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Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator chapter 230


A loud boom echoed within the garden.

It was the heavy sound of a high caliber rounds firing at an in depth distance. A puff of cloud appeared as soon because the gunshots were fired. The armor-piercing rounds were so powerful that they might be ready to pierce through steel-plated walls. Larger armor-piercing cannon shells could even obliterate an armored tank, much less a person's .

However, Chen Fan acted quickly. He darted forward before the sniper had even pulled the trigger.


Uncle Nan shouted and channeled his energy into his fists as he hurled them at Chen Fan. the opposite four fighters quickly followed suit and attacked the boy from all directions. The combined might of those fighters were powerful enough to form Lu Tianlong consider about his next move.

However, Chen Fan didn’t even seem to have an interest in them. He darted forward, closing in on the fighters and when he finally passed them, blade auras formed at the tip of his fingers. With an almost lazy sweep, the Azure Wood Qi Blade sliced through the martial artists.


Uncle Nan and therefore the other four martial artists saw an azure-colored flash, then their world went black. However, Tang Yifei had seen what happened. Chen Fan and glided toward the attackers and shot out an azure-colored Blade Qi that severed all five martial artists heads.


Tang Yifei was stunned with shock and disbelief.

Uncle Nan and therefore the other fighters were elite martial artists of the Tang family. all of them was ready to dominate a sizeable city. If Uncle Nan was to remain in Hai Dong city, he would be ready to compete directly with Xu Ao for the seat of power with none assistants from Tang Yuanqin.

Yet, none of the five powerful fighters could survive one attack from Chen Fan. How powerful exactly was Chen Fan?

She had never seen such power even from her father. Before Tang Yuanqin went into seclusion, his power was about on par with the combined might of the five fighters that had been slain by Chen Fan.

“Be careful, my lady.” The old man behind Tang Yifei took a breakthrough to guard the girl. His eyes flashed concernedly . “This man is in a position to unleash Blade Qi. I wager he has already reached the Transcendent State.”

“I didn’t believe it initially . How could a but twenty year old become a Grandmaster? But now it seems that the rumor was true.”

“Grandmaster?” Tang Yifei was set back on her heels.

Although she had heard of the title of Grandmasters, since she wasn't a martial artist, she didn't know the complete extent of a Grandmasters’s power. She had wagered that a Grandmaster was just slightly more powerful than a peak level Internal Force user. She would never have thought that a Grandmaster could have decapitated five Internal Force users with such ease.

“We are in deep trouble if he really may be a Grandmaster.” The old man said with a solemn face. His eyes locked on Chen Fan and said: “Those three sharpshooters are our only hope now. I hope they're well worth the ten million dollar tag .”

A hint of expectation flashed across Tang Yifei’s face.

Those sharpshooters were her trump . They were hired from overseas with a hefty price. They claimed that that they had never missed an attempt in their life and will even land a particular shot on a moving target.

Meanwhile, Chen Fan flew pass the five dead headless bodies and dashed toward under a man-made rock hill. Then he launched himself up and flew to the ragged peak of Capitol Hill .


A headless body of a person in black camouflage outfit fell from the highest of Capitol Hill , into the pond below, splashing water everywhere.

“Bang!” “Bang!”

The other two sharpshooters fired. The bullets hit the rocks and ricocheted off with a shower of loss stones. because the bullets flew through the garden, it compressed the air and rumbled like hell . Even the visitors at the tea house heard the heavy and loud gunshots.

“What’s going on?” Song Zhe rose from his seat and looked toward the garden through a window.

“It seems like gunshots. I heard similar noises at the gun club that I wont to go.” Liu Daoyuan’s eyes lit up as he put in.

“Why would there be a gunshot in Green Vines’s garden? Could it's an assassin?” Hua Zicheng’s words suddenly unnerved everyone.

It was not entirely unlikely that Tang Yifei powerful rivals would hire an assassin to try to to away together with her .

“Xiao Fan is there also ,” Fang Qiong rushed out of the space toward the garden with a distraught face. Everyone else apart from Shen Junwen looked to every other knowingly before they began to catch up with Fang Qiong. Shen Junwen knew what was happening within the garden because he had planned it that way. He knew that this moment was inevitable as soon as he disclosed Chen Fan’s real identity to Tang Yifei.

Even if the Sheng Family could emerge victoriously during an immediate confrontation with Chen Fan and therefore the Chen family, it might be a costly victory. Therefore, Sheng Junwen and his father had thought of inciting conflict between Chen Fan and therefore the Tang family. Without Chen Fan, the Chen family wouldn't be ready to compete against the Wan Rong Group.

“Chen Fan, I agree that you simply are quite character, and that i can’t defeat you, but somebody else could.” Shen Junwen’ eyes lit up with a sinister light. “Physical strength could only take you thus far , and only those that knew the way to scheme behind the scenes using their wits could eventually claim the ladder of power.”

He cracked a smile and emptied the tea down his throat.

The gunshot was a sign that the conversation didn’t go well. Shen Junwen was convinced that Chen Fan would die within the garden today.

“Bang!” “Bang!”

Another two shots were fired and therefore the sound was so loud that they threatened to pierce the sky. Many men in black suits rushed toward Tang Yifei and surround her for her protection. They were loyal to the Tang family and would die to guard Tang Yifei’s life. Their protection slightly eased Tang Yifei’s nerves.

She watched as Chen Fan flew up into the air. His body became a blurry shadow and landed on the roof of the pavilion.


Another wail came up then two halves of a severed body fell from the roof along side a shower of blood.

“Two down.”

Tang Yifei looked concerned. Of the three sharpshooters she had hired, two were already read, and just one was still alive.

“How could anyone be so powerful?”

A hint of regret finally found her face. She had thought of bringing powerful armor-piercing rounds, however, she had never thought that those bullets wouldn’t however very much like graze Chen Fan.


Another body thudded to the bottom , the last sniper was killed by Chen Fan with a jab on his forehead, which penetrated through his skull.

The garden suddenly became pin-drop quiet.

Even those loyal fighters of the Tang family began to tremble uncontrollably at the event . In but half a moment , Chen Fan had already killed eight people.

Worse, anyone of these eight dead men could have ordered them around due to their incredible prowess. But now they were all dead.

“Da, da, da…”

Chen Fan walked slowly on the cobbled path, the sound of his heel hitting the stones reverberated within the garden. In but thirty seconds, he had killed five Internal Force users and three elite snipers. it'd be an enormous deal within the eyes of a mortal, but Chen Fan really didn’t consider anything about it.

His grey casual outfit didn’t even have a speck of dust nor blood thereon .

“Master Chen!”

Tang Yifei’s confidence had evaporated as she became a bundle of nerves. She managed to squeeze a smile.

Chen Fan didn’t reply as he kept on walking closer to her.

“Sir, please stop, another step, we'll fire.” a couple of guards of the Tang family held the gun in their trembling hands and pointed at Chen Fan. Despite their fear, they were ready to steady themselves because of decades of martial arts training. The leader of the bodyguards shouted at Chen Fan.


Chen Fan extended a finger and jabbed lightly within the air.

Suddenly, a Qi energy flew out from the tip of his finger, and before anyone knew what was happening , the Qi Energy had killed the leader of the bodyguards.

“What.. what does one want?”

Another guard piped up. whilst he was close to pull the trigger, Chen Fan took a fast step then flicked a finger within the air. Blood squirt out from the guard’s temple where a hole suddenly appeared then he collapsed to the bottom , slumping in his death.

Everyone was speechless by the turn of events.


The rest of the guards could not twiddling my thumbs their fear, in order that they threw their guns onto the bottom and kept their heads low. They were bodyguards, but not Kamikaze soldiers. Chen Fan’s deadly power had robbed them of mettle and bravado . they only wanted to measure .

Chen Fan scanned the gang of bodyguards, and let his powerful presence to sink in.

“Bam! Bam! Bam!”

The other bodyguards who wielded blades rather than guns also dropped their weapons. One after another, they dropped their knees and began begging for all times . One glare from Chen Fan would have cleared their thoughts to undertake something stupid.

Suddenly, Chen Fan, Tang Yifei and therefore the old man were the sole three-people still standing.

“Mr. Chen…”

Tang Yifei struggled to face still. She said during a broken voice.

Although she had been through tons of turmoil because the leader of a strong family, she just couldn’t find any confidence and can to fight before Chen Fan’s powerful presence.

“I told you that you simply haven't any idea who i'm because you're not a martial artist.” Chen Fan said lightly.”If you're , you'd skills stupid it's to fight me.”

“Of all the fighters in China, there are only a few who dare to face face to face before me on a battlefield. None of these people are from your family.”

Tang Yifei shook uncontrollably and was rendered speechless.

Her heart was crammed with regret and remorse.

Chen Fan had flicked his fingers and killed over ten people, five of which were internal force users and three were elite snipers. Two Tang family’s bodyguards were dead before they knew what had happened and therefore the rest had dropped their knees begging for his or her lives.

This was indeed a fantastic display of power.

Tang Yifei finally understood how Chen Fan made Xu Ao bend his knees. Any scheme or ruse would appear pale and useless before such power.

“Mr. Chen, the Tang family had been around Jian Nan for hundreds of years . does one really wish to possess a full-on war with us?” the old man progressed and asked heavily: “If you're willing to spare our lady, we'll let what happen today slide. The Tang family will never… ”


Chen Fan cut the old man short with a wave of a hand. The white-haired old man was dealt a blow by an invisible force that picked him up and slammed him onto the wall. The impact killed the old man instantly.

Chen Fan didn’t even spare the dead old man a glace as he kept on approaching Tang Yifei as if nothing had happened.

By then, Tang Yifei was by herself to face Chen Fan and his nonchalant gaze.

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