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Bone Painting Coroner Chapter 538 - The deceased fell to his death

Bone Painting Coroner Chapter 538 - The deceased fell to his death

In the meantime, Ji Yunshu was standing next to the well, watching the round protrusions round the lip of the well. Her bright almond-shaped eyes darkened as she moved the tiny hollow on the skull in her hands towards the round protrusions round the lip of the well and gently matched them up.

"I see." She finally figured it out!

When the gang rushed over, they saw her murmuring indistinctly with the skull in her arms. 

Lu Hu’s group checked out her blankly while Lin Shu, who was being restrained, stared at her with a pale face.

He was now just like the meat on a cutting board that would be chopped into meat paste at any time. regardless of what proportion he disliked and hated Ji Yunshu, at this moment, he had no choice but to place all his hopes on her.

Carrying the skull together with her , Ji Yunshu walked towards him and asked seriously, "Do you remember how long you went out that night? think twice and answer me accurately."

Although Lin Shu didn't understand, he was like an ant being roasted on a hot pan. Only together with his best cooperation could he be prevented from being "burned to death" alive. He considered it with all his might and made some calculations.

"Should be ... no quite time for a cup of tea.

"Are you sure?

"I’m sure."

As his classmate, Fu Yuansheng also said, "I was sitting with him at that point and he went bent the restroom. He indeed took the time for a cup of tea to travel out and are available back."

Another one said, "Yes, I remember i used to be discussing something with him at that point . It really took the time for a cup of tea for him to return back."

Ji Yunshu nodded. She felt she got her facts straight.

There was a ray of sunshine in Lu Hu's big eyes and his face was as fierce as that of a politician from Hell. He couldn't tolerate other people's disobedience and Ji Yunshu had been repeatedly stopping and interrupting him. He had lost his patience together with her .

The hand wrapped round the handle of the knife secretly tightened.

"What the hell are you doing?


"The case is closed and you don’t need to waste any longer time trying to find any evidence either. once I return , i will be able to truthfully tell Magistrate Huang that you simply helped the yamen solve this case. At that point , he will certainly reward you. But if you still stop the yamen from doing their work, then even the rewards will become a punishment instead."

Reward or punishment? Who cares about that! Otherwise, she would became rich an extended time ago. Her clever eyes narrowed, "Officer Lu, I just said that not all items are often used as evidence. Sometimes, the evidence is dead, but the reality is alive. Be it the chestnut beads or the blood on the bottle, or the time to write down the letter, we will only say that those items are clues which will lead us to the killer, but the important truth must be deduced from that."

"Then what’s the important truth?"

"The truth is that although the evidence I found shows that the killer was Lin Shu, I even have always been mistaken about the direction. he's not the killer."

The last five words were loud and firm.

Wow! The group was shocked. The murderer wasn't Lin Shu? 

Lin Shu's face, as dusty because it was, brightened again as if he was within the abyss and suddenly someone threw him a life-saving rope.

But Lu Hu gave her a chilly look and spoke with an important voice, "Teacher Ji, as far as i do know , previously you were the one saying he was the murderer. Now you say he's not the murderer. Are you telling me that a short time later, you’re getting to change your mind again and say that the deceased died thanks to a fall?"

"Yes, the deceased died from a fall." She was sure.

What? Everyone was surprised.

Ji Yunshu lifted the skull held in her hand and commenced to elucidate clearly, word by word, "There are five injuries on the deceased, but this wound on the rear of the brain is different from the opposite four. The injury is an in. deep and is analogous to the wound caused by a fist. However, there are not any obvious cracks and therefore the indentation may be a complete and regular circle. it's evident that the injury was caused by the top impacting on the round protrusion on the lip of this well. it had been a fatal injury and he was immediately killed! " She flicked her sleeves and pointed at the well.

The crowd looked back and forth between the well and therefore the skull in her hands. It appeared like what she said was plausible. 

Lu Hu looked back and forth as well; he was still filled with questions.

Ji Yunshu circled round the well and continued, "The situation that day should be like this. After Lin Shu hit Guo He and left, Guo He got up from the bottom , holding the half the bottle left on the bottom and staggered here. I remember that on 11th of the 6th month last year, it rained all night within the north and stopped within the early morning of the 12th. the rear mountain was muddy and therefore the road was slippery. At that point , Guo He was drunk. Also, in the dark he couldn't see the road in the least , so his feet slipped and he fell backwards completely. the rear of his head hit the round protrusion at the mouth of the well with great strength. He died immediately and his whole body fell straight into the well. "

The group were shocked but relieved. Lu Hu didn't believe her words in the least , and even thought it had been very funny. He sneered, "Nonsense, why don't you say Lin Shu pushed him down."

"It's impossible!" She said, "Official Lu, why don’t you calculate it, otherwise you go and check out walking from the Academy to the well at the rear mountain and back. How long would that take?" Lu Hu felt uncertain.

She calculated the time properly. "For an individual who walks in no time , or maybe runs, the route would take a minimum of the time for 2 cups of tea. How did Lin Shu make it in time for one cup of tea?"

Lu Hu was unable to refute her. He glared savagely at her, "I don't care which sentence you said is true or false. regardless of what, i need to take him away. When he arrives at the general public court within the yamen, Magistrate Huang himself would determine whether he's the murderer." 

Sure enough, he had made up his mind! He ordered, "Take him away." The officials were close to take Lin Shu away.

"Didn’t we just prove that i'm not the murderer. Why does one still want to arrest me? Let me go."

"Shut up!"

"You people in Yamen are just inverting black into white and distorting the reality , I didn't kill anyone..." Those officials don't care at all!

Ji Yunshu progressed and stopped them, "He isn't the murderer, so you can't take him away."

"Get out of the way."

"Officer Lu, the way you and your team operates is literally following the principles too blindly. If you're really taking Lin Shu away, he will either be tortured to death, or he are going to be forced to sign a fake confession. At any rate, you can't take him away."

Her expression was serious and her stare burned as hotly as volcanic lava, almost as if it might ignite flames on the officials.

The students of the academy also stood behind Ji Yunshu during a tight knot, like chopsticks bound together, and every of them stood with dignity.

"You can't take Lin Shu away. He didn't kill anyone." 

"Yes, since it's been proven that he wasn't the murderer, we'll not allow you to take him away." 

"Release Lin Shu..."

All of them together were able to exert pressure on the officials and fight back.

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