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Solo leveling Light Novel : 127

Chapter: 127

Park Jong-soo, the Guildmaster of the Knight Guild, couldn’t believe what he was seeing . A seemingly unscathed foreign man was leisurely walking out of the doorway of the ant nest . it had been impossible .

‘The news of the ants being exhausted should still be top secret . ’

Park Jong-soo was standing on a literal fortune, mountains of the highest-grade mana stones lay scattered under his feet . . so as to stop any looting of the stones, the Association decided to cover the very fact that the eradication of the ants was complete until countermeasures might be prepared . Therefore, only alittle number of individuals knew that there have been no more magic beasts on the island .

‘At most, the soldiers who were assigned to us, the service people at the Association, and…’

Hunter Sung Jinwoo . that ought to be about it . However, Park Jong-soo would bet his entire fortune that the person standing at the doorway to the ant nest wasn't Sung Jinwoo . How could he forget his face? He was Korea’s most talked about hunter and was the amount 1 priority on the Knight’s recruitment list, a really distinguished person .

So Park Jong-soo asked another time .

“What were you doing? Why are you beginning of there?”

The man just smiled, Park Jong-soo couldn’t tell if the foreigner didn’t understand him or if he was purposely avoiding the question . The Knights’ Deputy Guildmaster, Jung Yoon-tae, stood next to Park Jong-soo with a troubled look on his face .

“Hyung-nim, that’s a person's , right?”

“I… I’m not even sure . ”

He couldn’t feel any mana, so it definitely wasn’t a magic creature or a hunter but… he exuded a wierd aura . Jung Yoon-tae, who was quick on the uptake, also sensed the ominous energy, and watched him warily .

However . . .

The soldiers couldn’t sense it just like the hunters could .

Clink, clink-

Soldiers, finally catching up to the Guildmaster and his Deputy, immediately raised their rifles at the mysterious foreigner . Seeing their reaction, Park Jong-soo hastily called bent the soldiers to avoid unnecessary deaths .

“Hey, hey! Don’t shoot! It’s not a magic beast!”

“Then, is he human?”

“It… might be . ”

Park Jong-soo nodded with an astringent expression .

‘If it’s not a magic beast, the sole other possibility is human, right?’

Park Jong-soo’s lack of imagination led him to the present simple conclusion . The commander gave a curt nod, and spoke up .

“Got it . we will take it from here”

“Is that necessary? Aren’t we just here to retrieve the body of hunter Min Byung-gu?”

“We were ordered to retrieve the corpse of Min Byung-gu hunter and to also control things on Jeju Island . ”

Park Jong-soo conceded . There was no reason for the Knights Guild to interfere if the opponent wasn't a magic creature or a hunter . If he didn’t get entangled , he wouldn’t get knotted up in unnecessary business .

The commander yelled bent the person .

“You’re now during a restricted zone . If you don’t follow our commands, we'll not hesitate to fireside . ”

“ . . . ”

The man just continued to smile, seemingly unphased by the tense situation he was causing .


‘Do i actually need to shoot him?’

The soldiers thought, anxiously .

It was a natural reaction, as this was the primary instance that they had to organize to shoot an individual . during this era of peace, the soldiers were more familiar with shooting magic creatures than humans . The Hunters’ expressions were tense . There was something off-putting about the strange man smiling in such a situation . Then the person put his hands in his pockets .

‘Is that… really a true person?’

‘How can a person remain so relaxed with a gun pointed at him?’

Park Jong-soo’s face froze .

Clink, clink!-

When the person hid his hands in his pockets, the strain among the soldiers neared its verge of collapse .

“Don’t shoot! don't shoot! Not yet!”

A thick vein bulged on the Commander’s neck as he shouted at his men .



A soldier near the Commander drew his attention back towards the foreigner . The strange man ahead of them had slowly began to speak .

“ . . . ?”

It opened its mouth to talk , but the language was foreign to the Korean team . To be more accurate, it had been not that the language was unrecognizable to the Koreans; rather, the language didn't exist on Earth .


“What are you saying?”

While the military men were at a loss for words, Park Jong-su suddenly uttered without realizing,

“L-language of the magic creatures?”

It had sounded almost like something he had heard from intelligent magic creatures that had populated a high-level dungeon he raided a short time back .

“Wait, on the other hand meaning -”

Before the commander could speak and ask if the strange man was a magic creature, the strange man took one among his hands out of his pocket, letting it hang loosely by his hips .


The tension had reached a boiling point, and therefore the movement, however slight, was an excessive amount of . A nervous Special Forces squad member reflexively pulled his trigger when he saw the strange man’s hand move .


A collective gasp of astonishment rose from the soldiers as they saw the bullet bounce harmlessly off the man’s forehead and fall to the bottom . the person stopped smiling and a chilly expression formed on his face .

“M-m-magic creature!”

“That’s not a person's , open fire!”

Before anyone could act, the man’s eyes turned red . Soldiers and hunters alike fell to their knees, clutching their chest in pain .

“Ah -!”

Someone tried to scream, but no sound came out . the person snapped his fingers and that they all collapsed, sort of a puppet whose strings had been cut . [1] The strange man turned back . A man appeared suddenly, standing behind him .

“You didn’t need to make a commotion . ”

The middle-aged words were spoken during a language not from this world .

“ . . . yeah . ”

The strange man tried to act apologetic, but was unconvincing . The man looked into the ant den and asked .

“Did you check it?”

The strange man nodded .

“It’s definitely his powers . ”

“What a wierd turn of events . ”

The middle-aged man’s gaze turned to the fallen hunters and soldiers .

“I don’t know why he’s helping humans . ”

“Who knows what his real intentions are . If you’re so curious, why don’t you go and ask him?”

“ . . . I’ll pass . ”

The man shook his head and continued .

“The hunt starts as scheduled . Nothing has changed . ”

“I see . ”

The man waved gently and opened a portal within the air, which was perfectly sized for him

“Oh yeah, another thing . ”

The strange man spoke up and therefore the middle-aged man’s glanced back at him .

“One seems to be here . ”

“In Korea?”

“How about we lookout of him while we’re here?”

Information psychically flowed from the strange man directly into the middle-aged man’s mind . But still, the man was unwilling to follow his plan .

“Leave this area . . . in his hands . ”

“You don’t want to urge involved?”

“You can interpret it that way, believe it . ”

The middle-aged man’s voice was barely audible as he stepped through the portal, which closed immediately behind him .


“You coward . ”

The strange man turned back to seem at the soldiers and hunters sprawled out on the bottom . They were simply asleep, and would awaken soon unharmed .

“Hmm . ”

The man hummed and stretched his hand towards the humans, on the other hand stopped .

‘ . . . ’
As if to remind himself of the middle-aged man’s words, he quietly chided himself .

“Let’s attempt to not cause a commotion”

The strange man’s voice lingered within the air, fading along side him as he entered a portal of his own .

It was late within the night . Jinwoo was sitting on the ground reception and inspecting “The Demon King’s Dagger” . It played a pivotal role within the fight against the Ant King, who he had named Ber when he added him to his shadow army .

[Item: Demon King’s Dagger] Rarity: S Type: Dagger ATK +220 A dagger from the Demon King Baran . Equip both of the Demon King’s Daggers to realize the set effect . Set effect ‘Two to One’: Adds the entire of one’s strength stat to the attack power of both daggers .
The attack power of only one dagger was already eye-catching enough without even considering the set effect . Jinwoo couldn’t recount the amount of times he’d checked this weapon’s stats . Baruka’s Dagger was an A-class weapon and it only had an attack power of 110 . Jinwoo had been rummaging through the System’s store for awhile, but it had been hard to seek out anything with quite 200 attack power, even among the S-class daggers sold there .

‘There’s also the effect Two to at least one . . . ’

He liked the very fact that if you took out both Demon King’s Daggers to finish the set, then your strength stat would be transformed into attack power . Already, his strength was approaching 250 and it might keep increasing as he leveled up . By simply adding his strength to the entire attack, he would be ready to dish out 4 times the damage of Baruka’s Dagger .

“They did feel tons deadlier when cutting and slashing with them . ”

If the opposite hunters knew the skills of his items, they’d throw themselves at his feet in hopes of obtaining even one .

‘Then, how about the longsword?’

[Item: Demon King’s Long Sword] Rarity: S Type: Long Sword ATK +350 A longsword infused with the facility of the Demon King Baran . When wielded by the user, “Storm of White Flames” activates . Effect “Storm of White Flames”: Creates a storm of white flames that's constantly raging within a neighborhood .
It only seemed natural that the long sword had a way higher attack power than the daggers . you'll hold just one long sword, but the daggers might be dual wielded . However, the sword’s effect was overkill, even by Jinwoo’s abnormal standards .

“You can just swing and launch a wide-area attack?”

A weapon perfect for multiple enemies . In fact, when Jinwoo recalled how his entire shadow army had been stunned by Baran’s magic attack, it still sent chills down his spine . it had been not on an equivalent level as Baran’s own magic, but it had been still quite satisfactory .

“If it wasn’t for my dagger-specific skills, i might definitely use this longsword . ”

Jinwoo was close to swing the sword around stupidly , but managed to prevent himself in time .

‘ . . . ’

It’s was late . He would wake everyone up if he created a storm within the middle of the house .

He couldn’t scare his mother anymore . Jin-woo put down his long sword .

‘Still . . . I’m glad”

‘Because Mom didn’t stop me . ’

After the events of Jeju Island, Jinwoo returned home and told her all about his situation, only keeping the existence of the System hidden .

He happened to be an S-class hunter accidentally and he wanted to still be a Hunter .

His mother, who had appeared to be worried for a short time , eventually decided to support him .

“Mom wants you to try to to what you would like to try to to . However, don’t overdo it . ”

That was the sole condition his mother gave him .

‘But if it’s a situation which may be unavoidable on behalf of me . . . ’

His thoughts ran wild and grew morbid for a short time , and Jinwoo shook his head to clear his thoughts . Then suddenly, something else his mother had told him before came to mind .

“Did he come to visit?”


“When i used to be asleep within the hospital, I heard your father’s voice . ”

“What did he say?”


Until then, she said she’d never heard or dreamt of someone’s voice .

‘Of course, my mother still hasn’t forgotten my father . ’

Nevertheless, supporting her son who wants to become a hunter is evidence of what proportion she believed in her child . Jinwoo had no intention of disappointing his mother . Survival . it had been always his top priority . Even during a life threatening situation, he was ready to become this strong because he never gave up, even to the bitter end .

‘ . . . okay . ’

With the concerns of his mother not hanging over him, Jinwoo was now liberal to conquer dungeons once more . Create a guild, raid, defeat the high class dungeons, and lift his level even further .

Jinwoo’s heart pounded with anticipation .

‘I have one more reason to boost my level, quite just getting stronger . ’


Igris, who was summoned by Jinwoo, appeared before him . He was the soldier who Jinwoo had been with for the longest time .

‘And . ’

He was the sole Knight-class soldier the system had provided . In other words, Igris was the closest to the inner-workings of the present System among Jinwoo’s soldiers .

“You’ll be ready to ask me once you get a better rank, won’t you?”

Jinwoo had many questions, especially for Igris .

Of course, no response came from Igris just yet .

“ . . . . ”

He stood in silence, as usual .

‘If silence were a sound, maybe he was the noisiest soldier within the world?’

Jinwoo chuckled and scratched the side of his head while learning the Demon King’s weapons . .

‘Inventory . ’

Something flashing caught Jinwoo’s attention as he was close to place the weapons into his inventory .

‘What is this?’

Jinwoo’s eyes widened .

One item that he had forgotten inside his inventory was now glowing .

[1]: Look it’s Overlord

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