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Read Manga One Piece chapter 969 English Translation

Read Manga One Piece 969. capitulo 969 Read Manga One Piece Manga Chapter 969 English Translation

In last chapter Roger managed to gather four road poneglyphs and with the assistance of oden, the situation of the last island of Raftel was discovered. Roger and another roger pirate crew sailed straight to the last island, but the buggy didn't participate because he was sick while Shanks didn't go along because he was taking care of the sick buggy.

On the last island, roger managed to seek out a treasure from the enjoyment boy, roger laughed then named the last island by the name raftel (laugh tale)

Read Manga One Piece Chapter 969 English Translation


One Piece Manga Chapter 969 Release date in January 26 , 2020

Read one piece 969 spoilers here

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