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Returning after 10000 Years Cultivation Chapter 1490

“hmph! such insignificant ability! In those years, you probably did not even achieve the Divine General of the Palace Emperor Nine Guards. you'll only count as a subordinate soldier and dare to form trouble!”

The ghost wolf was coldly snorted. Immortal Ruins was the highest three peerless killer. he's proficient in assassination. Even within the face of seven Gold Core Great Kings and even half-step Sky Monarch, it's still sort of a butterfly. Into the space , easy to use.

Number One Blade After erasing a defender, the second sword has been pierced, breaking through the space, faster and faster than the seven major defenders. once they broke out, his piercing blade was already just like the poisonous snake was sort of a letter, blooming on the neck of Lao Qi, but half a foot faraway from him.

The assassination method of the ghost wolf was originally a trivial matter. At that point , it had successfully assassinated and killed Divine Transformation. And within the battle over the traditional demon abyss, he battled Jiang Tian and watched Jiang Tian’s speeding rule of Xunpeng, he was even more profoundly conscious of it. within the past two days, Jiang Tian followed the fingers with one or two, but he has been sublimated to the limit and gained great opportunity and strength. it's three or five times the first .

To know the laws controlled by Jiang Tian, many of them are god-level laws, which are applicable everywhere. it's almost a road, how out of the standard and terror!

“Ah! brothers save me!”

Shoujiang Laoqi is miserable, look pale like paper, it feels as if entangled by poisonous snake python, unable to interrupt free.

Across the electrical light and flint, many body protection Magical Artifacts and runes erupted fully bloom, blooming in countless rays of sunshine , sort of a big sky, eager to block and impact.

But it’s still late.


The piercing knife breaks into the air. The black space crack, centered on the tip of the knife, spreads all around sort of a tentacle dancing within the sky.

Shou will bear the top of Lao Qi first, sort of a rotten watermelon smashed by a jackhammer, bursting open, almost splashing a couple of ten meters away.

The ghost wolf simply killed one sword without encountering decent resistance. He only shot twice. the 2 defenders of Winterfell died on the spot, drenched with blood.

Before dying, the seventh guard had a face filled with despair and unwillingness, and had endless fear. He was chopped by the ghost wolf with Blade Technique, and therefore the body fell on the cold snowy ground.

Blood burst out, but within the blink of an eye fixed , it had been frozen by the cold wind, and therefore the scarlet blood was as crystal-like because it was scary.


The seventh guard are going to be killed, blood splattered, and his mount snow sculpture dances into the sky. the large wings swept towards the ghost wolf sort of a heavenly blade swept through.


blood splashed, jade white feathers withered and fluttered, ghost wolf slashed its brain with a knife, blood within the neck cavity surged sort of a fountain, bones were stubborn, and an enormous corpse sort of a mountain fell to the mountain, Blood flows into a stream.

“Ahhhh! Ghost wolf, you're so ruthless. you've got completely betrayed the good emperor who is invincible! You damn it!”

“Old Seven!”

The remaining defenders roared, surprised and angry, and shot in anger.

Various Magical Artifacts moved together towards the ghost wolf, sort of a meteorite falling from the sky, rays of sunshine blazing, tearing the sky, and formidable power terrifying.

Jiefeng’s family belongs to the relatives of the emperor. they're associated with the lineage of the emperor Qiuyi, and that they were rescued by the prince of Qiuyi. If the family of extinction is extinct, they're going to face the emperor of Qiuyi without face.

“Kill Kill Kill! The ghost wolf must not be left!”

“Zhu Fenglan girl , Yu Linzi Young Master, you go away!”

The guards roar, their eyes are red.

But the ghost wolf has plunged into the void and disappeared briefly. Everyone expected that if it broke out again, I’m afraid the defenders would have their powerhouse fall.

“Doesn’t Heaven’s Chosen, which ranked 20th in my god of war chart, exist?”

Wu Shujian is anxious, pressure is high, ghosts and wolves are too strong, and his shots are too fast. After waiting, his Wu Shujian has no success. How can he gain the trust of Jiang Tian?


A quick drink, he immediately broke out. Flying Silver Word about one inch, sort of a silver fish, exploded from behind, all from the rear . the entire piece of Heaven and Earth was shaking, interfering with the law. The guardian ’s magical artifact was destroyed.


Countless small swords gather and reorganize to make an enormous Flying Sword with a length of ten zhang, which rises across the sky and crosses the sky. If the antelopes haven't any trace of their horns, they're going to be swept across the six guards. And over.

Doraemon, the sky is shaking, and therefore the stars seem to be annihilating. Sword energy rushes into the sky. Sword light shines on a bullfight. A defender is stop by the waist, and even the Gold Core is destroyed. It explodes instantly, Divine Soul. Off.

The other two defenders are severely damaged. The terrifying sword marks cover the whole body, like a child’s mouth opened, exposing organs and broken bones, which can't be eliminated during a short time, because Wu Shujian is additionally Nascent Soul. The attack involves rules, They’re all Gold Core, unable to disintegrate the principles .

Then, the ghost wolf also emerged from the space.

The chaos of the sun and therefore the moon, Heaven and Earth are the wrong way up , and therefore the space is broken like broken glass. the 2 defenders who had been seriously injured by Wu Shujian were torn apart, their intestines penetrated, and that they died terribly.

“Jiang Taichu, what psychic soup does one give them to form the ghost wolf and Wu Shujian so loyal to you!”

Looking at the brothers who had broken quite half within the blink of an eye fixed , the primary defender cut his heart sort of a knife, pained his heart, yelled loudly, and hated gnashing teeth against Jiang Tian.

Jiang Taichu is just too strong!

Moreover, his subordinate Wu Shujian and ghost wolf haven't any weak soldiers, a half-step Divine Transformation that's proficient in assassination, a Nascent Soul Heaven’s Chosen sword repair, each has its own strengths, and every one can easily kill them. .

“This is that the back of the guts . The market emperor you follow may be a garbage. you're foolish. once you are wont to slaves, you'll consider it for the master! Today, you dogs are desperate in your hearts!” /p>

At this point , Jiang Tian didn’t move, and stood with folded arms, smiling with a joke and unperturbed, a bit like a cat twiddling with a mouse.

“Jiang Taichu, you act bloody and cruel, repeatedly fixing foul wind and bloody rain, killing you demon bandit 10,000 times is difficult to unravel my heart hate! i would like to pump you Divine Soul, use fire a day Wind sacrifice, allow you to taste the pain of purgatory! “

At this point , when seeing the ghost wolf and Wu Shujian’s killing ring, Jue Fenglan yelled, her beautiful eyes were congested, her plump breasts were violently undulating, and her curvy figure was seductive.

She is extremely beautiful, tall and tall. She features a lot of long legs to exercise, straight and fit, and therefore the legs on Earth will humble herself when she sees it.

This place is found on the sting of the 2 stars of Nanmen. the sunshine is extremely weak. Her skin is frosty and snowy. it's as delicate as ivory, with none flaws, and even the pores aren't visible.

Due to 10,000 years of severe cold, people here usually have high noses and deep eyes, and their eyes also are azure . If gem-like, Jufenglan is typical, seems like Reba, features a sharp nose, and is filled with exotic charm.

At this point , Yu Linzi has escorted her to a secret Teleportation Formation many miles away!

This is a Jiedong-level Teleportation Formation, under the material of Qiu Yan. Although it's small in size, it can transmit 3 or 5 folks that ’s all at just one occasion , but it's enough to pass a couple of people from the Feng Family to Hailan World. you'll be safe there.

She hates Jiang Tian as deep because the ocean, and killing Jiang Tian won't relieve her hate. Only torture and humiliation against the foremost brutal methods of cultivator are often done.

“You haven't any chance, you can’t get away!”

Tenderly shouted.

Long Shengnan has already followed him to death, and therefore the emperor of Kowloon is showing her strength. Her murderous aura is fully swing, and therefore the nine dragon spirits, the Flood Dragon, revolve around the lovable body.

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