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Solo leveling Light Novel : 131

Her name was Norma Selner .

An African-American woman of 46 years aged , and sometimes mentioned as Madam Selner or Mrs Selner, Orion Bureau offered her a better degree of protection than the President of the country .

Meaning, if both her and therefore the President's lives were under threat, then Orion Bureau would prioritise in rescuing her first then worry about the President later .

But, how could such a thing even be possible?

When the previous director of Orion Bureau retired from the office and handed over the responsibility to his successor, he described her with the subsequent words .

- "Doesn't matter who becomes our next President, our position because the world's greatest Hunter nation on Earth will never change . But, if she's not with us, then America will start worrying about the Gates appearing in smaller cities round the remote regions of our country . "

That's how it had been .

Because she managed to draw in the world's elite rank S Hunters here, the americans were ready to rest easy nightly knowing that they didn't got to worry about high-ranking Gates opening up somewhere within this massive country of theirs .

The top-ranked Hunters who changed their nationality due to her was already 26 .

This was already variety far exceeding other so-called Hunter superpower nations and their roster of rank S Hunters . Orion Bureau also carefully selected their targets also , so it went without saying that their Hunters were of far superior quality, as well .

So, one could say that Madam Selner was the guardian spirit taking care of America from behind the scenes .

Regardless of how high a rank S Hunter's position was, or the treatment he or she received, none of them were seen as being as important as Madam Selner at the top of the day .

She was the highest classified secret that not even the American President could easily approach . Quite obviously, the rank S Hunters allowed to satisfy her were selected via the foremost strict, rigorous vetting process .

They were the specially chosen few, as coined by Agent Adam White earlier .

["We certainly will get something reciprocally by revealing this information to an exclusive group of a specially chosen few . "]

At first, Jin-Woo had no clue what it meant to be included therein exclusive group of the chosen few . Not just him, but most of the rank S Hunters, too .

However, they might come to a realisation after Madam Selner broke open their limits – the realisation of who chose them, and what it meant to be chosen!

One of the Hunters was so moved by the overflowing power coursing through his body, he even knelt down before her to cry of gratitude . On the subsequent day, his nationality changed from Congo to America .

'That always happened, didn't it?'

And that was why the present serving deputy director of Orion Bureau, Michael Conner, didn't believe that anything would fail .

He was sure that Hunter Seong Jin-Woo would exclaim in alternating emotions of elation and shock, maybe even look for his God, even as everyone else before him did .

Then, he'd beg for more .

Was there the other , more fitting description than that?

He confidently thought like that, not even a touch of suspicion within his mind . But, then . . . .

The cry of shock actually came out from someone else's mouth .


Madam Selner stared deep into Jin-Woo's eyes for an extended time, before she screamed at the highest of her lungs as if she had seen something she shouldn't have . She fell off the chair on to the ground .

Almost directly , two agents here to protect her whipped their pistols out and took aim at Jin-Woo .

"Stop!! have you ever all lost your minds?!"

The deputy director witnessed the agents and their recklessness, and cried call at alarm . Loud cussing exploded out of his mouth as he jumped up from his sitting position to down the pointed pistols of the agents .

"Do you not know who this person is? How dare you point at him with such a thing?!"

"But, sir, the Madam is . . . . "

"You idiots! If you're that worried about Madam Selner, then check abreast of her first!!"

"M-my apologies . "

The agents quickly put their guns away and supported the shivering Madam Selner faraway from the bottom . Her complexion had become so pale that she looked quite pitiful immediately .

Meanwhile, the deputy director bowed his back 90 degrees to Jin-Woo .

"I'm truly sorry, Hunter-nim . My agents committed a grave blunder . "

Judging from the previously-relaxed voice of the deputy director tremble like that, he must've been frightened out of his wits rather greatly just .

'They are trained to place the security of the Madam in particular else, but to think, they'd be stupid enough to point a gun at a rank S Hunter!'

If their opponent possessed a fiery temper, then never mind the 2 foolish agents, even their boss's neck wouldn't have remained in its original place .

He couldn't even come up with an excuse to elucidate away the agents shoving guns within the face of a top-ranked Hunter during a country where carrying firearms was illegal .

The deputy director's heart still loudly pounded in his chest, unable to settle down from the fright he felt when Madam Selner screamed and fell, and also, when the agents pulled their guns out with none warning .

Funnily enough, though, Jin-Woo was also deeply flustered by what transpired just .

'Just what the hell is up with this situation?'

That lady suddenly screamed out and fell down, Orion Bureau's agents pointed guns at him, and eventually , their deputy director jumped up and down during a huff before apologising with a deep bow of his head .

At first, he was dumbfounded . Next up, he was speechless, and eventually . . . .

" . . . . It's fine . nobody got hurt, in any case . "

He didn't even desire getting angry here .

He kinda figured that angrily threatening the opposite party was a reasonably disgraceful thing to try to to , especially when the second most powerful man from another country's top organisation was quick to admit the mistakes of his subordinates and apologised like this .

A part of him also didn't feel much of anything when guns were being pointed at him . instead of weapons, they looked more like children's toys to him now . That was how wide the gap between them and Jin-Woo was .

"Thank you for your understanding, Hunter-nim . "

Only after Jin-Woo let it go did the deputy director raise his head copy again . He then sneaked a look at Jin-Woo's face and confirmed that the Korean wasn't being sarcastic or anything . He felt that he had really dodged a bullet here .

'If something like this happened ahead of either Thomas Andre or China's Liu Zhigeng, then . . . . '

The hearts of these two agents coitus interruptus their guns would have stopped beating long before he had the prospect to apologise . What a relief that Hunter Seong Jin-Woo was such an understanding gentleman .

'Whew- . '

The deputy director sighed call at relief and wiped the pooled reduce his nose . He managed to place out the foremost pressing flames first . Next, it had been time to specialise in the opposite matter .

The deputy director bowed his head another time then , urgently checked abreast of Madam Selner's current condition .

"Madam? What happened?"

"M-Michael . . . . "

"Madam? You're sweating such a lot . . . are you feeling unwell somewhere?"

The deputy director may have shed a couple of physiological state drops over the volatile situation just , but she was completely soaked from head to toe at the instant .

'What's happening here?'

Worried about her condition, Jin-Woo got up from the chair and cautiously made his approach, but she didn't want to seem him within the eye and commenced shivering even harder . Seeing her react like this, the deputy director could only chew on his lower lip .

'With her condition, we can't . . . . '

He had succeeded in bringing Hunter Seong Jin-Woo to the table with much difficulty, but now, the foremost important negotiating hand was not available to him . Madam was in no condition whatsoever to use her ability .

The deputy director rotated and while carrying an important , distressed expression, spoke to Jin-Woo .

"Madam Selner's condition is not good today . May I offer you a out in another time?"


Around the same time .

An important guest was waiting inside the President's office of the Korean Hunter's Association . it had been none aside from the President of the japanese Association, Matsumoto Shigeo .

Two Presidents of the respective organisations settled down on the other sides, with nobody else except their interpreters accompanying them .

Goh Gun-Hui was the primary to open his mouth .

"I've heard about what happened to Mister Goto . "

"It's truly a lamentable thing . "

An expression of bitterness briefly flashed past Matsumoto Shigeo, before his complexion recovered .

"However, I didn't come here to debate what happened within the past, but to speak about the way forward . "

Goh Gun-Hui nodded his head . there have been a couple of matters between these two men – no, between the nations of Korea and Japan, that needed to be settled .

First of all, splitting from the magic crystals . the first plan was to divide the loot one year later, when all the ant monsters would've have died out on the island . But Jin-Woo had completely exterminated every single one among them before that .

Japan did discover his utterly unbelievable actions through their satellite and its high-tech camera, in order that they were conscious of this fact, too .

- W-what is that man trying to do?

- The ants . . . . The ants near Seong Jin-Woo are disappearing one by one?!

- The summons he controls have begun hunting down the ant monsters!

- His summons are spreading to all or any corners of the island .

- Could he be . . . ??

The old idiom said that uncertainty would kill a person .

In the proverbial blink of an eye fixed , all traces of magic energy disappeared from the island of Jeju .
With the only exception of 1 , that was – the huge bundle of magic energy suspected to be that of Hunter Seong Jin-Woo .

'Incredible physical strength . Unpredictable movement patterns . and therefore the ruthless streak to seek out every single monster, albeit it's not necessary . . . . '

Where would one find a Hunter more suited to a life in Japan than that man during this wide world?

Matsumoto Shigeo smirked to himself after recalling the atmosphere of the mission room some time past . He then pushed forward several documents to Goh Gun-Hui .

"And these are?"

Goh Gun-Hui asked as he picked them up .

"This is that the official declaration that Japan will hand over on the rights to our share of magic crystals from the Jeju Island . "

" . . . . . ?"

Feeling not entirely convinced, Goh Gun-Hui browsed through the documents, and eventually, his brows gradually rose up higher . Matsumoto Shigeo was telling the reality .

"But, why?"

Why was the japanese Association, who had suffered heavy losses themselves, willing to offer abreast of such a huge revenue source?

His answer arrived in time .

"In return, hand Mister Seong Jin-Woo over to us . "

" . . . . Huhuh . "

Goh Gun-Hui guffawed out and leaned against the rear of the couch .

"Regretfully, he is not affiliated with the Korean Hunter's Association . "

Of course, albeit he was, Goh Gun-Hui never planned to 'hand over' such a Hunter to anyone, to start with .

"We know . "

Matsumoto Shigeo replied as if he was expecting this moment .

"However, he features a very close relationship with the Korean Association . And it's currently impossible to urge in touch with him unless it's through your Association . "

It was truly unfortunate, but the japanese didn't enjoy the type of data network the American Hunter Bureau did . Which meant that, if Matsumoto Shigeo wanted to urge in-tuned with Jin-Woo, then he needed to urge permission from the Korean Association first .

"I didn't mean to imply that you simply are being forced to try to to something . No, just give me a chance to barter with him, that's all . "

"Are you discard this astronomical sum only for that chance?"

Nod .

Matsumoto Shigeo readily admitted thereto .

Japan lost ten of her top-ranked Hunters through this incident .

In the current situation where Japan needed to import top-ranked Hunters quite urgently, her Association was blessed ample cash reserve to disburse the compensation meant for the victims of the raid .

Indeed, that they had such a lot money that it had been practically rotting away within the bank immediately . So, if Matsumoto could get his hands on a Hunter of Seong Jin-Woo's calibre, then he didn't provides a rat's a*s about those magic crystals anymore .

Unfortunately . . . .

"I refuse . "

The reply Matsumoto Shigeo got was different from what he expected .

"What does one mean, you refuse?"

The Japanese man was stunned by that answer .

He was deeply confident of winning Hunter Seong Jin-Woo over to Japan's side, but just just in case , he told Goh Gun-Hui that he only wanted a chance to barter thereupon young man .

But, to think, his counterpart would say no to the offer first .

"Are you turning down a chance like this because you're scared of losing Hunter Seong Jin-Woo to Japan?"

"Not in the least . "

Goh Gun-Hui slowly shook his head .

"No, I'm saying that, from the start , you people haven't any right to say even one magic crystal from us . "

The Japanese interpreter quickly checked out Goh Gun-Hui after he made that bombshell of a declaration packed filled with hidden implications .

"Sir, should I relay that in full?"

"Of course . Don't miss out on one word and translate them fully . "

Matsumoto Shigeo's complexion reddened considerably the instant he heard the interpreter .

"President Goh Gun-Hui! What nonsense are you spewing now?"

His voice naturally rose up higher . But then, Japanese unhurriedly flowed out from Goh Gun-Hui's mouth .

"I wish to talk to you without the presence of the interpreters . "

Matsumoto flinched and gasped in surprise .

"You . . . skills to talk Japanese?"

"My father wont to run alittle company in Japan once I was a young lad . it has been an extended time so it would be difficult to carry a conversation, but . . . . "

The two interpreters left the office soon after Matsumoto agreed to the suggestion . And he fired the opening shot first .

"We lost over ten of our rank S Hunters for you people . "

Japan's top Hunter, Goto Ryuji, was also included therein list .

"If you are doing not wish to simply accept my suggestion, then there's nothing we will do . Not only will we demand the agreed-upon half the magic crystal haul, but we'll also claim compensation from the Korean government, too . "

Goh Gun-Hui simply snorted in derision .

"President Matsumoto . . . . seems like you continue to mistakenly believe that you simply hold an whip hand here . "

"President Goh!"

Matsumoto shot up from his seat, his glare getting fiercer .

"Is that something you're alleged to tell someone who fought for your people?"

Unlike the agitated Matsumoto, though, Goh Gun-Hui remained collected throughout .

"I couldn't understand this one thing . "

Goh Gun-Hui's calm demeanour managed to chill Matsumoto's own rage, and therefore the latter slowly settled backtrack on his couch . Waiting until he was completely seated . Goh Gun-Hui carried on .

"And that might be – why did your people, who enjoyed showing off ahead of the planet , plan to entrust us with what was arguably the core a part of this raid, the hunting of the ant queen . "

"That's obviously because the Koreans lacked the means to shop for the required time from the ant army . . . . "

"If that is what you were thinking of, then wouldn't it are better for you to insert the Koreans as a neighborhood of the distraction, like how you had break up yours into four different groups? then , hunt the ant queen with a number of your top elite Hunters, instead?"

'He is as I expected . . . '

The light in Matsumoto's eyes changed .

" . . . . . So, what's it that you simply want to mention to me, President Goh Gun-Hui?"

For some reason, he was enunciating Goh Gun-Hui's name as clearly as he could .

"And the timing of your people withdrawing . . . . It looked as if it had been your plan right along , no matter the mutated ant monster or not . "

"You have gone crazy . "

"It's you who have gone crazy . Just what were you getting to do after driving the Korean Hunters to death?"

Goh Gun-Hui's eyes narrowed to a slit .

It was then, Matsumoto burst into a fit of loud cackles .


He then pulled out a voice recorder from his pocket . He slowly shook his head and continued on .

"Everything you said just , it has been captured fully . Your sins of insulting the japanese Hunters without proof, and using that as an excuse to back out of the sooner agreement, everything is here!"

An odious smile formed on Matsumoto's lips .

"You shall be judged by the international community . "

Just this tiny sound file containing Goh Gun-Hui's voice was quite enough to hide up the very fact the japanese Hunters withdrew within the middle of the operation . As for the general public opinion, that might come around in time .

This was clearly an error on Goh Gun-Hui's part, because he doggedly pursued his conviction and zip else . What if he lost his cool completely and laid a hand on Matsumoto right now?

Now that might be seen as even more irrefutable proof .

The sound file was already transmitted to the computers within the Japanese situation room by now .

Too bad for him, though .

"Proof? in fact , I even have it . "

Goh Gun-Hui pulled out a black-coloured object the dimensions of a stamp from his inner pocket and left it on the table .

" . . . ?"

"Hunter Seong Jin-Woo found it on the situation . "

Sensing something ominous was close to go down, Matsumoto's attitude had softened a tad .

"What . . . is this?"

Goh Gun-Hui smirked at the sight of the puzzled Matsumoto Shigeo .

"It's a recorder attached to your communication system , the one Goto's team was using . "

Right away, the color of Matsumoto's complexion changed to ash . Not missing out on this opening, Goh Gun-Hui also brought out an MP3 player and proceeded to play the sound file extracted from this recorder .

Click .

- "How long has it been since the Koreans went inside?"

- "Hold on . they assert it's been but 10 minutes . "

- "Ten minutes, is it . . . . "

- "Time to start out the withdrawal process . "

The voice of Goto Ryuji, one among the foremost famous Japanese within the world, might be heard clearly from the recording .

Goh Gun-Hui switched the player off and continued on .

"Do you recognize why I didn't reveal the existence of this file to the remainder of the planet , President of Japanese Hunter Association, Matsumoto Shigeo?"

Matsumoto slowly shook his head . The ashen complexion of his was now getting paler than a sheet of white book now .

"It's just because I didn't want to dampen the enjoyment of my fellow countrymen basking within the glow of a hard-fought victory with this bullsh*t you people managed to cook up . does one catch on now? I've only delayed its release for the sake of our people, not you . "

The recorder fell from Matsumoto's hand with a thud . Meanwhile, Goh Gun-Hui relentlessly pressed on .

"I'm sure that you simply get what I'm saying to you, President Matsumoto . "

Goh Gun-Hui then crushed the player in his hand to pieces together with his physical strength of a rank S Hunter .

"Get the f*ck out of this office . Now . "


After Jin-Woo had left, the deputy director found himself alone with Madam Selner within the hotel's suite .

"Madam . What happened back there?"

They had worked with many Hunters before, and this wasn't Madam Selner's first rodeo either . Meaning, this is able to be the primary time something like this happened .

She suppressed her pounding heart and managed to squeeze out her trembling voice .

"He may be a 'king' . a really powerful 'king' . "

The deputy director's eyes grew wider and wider .

Those who knew how her power worked were the director of Orion Bureau, the deputy, and in fact , Madam Selner herself . Only these three . and she or he confirmed that Hunter Seong Jin-Woo was a 'king' .

Ba-dump, ba-dump .

The deputy director sensed his heartbeat devour pace .

"Which means . . . . he's on an equivalent level because the Special Authority-rank Hunters?"

Shake, shake .

She shook her head .

"No, I don't . . . . This was my first time experiencing such a phenomenon, so i can not make certain in the least . he's definitely a 'king', but he's also different from the opposite 'kings' . "

"Excuse me? Please, explain it in simpler terms . . . . "

"When I looked into him, 'it' too was looking back at me . "

"But, other Hunters also . . . . "

"No!! Not Hunter Seong Jin-Woo, but the endless darkness hiding within him was staring back at me!"

Madam Selner hysterically cried out . Her complexion paled again and her body shuddered greatly . This was the display of an instinctual fear all living organisms possessed: the fear of death .

But, that wasn't important at the instant . No, the truly important thing was, albeit her entire body continued to shiver in terror, she still managed to recall another thing .

"And he . . . . "

The deputy director focused on her words again .

Her lips parted with such a lot difficulty .

"He doesn't have any limits . "

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