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One Piece Manga 971 On Break This Week

Chapter 970 just got released and that we need to see see the epic fight we were hoping for and now we can’t wait to read One Piece Manga 971 but unfortunately, the chapter is on break in the week .

The last panel of Chapter 970 mentioned that the Weekly Shonen Jump goes to get on break in the week and therefore the next chapter release date has been announced.

Oden vs Kaido finally happened within the last chapter and that we need to see truth strength of Oden and that we also need to see that Kaido isn't invincible and used tricks to win against Oden.

Oden is clearly Yonko level as he was ready to go against Kaido 1vs1. Kaido even admitted that Oden could have won, if only he had attacked five years ago.

One Piece Manga 971
Oden and therefore the nine scabbards are imprisoned and can be boiled alive after three days. It’s getting to be a public execution and that we all know that the nine scabbards somehow escape and that we believe that Hyogoro and Toki help thereupon .

This chapter are going to be great when it finally gets animated as a 1 Piece episode and that i can’t wait to observe it. The official release date of 1 Piece 971 has been given below for you to see .

One Piece Manga 970 On Break in the week 
Oden are going to be killed alive by getting boiled which are going to be the top of flashbacks. subsequent One Piece chapter are going to be the last flashback chapter.

One Piece Chapter 971 are going to be all about Oden’s execution and that we will get to ascertain who the spy is and the way Kaido already knew that Oden was coming for him.

As I already told you above, One Piece 971 is on break and can be released next Sunday. The official One Piece chapter 971 release date has been announced and therefore the chapter are going to be released on 17th February 2020 and can be available to read on Viz and Mangaplus.

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