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Fields of Gold Chapter 137 En

“Mother! you actually have the feudal way of thinking, such an old fogie!” Yu Xiaocao stuck out her tongue at her mother. 

Madam Liu continued to glare at her, “Then you shouldn’t eat the breakfast that this old fogie made, just go and stay hungry!”

“Mother, i used to be wrong! Mother is that the kindest, most beautiful, and most open-minded mother within the world…” Yu Xiaocao mournfully cried as she circled around Madam Liu as if she was an active little rabbit. On the side, Yu Hai watched her antics with amusement.

Zhou Zixu gazed at the entire scene with a touch of envy. If he had also been born in such a loving household, albeit the family was more impoverished, he would still be incredibly happy...

“Is Xiaocao home?” The sound of a rather raspy, youthful voice came from over the walls. Immediately, a tall figure that was wearing a group of straightforward black clothing appeared at the gate opening. 

Yu Hai saw the guy first and greeted him happily, “Oh it’s Xiaohan ah! Quickly come in! Cao’er, stop teasing your mother and are available over. Xiaohan is trying to find you!”

“Brother Han? does one got to attend the prefectural city to deliver the wild geese? I’ll attend the rear courtyard and grab them for you.” There was still a while before the deadline for the prefectural magistrate’s request for his son. Both of the wild geese were living at Xiaocao’s home, and she or he fed them small fish, shrimp, and mystic-stone water a day . Now, they were even plumper than they were once they were first caught. additionally , their feathers were sleek and glowing with health, in order that they seemed far more lively and energetic. 

Zhao Han greeted Yu Hai and his wife then smiled at Xiaocao, “Don’t rush about immediately . Tomorrow we’ll start preparing for our trip to the prefectural city. My family isn’t good at raising animals, so let’s not fiddle with those two wild geese. It’s better for them to spend an additional day at your place!”

Yu Hai watched as his daughter chatted with Zhao Han and quietly spoke to Madam Liu, “Xiaohan, that child, has always treated people courteously. It’s obvious that Sister-in-law Zhao knows the way to raise children. Muyun, does one think that Xiaohan treats our youngest daughter a touch differently...our family and Older Brother Zhao’s family, perhaps we could strengthen our ties with a marriage…”

“Don’t speculate idly! Cao’er remains young and who knows what the longer term are going to be like? It’s fine that you simply can mention this ahead of me, but you absolutely cannot let anyone else hear you talk. It’ll ruin our daughter’s reputation!”

Madam Liu also liked Zhao Han. However, per her intuition, she had a sense that the Zhao Family wasn’t from a humble background, especially the madam of the family. Her every movement indirectly revealed that she had a noble background, so it had been obvious to Madam Liu that things weren't simple. If her hunch was correct, then the Zhao Family had a unprecedented background and weren't one that their Yu Family could marry into. 

Zhou Zixu, who had just walked out of the space , managed to overhear Yu Hai’s words, and he felt a touch uncomfortable in his heart. the design in his eyes as he inspected Zhao Han turned a touch resentful. ‘He’s only from a hunter’s family. regardless of what proportion education or manners he has, he’s still a crude person. How could he possibly be an honest match for his younger sister Xiaocao?’

The still immature youth interpreted the discomfort in his heart as a desire to guard his younger sister. In Zhou Zixu’s eyes, his younger sister Xiaocao was even more precious than those so-called young ladies from the rich families in town!

Zhao Han saw Zhou Zixu out of the corner of his eye, and he wasn’t quite sure what to consider this young master from the Zhou Family. Why did he sleep over as a guest at the Yu Family’s? However, he restrained the questions within his heart. Instead, he nodded and smiled politely at Third Young Master Zhou. Unexpectedly, he received a glance filled with dislike from the opposite youth. Zhao Han felt even more perplexed inside, ‘When did I ever offend Third Young Master Zhou? Ah, the thoughts of a young master from an upscale family are hard to understand!’ 

Zhao Han offered the small Capreolus capreolus that was in his arms and sighed, “Didn’t I say that my family isn't suited to boost animals? Tiny was only at my family’s place for a touch bit and has become so listless. We made bound to offer it the simplest fodder available, but it doesn’t seem to require to eat any! Just look, it’s gotten so skinny that you simply can see its rib bones.”

“Tiny? Did Tiny get sick?” Little Shitou came out from the rear courtyard and felt his heart ache at the sight of the listless little Capreolus capreolus .

When it saw its playmate, Tiny appeared to become more energetic and used its head to rub Little Shitou’s arm. A pair of huge and limpid eyes looked piteously at Yu Xiaocao as if it had been trying to mention , “I won’t eat the green vegetables anymore, please let me come back…”

Yes, that’s right! this tiny Capreolus capreolus couldn’t restrain itself from eating the alluring green vegetables that had been watered with mystic-stone water. When the family wasn’t careful, it ate an entire patch of green vegetables and had been banished away by Yu Xiaocao to Zhao Han’s family. Because Xiaocao had solemnly entrusted to task to him, Zhao Han did his best to require excellent care of the small Capreolus capreolus and even bought a number of the very best quality feed for it. 

However, the small Capreolus capreolus thinned down with each passing day. If another seven to eight days passed, then it might not be ready to walk without stumbling. If it still didn’t return home, then he was afraid that subsequent time Yu Xiaocao saw the deer she would only see a small little corpse…

After she saw the small animal’s current state, Yu Xiaocao felt her heart soften as she rubbed the small creature’s head. She quietly said, “Are you getting to eat the vegetables within the future then? confirm to recollect , you absolutely cannot touch anything that's growing within the fields. you bought that?”

The little Capreolus capreolus acted as if it could understand everything she was saying and cheerfully nodded its head. It quickly became far more energetic. Yu Xiaocao laughed and scolded, “You crafty little thing! you recognize the way to injure yourself to realize people’s sympathy eh! You’ve truly become more sentient.”

When Zhou Zixu saw Xiaocao smile brightly together with her dimples showing when she talked to Zhao Han, the uncomfortable feeling in his heart increased. He scampered over and interjected, “This little Capreolus capreolus looks pretty clever!”

Hearing the small Capreolus capreolus getting complimented made Little Shitou desire he was getting complimented instead. He lifted his chest proudly and said, “Tiny is extremely well-behaved and never poops around. It can even understand what we say!”

Zhou Zixu continued to praise the small Capreolus capreolus . because the people were talking, Yu Xiaocao washed a couple of vegetables and took off a couple of leaves before sprinkling some mystic-stone water on top. the small Capreolus capreolus stared at the leaves unwaveringly and had a totally gluttonous look on its face. 

Yu Xiaocao had Little Shitou put the small animal down. the small Capreolus capreolus first checked out her and only after it got her approval did it rush towards the vegetables leaves and gobble it down happily. As it ate, its shaggy little tail waved happily and both of its ears twitched. It looked incredibly adorable!

“Brother Han, once we attend the prefectural city tomorrow, will Uncle Zhao be going too?” Yu Xiaocao asked quietly as she stood next to Zhao Han, watching the Capreolus capreolus eat. 

Zhao Han smiled and nodded his head, “Yup! The prefectural city is just too faraway from here, so my father doesn’t think it’s safe on behalf of me to travel alone!”

Yu Xiaocao pursed her lips and replied somewhat enviously, “The furthest I’ve been to is that the town, I’ve never been to the prefectural city...”

Zhao Han apparently had heard her hint within her words and checked out her gently, “How about...I could ask Uncle Yu and see if you'll also accompany us to the prefectural city?”

Yu Xiaocao’s eyes lit up and she or he secretly glanced at Yu Hai, who was picking vegetables from the fields. She quietly replied, “Do you think that that it’ll work? The prefectural city is thus far from here that we can’t revisit within the same day. My father will certainly not comply with this.”

Zhou Zixu felt rather resentful about Zhao Han ‘abducting’ Yu Xiaocao. He frowned and earnestly interjected, “Brother Zhao, Younger Sister Xiaocao isn't associated with you by blood. Although she’s young, she’s still a woman and isn't suited to spend the night faraway from home.”

When she heard Zhou Zixu say that, Xiaocao immediately felt that her hopes were even more uncertain. She pouted her lips in unhappiness. 

Zhou Zixu tried to console her, “My family features a small residence within the prefectural city and therefore the renovations are almost finished there. I can bring you to the prefectural city to play and conveniently find an honest location to determine a branch of Zhenxiu Restaurant.”

A smile stayed on Zhao Han’s face but the expression in his eyes as he checked out Zhou Zixu had cooled down perceptibly, “Please excuse my question, but if Xiaocao isn’t suited to travel to the prefectural city with us, then why is it okay to travel there with you? you'll have a residence within the city but it’s not Xiaocao’s family’s home. If she stayed there, wouldn’t that be an equivalent thing as spending an evening faraway from home?”

“You! Xiaocao is like my younger sister; she’s not an outsider!” Zhou Zixu refused to be cowed. 

“Pffft——How come I even have never heard of Uncle Yu having a further son?” Zhao Han rebutted fiercely.

“You...how absurd!” Zhou Zixu angrily replied. 

“You’re the one that’s——being completely unreasonable!” Zhao Han’s words held tons of anger.

Yu Xiaocao watched because the two boys continued to fight and felt that it had been quite amusing. She couldn’t help but let loose a peal of laughter. the 2 youths each checked out her. She waved a hand and managed to stifle her giggles, “You guys continue, just ignore me over here!”

Zhou Zixu and Zhao Han silently looked one another within the eye. For whose benefit were they arguing for?

When Yu Xiaocao noticed that the 2 youths were finally ready to settle down , she made her final plea, “Father, i would like to travel to the prefectural city tomorrow with Uncle Zhao and Brother Han. Maybe I’ll consider a replacement thanks to make money along the way?”

Yu Hai heard her plea but before he could answer, Madam Liu butted in to precise her thoughts, “Is the town not enough for you that you simply need to attend the prefectural city? It takes several days by foot to urge there. It’s already quite tiring for your Uncle Zhao and you would like him to assist lookout of you, a touch girl? I absolutely refuse to offer you permission!”

Yu Hai had a glance of ‘there’s nothing I can do’ on his face. He said, “Your mother is right! Our family isn't so poor that we've no options. We don’t got to send you, alittle girl, to the prefectural city to seek out work. Relax a touch , you continue to have your father here!”

In an attempt to tug them out of poverty, a touch girl who hadn’t reached the age of ten had to form braised food, sell her recipes, and even find out a way to cause vegetables to grow faster. She was so busy that she was getting stretched sort of a elastic band . He was really afraid that she might snap under all of the pressure. 

Now, their family could sell braised food and vegetables to possess a stable income and a few savings. They were even on the verge of shopping for a couple of shops, in order that they were not considered poor. Thus, they really needed to let his daughter rest a touch . 

“But Father...I really want to travel to the prefectural city to become experienced and knowledgeable!” Yu Xiaocao did her best to use every trick in her book to act sort of a spoiled child. She knew her father was particularly susceptible to these methods. 

Sure enough, Yu Hai’s heart softened. He secretly approached his wife and quietly said, “Muyun, Doctor Sun himself had said that our Xiaocao isn't an individual with a standard destiny. She’s only nine years old yet she has earned almost two thousand taels. within the future, she is going to definitely be even more prosperous. As her parents, albeit we might not be ready to help much, we absolutely cannot pull her down!”

“What does one mean by she won’t have a standard destiny? Don’t forget that Xiaocao may be a girl and can got to marry someone within the future! If she was a boy, then I, as her mother, would absolutely support her!” Madam Liu still believed within the old traditional values like , ‘a woman’s virtue is to possess no talent’. She felt that girls should spend longer reception doing needlework, managing the house and such, but there was no point in spending an excessive amount of outing within the public. 

When Zhou Zixu saw that Xiaocao was close to cry, he immediately forgot his previous position and hurriedly interceded, “Auntie, your beliefs are a touch too outdated! It’s not considered shameful for ladies to travel out of the house and do business. for instance , Jiang Siniang herself established the shop , ‘Exquisite Garments’, that's famous and known to everyone within the capital. Even the noblewomen within the capital have a difficult time getting her to form them a bit of clothing that was personally designed and sewn by her. In fact, all of the emperor’s imperial consorts want her to enter the palace to make clothing for them! i think that Xiaocao’s future accomplishments,will absolutely not be inferior to Jiang Siniang’s! she will only be better!”

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