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Solo leveling Light Novel : 131

Adam White.

Jinwoo met the gaze of the American who had introduced himself as an employee of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Hunters (FBH).


Just by looking into his eyes, Jinwoo could tell that the mysterious man had friendly intentions. In fact, he had a reasonably good idea why the American had shown up: everyone knew that the us devoted a big portion of its vast resources to attracting Hunters from round the world. The country didn’t exactly attempt to hide it. So when the American finished his introductions, Jinwoo fully expected a follow-up offer to hitch the us .

But Adam’s next words took the Korean S-ranker all of sudden .

“I have some information that I’d wish to share with Hunter-nim.” [1]


“It’s classified information that no country or organization on Earth knows. Well, besides us, of course.”

Jinwoo tilted his head. If it had been such a top-secret matter, why would they share it with an entire stranger? Much less a Hunter with foreign allegiances?

“Why would you share something like that with me?”

At the question, Adam chuckled,

“The way we see it, just the act of sharing information with “certain individuals” could end in a benefit to us.”

‘Certain individuals?’

Presumably, this meant that Jinwoo was included among the “certain individuals”. Curiosity gripped the S-rank Hunter.

“Alright. Let’s hear it.”

“I’m only authorized to share the offer itself with Hunter-nim. The deputy director will take it from here.”

The United States’ FBH Deputy Director. a politician who wields power like a typical country’s prime minister. And he traveled all the thanks to South Korea?

‘This can’t be a standard thing.’

By the design on Jinwoo’s face, Adam saw that he had grabbed the Hunter’s attention. He wasted no time:

“My car is parked nearby. Would you wish to satisfy with the deputy director?”

The Korean S-ranker weighed his options.


In all likelihood, the knowledge was either something from which he may benefit , or a warning that somebody was after his life. However, Jinwoo didn't feel particularly inclined to entertain the FBH, no matter the type of data that they had . His only concern at the instant was the Black Key—he could live without whatever benefit they might give him, or win against whomever wanted to kill him.

And, in particular else,

‘It’s not like I can trust their information within the first place…’

Or, maybe the American had lied about even having information.

He didn’t know if he needed their leverage , or if the chip even existed— why should he acquiesce to their demands? He made his decision quickly.

“I’ll believe it and get in touch with you.”


Adam face froze in shock—he couldn’t believe his ears.

‘I just told him that the FBH’s deputy director himself came all the way here to talk… and he’s just getting to ignore us?’

But the Korean Hunter wasn’t bluffing. Jinwoo opened the door of his car. because the American felt the chance slipping out of his hands, he broke call at a chilly sweat. If Hunter Sung Jinwoo just left like this, would they ever have another chance to talk? Adam couldn’t be sure—whether Jinwoo had planned this outcome or not, the American was suddenly the one on the rear foot.

“Then, I’ll be going.”

Adam grit his teeth as Jinwoo stepped into the driver’s seat. during a panic, the FBH employee shouted out,

“H-hold on!”

As he sat, Jinwoo nonchalantly turned his gaze to Adam. during a desperate bid to take care of the Korean’s attention for just a touch longer, the American quickly spat out,



All his cards on the table, Adam bowed his head to hide the defeated look on his face. He explained,

“…an upgrader. An Awakened Being who can enhance the power of another Awakened Being.”

‘You should’ve led thereupon .’

Jinwoo realized that the knowledge held by Adam—or, more accurately, the deputy director of the FBH—wasn’t just information.

‘An Awakened Being which will enhance the power of another Awakened Being…’

Jinwoo was finally convinced. He stepped out of the driver’s seat and closed the door of the van. Adam breathed a sigh of relief.


When the American raised his lowered head, Jinwoo appeared ahead of him during a blink of an eye fixed .


As Adam took a step back in surprise, Jinwoo asked, almost impatiently,

“So. Where do I even have to go?”

Their black sedan screeched to a stop ahead of a famous hotel.

“It’s here.”

Jinwoo realized that Yoo Jinho’s memo had referenced this exact hotel.

‘So those English-speaking foreigners that were trying to find me… it had been these guys?’

After stepping out of the vehicle, Jinwoo followed the worker to the space where the deputy director was waiting.

When FBH Deputy Director Michael Connor saw the face of the person behind his subordinate, he couldn’t hide his excitement.


One of the toughest parts of a negotiation was bringing the opposite party to the table. Now that that they had accomplished that, in Connor’s mind, that they had already won half the battle.

With a bright smile, the deputy director held out his right to Jinwoo.

“I’m the Deputy Director of the Federal Bureau of Hunters, Michael Connor.”

The man introduced himself in English, and Adam skillfully translated his words into Korean. Jinwoo shook the hand of the deputy director.

“I’m Hunter Sung Jinwoo.”

After the brief introduction, the 2 men sat down at a table across from one another . Adam, rather than sitting down, stood behind a chair next to the deputy director.

“Have you, by any chance, previously met with another country’s Hunter- related personnel?”

The deputy director began.


When he heard the expected response, the deputy director smiled in satisfaction.

‘Of course. No country acts faster than the U.S.’

As they assert , the first bird gets the worm. The deputy director had no intention of blowing this opportunity—they had beaten all the opposite countries to Jinwoo, a Hunter whom that they had to recruit by any means possible. Connor was under orders—he had no time to waste on pleasantries and little talk.

“I’ll get right to the purpose , Hunter Sung Jinwoo-nim.”

With a determined expression, the deputy director pushed a pile of documents ahead of him towards Jinwoo.

“The us of America wants Hunter Sung Jinwoo-nim.” [2]

“These are…?”

“U.S. citizenship documents. Normally, processing all this is able to take a year or two. But, of course, we will make an exception for Hunter Sung Jinwoo-nim.”

The deputy director emphatically raised index .

“One single second.”

He declared with a confident voice,

“If you agree, you'll become an American citizen in only one single second. Of course, you won’t be just a standard citizen. along side the opposite highest- rankers of our nation, you’ll receive completely different levels of treatment.”


Jinwoo had expected all of this. But none of it interested him—the prospect of an “upgrader” had completely overtaken the Korean S-ranker’s thoughts.

Jinwoo shifted his gaze to Adam, who flinched and looked away. Turning back to the deputy director, Jinwoo replied,

“I only came here because Adam told me you had some useful information.”

Deputy Connor laughed heartily,

“That’s not unrelated to my offer.”

“What does one mean?”

“If Hunter-nim promises to become an American Hunter, we'll raise your abilities to an entire new level.”

The Upgrader.

It seemed that there really was an Awakened Being thereupon title. Still, even after hearing the deputy director’s words, Jinwoo harbored some doubts.

‘Does such an Awakened Being really exist?’

He wanted to form sure.

“Raising one’s abilities… are some things like that basically possible?”

Jinwoo’s demonstrated interest sent a surge of pleasure through the deputy director. With elation, he replied,

“Yes, of course! actually , she’s already here.”

Jinwoo had already known that there was somebody else within the vicinity, because he had felt magic power seeping out from under the closed bedroom door. He just wasn’t sure about the identity of the person. It wasn’t a bodyguard for a crucial man like Connor—there wasn’t enough magic power for that. But beyond that…

The deputy director commanded:

“Bring Lady Selner here.”

Once the order had been given, the bedroom door opened, and two employees escorted a middle-aged African-American woman out. Jinwoo narrowed his eyes at the peculiar presence emanating from the lady .


Indeed, her presence felt different as compared to a standard Awakened Being.

When the woman walked up to the table, an employee pulled out a seat for her. the lady slowly sat down and looked round the table. She recognized Jinwoo at a look .

“So, you’re the person from that video…”

Since employees had already debriefed the woman regarding Hunter Sung Jinwoo, Deputy Connor only had to deal with Orion .

“This is Lady Norma Selner. She is an Awakened Being, and a singular, unique existence across the whole world: she will increase the facility of another Awakened Being’s abilities.”

When the deputy finished his introduction, Lady Selner greeted Jinwoo with a light-weight bow of her head. Jinwoo returned the greeting.

“Lady Selner, please explain the essential nature of your abilities to Hunter Sung Jinwoo-nim.”

Looking with amusement at the yet-suspicious gaze of Jinwoo, Lady Selner flashed a mischiveous smile,

“At first, everyone always gives me a face like yours, Hunter-nim. However,”

The woman leaned in towards Jinwoo and whispered,

“After a taste, they're always left clinging to us for more.”

“My lady…”

The deputy director furrowed his brows. Lady Selner smiled and waved a hand,

“I know, I know, deputy director. He’s a verrrrry influential person .”

She maintained her smile and continued her explanation,

“Hunter Sung Jinwoo-nim, as you're aware, every Awakened Being possesses a limit. A limit that none of them can surpass.”

The former E-ranker knew this bitter fact only too well. Without a Reawakening, an Awakened Being’s rank could never change.

“And you'll hel…”

But before Jinwoo finished his question, Lady Selner answered him with a delighted expression, sort of a child who was close to bite into her favorite piece of candy:


Jinwoo raised his eyebrows.

“I can raise that limit through three separate stages of development—though I’m unsure if I’m causing a forced Reawakening, or if I’m pulling forth some hidden potential.”

What a fantastic power!

Her ability had the potential to line the planet of Hunters ablaze—this defied all knowledge of ranks and limits. Jinwoo’s gaze turned to the deputy director. The American nodded,

“It’s all true. the sole caveat is that she has got to rest for an extended time after using her powers. during a given year, we will count the amount of Awakened Beings who received her gift on one hand.”

“…How effective is that the boost?”

“Once the three stages are complete, the effect varies from person to person. rock bottom amount recorded was a 20% boost, while the very best amount was 30%.”

A 20% to 30% power boost!

Right now, his stats averaged around 250—Lady Selner’s ability could easily shoot those numbers to 300. If the association wasn't lying to him, hers was a very awe-inspiring power.

‘Is it a buff that raises all attributes? Or something that raises the fixed level threshold?’

Regardless of its actual effects, any Hunter could see the incalculable value of that ability. And quite just a few of Hunters would do anything to urge their hands thereon .

“If something like this was leaked to the world…”

The deputy director nodded,

“And that's why the woman is with us.”

Lady Selner knew Jinwoo’s concerns full well. She had voluntarily placed herself under the care of the FBH, where she could safely and freely use her abilities.

Deputy Director Connor continued,

“We took responsibility for the lady’s protection, while compensating her appropriately. In return, the woman raises the skills of the Hunters that we select. We’ve operated like this for quite a while .”

Now, it had been time to succeed in the crux of the negotiations.

“Lady Selner’s powers. this is often the gift that we’re offering to Hunter-nim.”

“A gift, huh?”

Was there any greater gift for a Hunter?

“Once Hunter-nim becomes an American Hunter, you’ll be the primary in line to receive the lady’s boost. Additionally, we’ll assist you enter any Guild you would like , with the simplest contracts available.”

From a Hunter’s perspective, the deputy’s offer was nearly impossible to refuse. Jinwoo realized how Hwang Dongsoo was ready to brazenly move to the U.S., impervious to the hate of his home country. The incredible money offered by the U.S. was just a front to cover truth reason for his abandonment.

An ordinary Hunter would froth at the mouth at the opportunity—how far more if you offered the upgrade to the highest-ranking Hunter?

Who, in their right mind, would refuse that offer?


“How do i do know that you’re telling the truth?”

Up until now , the Americans hadn’t furnished any proof. In response to Jinwoo’s accusation, the woman spoke up,

“Now, now. Don’t be so hasty. I’m just here to undo that first button.”

Jinwoo recalled the lady’s earlier words,

‘After a taste, they always left clinging for more, huh.’

She had a 100% success rate. Every single Hunter who had sampled her power chose to return to the U.S. for an additional taste—this consistent pattern resulted in her unwavering confidence.

The deputy director spoke up,

“It is as she said. So, would you wish to surpass your limitations?”

“I haven’t agreed to your conditions yet.”

“Consider it a freebie, Hunter-nim.”

Lady Selner gently grabbed Jinwoo’s wrist. When he turned his face to her, she placed on a warm smile and gestured for him to return closer,

“Look closely into my eyes. That’s the primary step.”

Was she really telling the truth? so as to verify the FBH’s offer, Jinwoo decided to travel along side it for the nonce . The deputy director crossed his arms in relieved satisfaction, and sat back to his chair.

‘Yes! We got him!’

It was over. Hunter Sung Jinwoo could also be maintaining a chilly expression immediately , but many had done an equivalent before they felt the lady’s powers. Once Lady Selner removed the primary limit, it might be Hunter Sung Jinwoo contacting them next, out of his own volition. No… if he was an impatient man, the Korean might just sign the citizenship documents here and now!

The plan secured in his head, the deputy director began to wonder,

‘I wonder what his limits are?’

Deputy Director Connor uncrossed his arms and rubbed his chin, watching Jinwoo with interest.

But suddenly,


Lady Selner took a pointy breath, and began trembling.

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