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Nanatsu No Taizai Chapter 341 spoilers

Manga seven deadly sins nanatsu no taizai chapter 341 Spoilers raw english translation

in previous chapter,arthur whose hands were eaten by cath finally decided to fight with cath. Cath who has become a monster attacks arthur and arthur then summons his sword and cuts the cath.

nanatsu no taizai chapter 341 Spoilers
 during this chapter, there's still a battle against cat monsters.

Merlin fought against cat monsters, but he was overwhelmed.

Arthur gets up and helps merlin against the cat monster.

Arthur looks superior in battle. Cat monsters ask Arthur about several things. Like talking about meliodas

arthur became unfocused and he was hit by a cat monster attack.

Merlin tried to assist but merlin also lost.

Cat monsters make an attack from their mouths to merlin

meliodas avoiding attacks that cause merlin with full counter skills.

Merlin was treated and helped by Meliodas and his friends

nanatsu no taizai chapter 341 release date : -

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