . A strength that was unbending in times of peace and in strife . Matsumoto only needed to glance at Go Gunhee’s firm countenance to understand that he was finished . His last-ditch attempt of discard his pride burst sort of a bubble .

His spirit dwindled, sapping all of his strength from him . Matsumoto slowly rose from the bottom together with his shoulders slumped .

Go Gunhee lowered his phone, his eyes staring holes into Matsumoto,

“Be thankful for Sung Jinwoo-ssi . ”

A powerful light flashed within the fierce eyes of the Korean S-ranker .

“If our Hunters were harmed, not by that monstrous ant, but by your schemes— you'd not have left this room alive . ”

Feeling as if he was just gutted by Go Gunhee’s ferocity, Matsumoto lowered his head and floundered to collect his belongings . With a shaking hand, Matsumoto grabbed hold of his stuff, and without looking back once, left the Association HQ . Like that, Japan’s association president ran away . the arrogance and dominance he’d once shown was nowhere to be seen, as if it had been merely a passing leaf within the wind .


Go Gunhee slowly leaned back within the sofa . He felt a fantastic amount of satisfaction, but he had no intention of ending it there . it had been no exaggeration to mention that he held the japanese Hunter Association’s lifeline within the palm of his hand . One press of his finger and therefore the bomb would destroy them .

‘If you sinned, you want to be punished . ’

Even in his past, Go Gunhee certainly was a rather spiteful man .

Suddenly, the phone that he placed on the table began to ring .


When he answered, a panicked voice spluttered from the opposite end . taking note of the agitated words, Go Gunhee’s eyes widened,

“What? A Gate appeared within the middle of the road?”

On top of that, it had been something that a standard attack team couldn't withstand: a B-rank Gate .


He had to quickly contact a serious Guild and mobilize an attack team . However,

‘Hold on . ’

When he heard the situation from the worker , Go Gunhee’s expression turned strange,

‘Isn’t Hunter Sung Jinwoo’s Guild office therein area?’


Jinwoo was deep in thought as vehicles sat bumper-to-bumper within the road before him . Traffic was much worse than usual . He was brooding about that woman,

‘That ahjumma . She saw something . ’ [1]

Lady Selner . the lady who should’ve seen countless strong Hunters . Hunters who were even at the Nation-level . That woman had felt scared to the purpose where she wouldn’t even look him within the eyes . Just what did she see? The traces of the System? albeit the System occasionally asked difficult things of him, it wasn’t exactly something scary .

‘Forget scary . It’s my best supporter . ’

But how wouldn't it appear to the eyes of others? He recalled the deputy director’s words,

“Could we contact you at a later date?”

As soon as that woman heard his words, her entire body trembled and shook, terror emanating from her like steam . It felt like albeit Jinwoo decided to ascertain them again, the woman would do everything to avoid him . Her visual communication told him the maximum amount . Jinwoo wondered, perhaps her powers didn't work on him; in any case , there have been many things different about him compared to ordinary Hunters .

‘If that’s the case, there’s no got to waste anymore time thereon . ’

And so, he had told the deputy director that there was no got to contact him again . With a firm refusal, he bid them goodbye . The frozen face of the deputy director was still fresh in Jinwoo’s mind .

‘Anyway, why is that the traffic this bad?’

Looking at the completely stopped cars ahead of him, Jinwoo furrowed his brows .

‘This is why the subway is convenient . ’

When he thought perhaps there was an accident ahead—

His phone, which was plugged to the charger, vibrated . Jinwoo checked the caller .

‘Association president?’

They had seen one another only a couple of hours ago at the memorial service . Why was he calling him now? Jinwoo picked up the phone,

— “Hunter-nim, this is often Go Gunhee . ”

With a relaxed voice, the association president explained what was happening within the middle of Seoul .

“Sir? A Gate appeared within the middle of the road?”

It made sense . He thought that the traffic was far worse than a standard gridlock . Jinwoo looked behind him to undertake to show the van around .

Unfortunately, whether it had been to his sides or his back, cars were packed all around him, making it impossible to maneuver . Orion shook his head and turned his gaze forward . therein moment, a refreshing offer came from the phone, washing away all of his annoyance,

— “According to our staff, it's a B-rank Gate . Could Hunter-nim please lookout of it?”

Pft .

Jinwoo stifled laughter at the foremost welcoming news he had heard during a while .

Ahem .

He shouldn't be so proud of this occurrence that was causing such an inconvenience to numerous citizens . ensuring hide his happiness, Jinwoo carefully asked,

“Is it okay if I went in like that without a raiding permit?”

–“Ha ha ha . Hunter-nim, where do raiding permits come from?”

“From the Association . ”

–“And who am I?”

Jinwoo held back laughter and replied,

“The Hunter Association’s association president, in fact . ”

–“Ha ha ha, so please don’t worry a few thing and enter . ”

“Then many thanks for the mea—I mean, thank you, sir . ”

Jinwoo clenched his fists . Leaving his van, he followed the traces of magic power from the Gate and headed forward . Since the van was within the middle of the congestion, there was no got to park it or anything .

“Yes, as you'll see, a region has appeared within the middle of the city—” “According to our reports, the Gate’s ranking is B . A high-level Gate that needs a Guild—”

The reporters surrounded the Gate while Association employees and policemen were sealing off the world .


When Jinwoo skilled the wall of reporters, a strict looking female employee blocked his way,

“Excuse me! Who are you?”

The employee pushed Jinwoo’s chest and spoke with strength in her voice,

“You can’t just are available here like that!”

However, regardless of how hard her tiny hands pushed him, Jinwoo didn't budge an in. . And thereupon , the lady realized the person ahead of her was a Hunter, a high-ranking Hunter at that .

“Are you… a Hunter?”

Jinwoo showed her his license . The employee’s eyes widened,

‘S-S-rank? Sung Jinwoo?’

Then this man is that the one who… against the ant magic beasts of Jeju Island… Realizing who was really standing before her, the worker raised her head . Because he looked so different than when he was on TV, whilst an employee of Orion Association, she’d did not recognize the S-rank Hunter . Still, among the gang , there have been people who didn't fail .


“That man, is he…?” “It’s Sung Jinwoo!”

“Sung Jinwoo himself came to require care of the Gate!”

Having stood around in annoyance, the gang began to acknowledge Jinwoo’s face and brightened up . Some who were on the thanks to a gathering even began to cheer . no matter the citizen’s reactions, the feminine employee didn't bend her stern attitude . After a flash of hesitation, she spoke,

“Why… why are you here?”

What does one mean why? What reason did a Hunter need to appear before a Gate? Not particularly feeling like talking, Jinwoo raised a finger and pointed at the Gate behind the worker . She glanced behind her then turned back with a

determined expression . She had witnessed many Hunters who lost their lives by not following proper regulations, believing only in their power .

‘Even S-rank Hunters are the same…’

And she had thoroughly learned that it had been the Association that existed to stop such accidents . the primary and foremost priority of the Association was the security of the Hunters . Especially if Orion in question was an S-ranker . This was her determination: to not let Jinwoo fall under such an unfortunate end .

“Even if you're an S-rank Hunter, I cannot allow you to ignore proper procedures . ”

At a loss for words, Jinwoo just stared at the woman’s face . He didn't expect something like this . Thinking that she had succeeded in convincing the S-rank Hunter, the worker asked an issue ,

“Have you obtained the raiding permit?”

Jinwoo shook his head .

“No, albeit you had a permit, since you've got not met the minimum headcount required, I cannot allow you to enter . ”

The employee firmly spoke . watching her eyes, Jinwoo knew that she wasn’t doing this out of some ill intent . It appeared like she was one among those stubbornly

by-the-book types . He scratched the rear of his head . Well, if she was getting to be like this, then,

“One second . ”

He quickly made a call . When the decision connected, he held out his phone to the worker ,

“Here . ”

When the lady looked suspicious, Jinwoo spoke again clearly,

“Take it . It’s for you . ”

Again, the worker just stared at him with a suspicious gaze and asked,

“W-who is it?”

“I guess somebody else that you simply ‘cannot allow to ignore proper procedures . ’”

Taking the phone from him, the employee’s eyes widened when she saw the caller’s name .

‘G-Go Gunhee?’

Wait, the person on the opposite end was . . . .

“H-hello . ”

As the woman spoke into the phone with a nervous voice, a deep voice rang out from the opposite end,

–“This is that the association president . ”

‘Oh, god . ’

The trembling woman couldn't stop nodding as she received her orders,

“Yes . Yes . No, sir . Yes . Yes . I understand . I’ll do as you say . ”

With shaking hands, she ended the decision .

With a defeated face, the lady returned the phone to Jinwoo . Orion walked past her and whispered,

“Thanks . ”


“For worrying about me . ”

“Y-you, you knew…!”

The S-ranker quickly disappeared towards the Gate .


Having been teased, the lady shook with rage and placed a curse… er… ill wishes towards Jinwoo’s back .

‘Oh, God! That man . Make him twist an ankle within the Dungeon!’

Still . Hunter Sung Jinwoo was someone who safely came back from Jeju Island, crammed with S-rank magic beasts .

‘What could happen to him during a B-rank Dungeon?’

But, therein moment, screams rang from various parts of the gang .

“Huh? What’s that?” “Why is it turning red?”

After Jinwoo went in, the black surface of the Gate slowly turned blood red .

A Red Gate!

It was a terrifying name .


The employee checked out the Red Gate in disbelief .

‘Was it due to what I just thought?’

Of course not . But she couldn't erase the thought that this was her fault . From her training and education, the association employee was cognizant of the risks of a Red Gate that connected to an entire different world . She recalled hearing that even high-ranking Hunters had a coffee chance of survivability in such an area .

‘What if…’

When she imagined the worst-case scenario, the woman’s face turned pale .

‘If Hunter-nim really gets hurt . . . ’

How many minutes had passed?

The woman who was blaming herself suddenly felt a presence and raised her head .

Jinwoo stood tall and unscathed ahead of her .

“What the!”

She jumped as if seeing a ghost, but Orion merely smiled at her and sauntered past .

‘ . . . ’

The woman’s face turned redder than ever before .

Meanwhile, looking round the area, Jinwoo approached a teamster who had a load of potatoes within the flatbed of his truck .

“Ahjussi, am i able to buy that bag?”

“Huh? you would like potatoes?”

Jinwoo shook his head,

“No, just the bag . ”

Solo Play Guild’s Deputy Guildmaster, recruitment head, lawyer, and accountant Yoo Jinho wore a bright face, as he excitedly greeted the one that was entering the Guild office .

“You’ve come, hyungnim!”

“Nothing happened while i used to be out, right?”

“No, hyungnim . Well, there's someone who requested to be a founding member—”

“Okay, give me the list . I’ll check it out . ”

Considering the very fact that this punk was pressing the difficulty from this morning again, it seemed that Yoo Jinho was during a hurry to make their Guild . Thankfully, Jinwoo was of an equivalent mind . The third founding member of their Guild . That person was needed to satisfy the minimum condition to form a Guild .

‘Even if it’s just to fill the headcount, we should always probably get someone diligent . It’s not like they’re just getting to come and go . ’

Jinwoo nodded to himself . Suddenly, he realized Yoo Jinho’s expression was a touch darker than usual .

“Is something wrong?”

“That’s… hyungnim . ”


“I’m sure you recognize , but making a Guild costs quite little bit of money . we'd like funds to put bids on high-level Gates, pay contract fees for brand spanking new recruits, especially the one that just requested to be the founding—”

“Is this enough?”

With a loud thud, Jinwoo dropped the heavy-looking potato bag onto the ground .

‘What’s that?’

Yoo Jinho looked within the bag with suspicion . top quality magic cores filled the bag,

“H-hyungnim…? what's all this?”

Jinwoo spoke very casually,

“I just saw a Gate on the way here . ”

“ . . . ”

Just how long had he been gone? therein short amount of your time , hyungnim had run into a high-level Dungeon and snatched up of these magic cores?

“As expected, Hyungnim!”

Yoo Jinho decided to not believe it any longer . He had long ago realized it had been pointless to undertake and apply logic to his hyungnim . Jinwoo warmly watched the young man who practically vibrated happily thanks to obtaining the needed funds .

Nodding in satisfaction, Jinwoo turned his head toward the meeting room,

“By the way, why is she here?”

“Huh? Oh, this was what I’ve been trying to inform you… the one who’s requesting to be a founding member is true here, hyungnim . ”

Jinwoo’s eyes widened,

“A founding member?”

“Yes, hyungnim . ”


“The person within the meeting room, hyungnim . ”

“She said that?”

“Yes, hyungnim . ”

What quite nonsense is she… Jinwoo marched to the meeting room and opened the door .

They didn't even have the prospect to refill the office with the essential necessities . So Yoo Jinho had to hastily leave and buy a canned coffee from a close-by shop for his or her guest . the lady who was sipping on the canned coffee raised her head .

“You’re here for what?”

Jinwoo asked with a flustered expression .

Staring at him thereupon expressionless face of hers, Cha Haein replied,

“To… join your Guild . ”

Translator’s Notes:

[1]: “ahjumma” (아줌마): Female equivalent of ahjussi; a middle-aged woman .

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