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Solo leveling Light Novel : 130

Unless it had been an unusual occurrence, Jinwoo didn’t usually pay much attention when people stared at him . As long as nobody annoyed him, people could watch him all they wanted . He didn’t even care about his face being revealed altogether of the recent news . Indeed, if this were anywhere else, he wouldn't are bothered by the very fact that folks blatantly stared at him and whispered about him .

If this were anywhere else .

However, as he considered the load of all the stares and therefore the annoyance of the low murmurings, he thought that they ought to a minimum of consider where they were and provides proper respect,

‘At the very least, you shouldn’t be yammering on about me, but give proper consideration to where all of you're . ’

Was this not an area to pay reference to Hunter Min Byunggu? the person had given his very life for each single one among them . All of this whispering and a spotlight was disrespectful to Hunter Min Byunggu’s sacrifice .

Disgusted, Jinwoo unleashed some of his magic power . Just the tiniest fraction . it had been so small that it wouldn’t even be considered some .

‘ . . . !’

It was quite enough .

The atmosphere of the space became heavy and silence descended upon the gang . Even ordinary humans found it difficult to breathe, as they pushed down their gasps and silenced their breathing .

“ . . . ”

“ . . . ”

Finally, the commotion that had risen from the mourners was suppressed in a moment .

‘Good . ’

Jinwoo continued his walk, on the other hand a lady crossed Jinwoo’s path and faced him, blocking his way . She was too young to be called an wife but too old to be called an ahjumeoni .

It was Hunter Min Byunggu’s mother .

Seeing what seemed like a showdown, the mourners became uneasy,

‘Huh, huh?’

‘Is he getting to get yelled at and chased out?’

But within moments, they realized their worries were unfounded . the rationale was simple,

“You’ve come . ”

“Yes, ma’am . ”

It was because the one that had requested Jinwoo’s presence was none aside from Min Byunggu’s mother .

“I called you because I wanted to talk to you face to face . I hope I didn’t cause any inconveniences . ”

“Not in the least . ”

“I heard that it had been because of Hunter-nim clearing out all of the monsters that they were ready to bring my son back from that place . ”

As if eager to confirm the reality herself, the mother stopped and searched at Jinwoo .

He’d had many reasons to eliminate the remaining ants of Jeju Island . But, without a doubt, he definitely wouldn’t have let Hunter Min Byunggu’s corpse rot away therein deepest a part of the ant hive .

And so, Jinwoo nodded at her words,

“I did what I could . ”

“Thank you . For not letting my son rest his eyes therein cold, dark place . ”

Hot tears streamed down her face .

“Thanks to Hunter-nim, i used to be ready to see my son again . Truly, from rock bottom of my heart, thank you, Hunter Sung Jinwoo-nim . ”

What do i tell comfort the mother who had lost her son? As Jinwoo remained silent with an agonized face, the relatives of the deceased came to visit and gently escorted Min Byunggu’s mother away . whilst she was led away with their support, the lady continued to show around and lower her head in gratitude to Jinwoo .

Jinwoo saw the face of his own mother imposed over Min Byunggu’s mother . an equivalent face his mother made when she received news that his father had died during a Gate ten years ago . His heart sank to his stomach .

‘Still . ’

Just as his father’s sacrifice resulted in saving the lives of the many of his comrades, Hunter Min Byunggu’s death wasn't vainly . If not for his dutiful healing, all of the Hunters during that point would’ve fallen long before Jinwoo got there . Even after death, Min Byunggu was ready to use his powers to save lots of another Hunter . Jinwoo recalled how the shadow of Min Byunggu looked

relieved because the color returned to Hunter Cha Haein’s face . At that moment, Jinwoo truly understood just what proportion the person cared for his teammates .

On the thanks to lay flowers before the deceased, Jinwoo caught a glimpse of Cha Haein’s face within the distance . the lady met his eyes and flinched, as if she was panicking .

‘So everyone came here,’ Jinwoo realized .

Around Cha Haein, the opposite members of Korea’s team greeted Jinwoo with light nods . Yet, the lady seemed like she was at a loss on what to try to to .

‘Huh, so she could placed on a face like that . ’

He only remembered her expressionless face of the past . Seeing her face now, he was reminded again that you simply can only learn more a few person over an extended period of your time . He barely even knew her . the longer term would tell all .

Turning away, Jinwoo finally stood ahead of Min Byunggu’s portrait . The healer’s face within the picture was smiling widely, without a care within the world .

Jinwoo laid the flower before the image and closed his eyes,

‘I hope that you simply can find rest . ’

After a flash more of expressing his gratitude and prayers for peace, Jinwoo rotated to step away . Immediately, he was greeted by a well-known face,

“Hunter Sung Jinwoo-nim . ”

The deep, baritone belonged to Association President Go Gunhee .

“Association president . ”

“I actually wanted to speak to you about something . How fortunate to ascertain you here . ”

“Talk to me?”

There weren’t very many reasons why Orion Association would search for a Hunter .

When Jinwoo flashed an anticipated gaze, Go Gunhee chuckled and shook his head,

“It isn't what you're thinking of . ”

“Ah, right . ”

Jinwoo hid his disappointment .

“I hoped to speak privately , could you give me a flash of your time?”

In fact, Jinwoo also wanted to speak with the association president about the matter of the Guildmaster’s license; he easily agreed to the elder’s request . the 2 men moved to a neighborhood where it had been easier to speak .

“I have a interest lookout of at the Association . Why don’t we hash out there?”

“A matter at the Association… what's it?”

“I need a Guildmaster’s license . ”

A question mark appeared on Go Gunhee’s face,

“Why does a person with an S-rank Hunter’s license need a Guildmaster’s license?”

“Can S-rank Hunters make a Guild without a license?”

“Of course . ”

Go Gunhee smiled warmly and continued,

“If you would like to form a Guild, all you've got to try to to is make one call to the Association . we'll lookout of the remainder . ”

“ . . . ” Jinwoo was speechless .

Less than half a year ago, all of this would’ve been a dream to Jinwoo . The thought of achieving the very best rank never entered his mind, and it seemed like he had greatly underestimated the privileges and benefits of the title . He was stunned by the new information .

‘But i assume it figured out within the end . seems like I should take a while to find out about the various benefits that came with being an S-rank Hunter . ’

On top of that, he had direct access to the association president . As long as all conditions were fulfilled, it seemed that he could make his Guild in no time .

They say luck and opportunity are two sides of a coin . Having close relations with the association president, who others had difficulty even meeting, was proving to be an excellent benefit to Jinwoo .

The elderly man spoke up again,

“Also, we don't need to go anywhere thus far . ”

Jinwoo nodded .

Then Go Gunhee’s face turned serious as he asked,

“Have you perhaps placed some kind of a seal on Jeju Island?”

‘Why was sealing magic being brought up?’

“What does one mean?” Jinwoo asked .

‘Did something happen on Jeju Island after I left?’

Go Gunhee explained,

“There was an event . All of the Hunters and military members who visited retrieve Hunter Min Byunggu’s corpse lost consciousness during the task . More accurately, they described it as falling asleep instead of being knocked out . ”

All of them fell asleep at an equivalent time?

Jinwoo tilted his head,

‘It does sound like an area-of-effect debuff spell . ’

Much like the stun inflicted on Shadow Soldiers who fell under Demon King Baran’s area-of-effect lightning attack . the matter was that the Hunters at that place should’ve been elites .

“Weren’t the Knights’ elites responsible of that operation?” Jinwoo asked .

Go Gunhee nodded,

“Yes . All of their A-rankers are at the top of the rank, and even their B- rank Hunters are borderline A-rank . ”

To think that not only one or two but every single one among those powerful Hunters were put to sleep directly . it had been something a mean S-rank Mage couldn't do, including try .

“That is why I wondered if it had been Hunter Sung Jinwoo-nim . Perhaps our nation’s strongest Mage placed a seal and forgot about it . ”

The theory was a testament to only how highly Go Gunhee and therefore the Hunter Association regarded Jinwoo . However, the status-effect magic seal wasn't Jinwoo’s area of expertise; additionally, there was little chance that he would’ve created such a scary magic then forgot about it .

Jinwoo shook his head,

“No, sir . I didn’t do anything like that . ”

“As I thought…”

A worried frown appeared on Association President Go Gunhee’s face . it had been because the foremost hopeful situation in his mind was just disproven .

“What did the Hunters say?”


Go Gunhee seemed like he had difficulty explaining . After an interruption , the elder spoke,

“Both the military and therefore the Hunters said they might not remember the moments before they lost consciousness . ”

With an absent voice, he added,

“Truthfully, we aren't even sure whether it had been magic or something else . ”

Jinwoo was confused . Ordinary military soldiers might’ve fallen to some kind of plain sleeping gas, but there was no way A-rank Hunters would fall to such conventional weaponry .

‘Did the damn ants leave behind a trap or something?’

Jinwoo briefly considered calling up Ber to ask, but he stopped himself when he realized the memorial service would become a bloody Raid . Just at a look , the amount of high-rankers within the room numbered within the dozens . Of course, it had been not Ber he was worried about .

Suddenly, a young man, who seemed like an Association employee, went over to the association president and whispered something in his ear .

The elder turned to Jinwoo with a disappointed face,

“A guest has arrived before expected, and that i need to leave . many thanks for some time . ”

“It was nothing, sir . ”

With a quick goodbye, Association President Go Gunhee left the world with the worker .

Having taken care of his task with the Association, Jinwoo decided to travel home and went over to where he parked his car .

However, an unknown presence had been following him for a few time .

Jinwoo tilted his head,

‘If you’re tailing me, shouldn’t you create an attempt to cover yourself?’

Well, a person in their right mind would probably not even dare to believe secretly following after an S-rank Hunter .

With each step Jinwoo took, the distinct echo of the person’s footsteps followed him . Since he didn’t hear a camera, it had been probably not a reporter . The stranger was making zero efforts to cover their presence . Curious how long this presence would follow him and what they wanted, Jinwoo merely walked up to his van without a word . needless to say , the stranger diligently followed after him .


Jinwoo was at a loss . If the extent of the stranger amounted to only this, he didn't desire taking it seriously . He grabbed the handle of the door to urge into the van when a voice rang out from behind him .

“Excuse me . Are you Sung Jinwoo-ssi?”

‘So we’re finally doing this, huh?’

Jinwoo hid his smile and rotated ,

“Yes, that’s me—”

Confirming the face of the stranger, Jinwoo was briefly taken back,

‘A foreigner?’

Because the man’s Korean was so flawless, Jinwoo didn't expect to show around and see a foreigner . He was a young, blond-haired westerner, wearing a clean suit and wearing a smile .

“Here . ”

The man took out a card and handed it to Jinwoo .

Jinwoo took it and skim the knowledge on the cardboard ,

[The us of America, Federal Bureau of Hunters, Senior Staff Adam White]
‘The FBH?’

What was the elite employee of America’s most influential organization coming to him for? Actually, Jinwoo could consider just one reason why the U . S . ’s FBH would search for him .

He raised his head and thought of the person before him .

Adam White introduced himself with an active voice,

“Please just call me Adam, Hunter Sung Jinwoo-nim . ”

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