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Red Packet Server Chapter 905 - Ambush

Ye Zichen licked his slips, then took a couple of progress . 

Retreat was inevitable, but first, he had to stall Gu Li and Black Dragon.


He flapped his wings and shot up into the air. 

Black Dragon and Gu Li simply stood there, as if expecting his return.

 Then Gu Li’s gaze fell onto Ye Zichen’s broken right arm. it had been all tangled up and hung limply to the side.

“Emperor Ye, you’re wounded?” he laughed confidently. 

“Aren’t you jealous of my self-healing abilities now?” jeered Gu Li. “With our current physical strength, a broken arm takes a minimum of three to 5 days to heal. You struggled to stay up with us even before your injury, so…. Are you getting to attempt to run away now?”

Ye Zichen’s fingers trembled. Seeing this, a smile tugged at Gu Li’s lips. “It seems I got it right. That said, perhaps I phrased it somewhat poorly. How could someone like Emperor Ye simply ‘run away?’ What you’re going now's called a ‘tactical retreat,’ isn’t it? You’re just thinking of the larger picture?”

Ye Zichen was silent for a short time . Suddenly, he spoke. “Do you remember what I told you once, an extended time ago?” 

“What was it?” laughed Gu Li.

“You talk an excessive amount of ,” said Ye Zichen, his expressionless face twisting into a contemptuous smirk. “That mouth of yours goes to urge you killed.”

“Hah….” Gu Li froze, but he rapidly recovered his usual playful grin.

He talked too much? it had been getting to get him killed? 

It’s true that he loved mocking his opponents as they fell into despair. It’s true that he loved giving his enemies hope, only to require it away at the eleventh hour . 

Maybe these really were bad habits, but he liked it that way.

“But I haven’t died yet.”

To the side, Black Dragon glanced at him. to inform the reality , he was disgusted Gu Li’s behavior. When he faced death, he was a flighty, panicky coward. When he was at a plus , he grew conceited and arrogant. Black Dragon truly didn’t understand how someone like this had managed to measure this long. 

Ye Zichen ignored Gu Li’s response. He simply laughed coolly, “just bear my words in mind.” 

“Oh, Emperor Ye, does one still have something up your sleeves? Ooh, how scary! But Emperor Ye, your arm’s broken. What are you able to do to me?” 

Ye Zichen couldn’t be bothered to reply . He simply rolled his eyes, then reached out together with his spiritual awareness.

“City Lord Luo.” 

Luo Wei was busy treating injured Beast Region experts when he received Ye Zichen’s transmission. He subconsciously glanced in Ye ZIchen’s direction, only to listen to , “Don’t check out me.” 

Getting this type of response sent shivers down Luo Wei’s spine. “Emperor Ye, what’s going on? just , I saw…. You’re not injured, are you?”

“Don’t worry about me,” said Ye Zichen. “I can handle this myself. How are things on your end?”

“It doesn’t look good,” replied Luo Wei, looking over the gang of wounded soldiers. Even those still fighting had suffered numerous minor injuries. “The demons and zombies are just too strong. We prepared as best we could, but we nevertheless underestimated them. Also, we only planned for demons. We had no time to organize to face the zombie horde.” 

Luo Wei hadn’t mentioned their serious injuries, but however , it had been clear that they couldn’t hold on for much longer .

“Call all of our troops back. In a bit, I’ll make a gap to the northwest. Escape through there.” 

“Understood.” Luo Wei didn’t waste time on excess words. This was a crisis; each second was precious. Emperor Ye had decided to retreat. There was no got to know why. He simply had to hold out his orders.

“Emperor Ye, have you ever given the command?”

Suddenly, Gu Li, chatty as ever, spoke up another time . “Let’s see…. Where will your soldiers retreat to? The Valley of Death lies to the east. If they are going there, they’ll face certain death. My armies’ main war camp is to the south - going there'll only benefit me. The demons are concentrated within the west. It’s presumably impossible to escape directly north. they need to be headed northwest!”

He…. He saw through them!

Ye Zichen was inwardly shocked, but his expression remained an equivalent . He simply smiled calmly and shrugged. “Who knows?”

 the moment he finished his sentence, tens of thousands of swords formed of pure light manifested behind him, then shot northwest. 


Luo Wei had been expecting Ye Zichen’s signal. Seeing the tens of thousands of illusory swords, he turned to his troops and called out, “That’s the signal! Retreat!”

The warriors dashed northwest. The demons elites tried to prevent them, but Ye Zichen’s ten thousand illusory swords soon wiped all of them out.

They ran with none interference, but this was short-lived…...

Just as Ye Zichen said, all he could do was create a gap . soon , other demons would arrive, filling within the gap. Ultimately, Luo Wei and therefore the others would need to believe themselves if they wanted to breakthrough. 

The instant Ye Zichen’s swords landed, a smile flashed across Gu Li’s face. “As expected.”

 “Hmph,” snorted Ye Zichen coldly. “So what if you figured it out?” His vast aura radiated outward as he fixed his gaze on Gu Li and Black Dragon.

“With me here, don’t even believe leaving. Especially you, Black Dragon. Don’t blame me for killing numerous of your demons.” 

To his surprise…..

At first, he assumed Black Dragon would react furiously. Now, watching his face, Ye Zichen saw no hints of emotion whatsoever. Gu Li, meanwhile, crossed his arms and wore his usual playful grin. He seemed completely fearless.

Ye Zichen looked northwest.

It was completely undefended.

After his swords killed the guards, nobody came to require their place.

Could it's that they planned to easily allow Luo Wei and therefore the others to retreat?

No way! That was impossible!


It seemed too good to be true. There had to be…...

A trap!

“Emperor Ye, oh, Emperor Ye, i actually don’t know what you were thinking. Didn’t I tell you earlier? I already knew you'd escape to the northwest. as long as , did it truly never occur to you that I’d plan a ‘surprise’ for you?”

Arms crossed, Gu Li sighed and shook his head. “I really need to many thanks . You sent all of them northwest. Now, I can kill all of them in one fell swoop. It’s hard to mention what proportion they’ll hate you. It’s you, you’re the one who pushed them into the endless abyss!”

“What?” Ye Zichen’s expression shook. Suddenly, a horde of shapeless, twisted zombies appeared within the unguarded northwest, led by none aside from the four Zombie Progenitors and therefore the Zhao Brothers, command medallion in hand. 

“Get it? I had an ambush prepared within the northwest right from the start… since before all this even started.”

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