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Paladin Dad Chapter 701

 Qin Wuyang is gone.
This Alpha’s mood is extremely complicated. Although he got the solution in Zuo Yi, the result was too amazing, completely beyond the pre-judgment, which can inevitably cause confusion and uneasiness for the longer term .

This is actually quite normal. the mixing of the 2 worlds are going to be an enormous change for everybody . within the future, regardless of what the living environment or lifestyle, unimaginable changes will occur!

Even Zuo Yi cannot reverse or prevent such changes.

Of course, Zuo Yi has no reason to prevent , because the promotion of the planet brings a rise within the sequence of life, and it's also the evolution of the survival of the fittest.

Refusing to ascend and evolve, sooner or later are going to be eliminated and abandoned ruthlessly!

For the people of Earth, fortunately, they still have enough time to adapt and prepare without suddenly facing a fresh future.

In the multi-million-billion-year history of the good Multiverse, there are countless samples of world destruction.

And most significantly , Earth owns Zuo Yi, a Sacred Domain Knight who is capable of Suppression!

Without Zuo Yi, the invasion of the Abyss plane would be enough to bring the whole world into a state of utter danger, and by now it might definitely sink completely, and there's no second possibility.

It’s just that Zuo Yi has no intention of preaching his own achievements. The god of Extraordinary and therefore the hero who saved the planet is way from being as pleasant as Bao’er’s “father”.


The little girl rushed out of the front room sort of a whirlwind and leaped up before the steps, as if the swallows who had gone home threw themselves at Zuo Yi.


Zuo Yi quickly opened her arms and hugged her, said with a smile: “I’m back.”


Bao’er was tired in Zuo Yi’s arms, his face froze: “I bought tons of things with mother and came back, tons of delicious.”

Today is Saturday. female child was taken to Grandma and Grandma by Gu Yunxi within the morning.

Zuo Yi touched her head lovingly.

Since the return of Quaid, the small girl has become more sticky and sometimes requires him to accompany him to sleep in the dark .

Gu Yunxi not understanding the entire truth may be a bit jealous.

In fact, Zuo Yi noticed that something had changed in Bao’er. the character of the small girl usually became more and more abundant, and there have been signs of closeness to the weather .

In other words, her life sequence is climbing to a better level.

Obviously, while World Consciousness used her to support Zuo Yi, she also changed her life to some extent.

The problem is that Bao’er’s age is just too young. Whether such a change is sweet or bad for her, Zuo Yi still has doubts.

Of course, this doesn't prevent Zuo Yi from giving her more care.


Tyke eagerly followed, shaking its head and wagging its tail.


Bao’er got on the brink of Zuo Yi for a flash , then jumped down and said, “I want to ascertain Xiaoying.”

Xiaoying is that the little gryphon given to her by Zuo Yi. Because this guy grows too fast and can't be accommodated by Linjiang Old Residence, she was sent to Baoshu early to measure there.


Zuo Yi took the space ring and gave it to her.

Little girl wants to ascertain Xiaoying, of course, he doesn't got to invite his consent, because the latter actually belongs to her riding pet.

But Bao’er loves the small griffin, and each time i'm going , I bring it delicious.

The favorite of the griffins is undoubtedly the Demon Ox jerky stored within the space ring by Zuo Yi.

This is also the basis of its rapid climb .

Demon Ox Meat isn't ordinary beef. It can only be stored for an extended time in Zuo Yi’s space ring. Otherwise, do n’t hurry and eat after removing . It wo n’t take long for it to deteriorate thanks to the influence of the planet Law .

So when the small girl made a special offer to Zuo Yi to ascertain Xiaoying, the latent meaning was to require Demon Ox jerky.

This requires Zuo Yi’s space ring.

This space ring Nature by Zuo Yi is extremely valuable. it's unparalleled treasure in Sadya World. it's quite enough to exchange an independent plane.

But Bao’er wants to borrow to feed the griffins. Zuo Yi must haven't any hesitation.


What Zuo Yi absolutely didn’t expect was that Bao’er turned down the space ring he sent.

Little girl drew it in her pocket, and pulled out alittle dark silver ring. !! !!

Zuo Yi was stunned.

This ring is extremely small, only a narrow circle, resting on the palm of the small girl, as if the wind can blow away.

Moreover, its shape is that the simplest, but there's no workmanship in the least .

No one picks up anything like this when it's dropped on the bottom .

Zuo Yi, however, can clearly perceive the spatial fluctuations emanating from this tiny ring, and at an equivalent time, he also recognizes the empty silver that made it!

Space ring?

Zuo Yi couldn’t help but reached out and picked up the ring, trying to inject a trace of Battle Qi into it.

As a result, the function of the ring was activated instantly, and therefore the built-in space for storing appeared within the perception of Zuo Yi.

Although the built-in space of this ring is merely two or three cubic meters, and it's not very stable, it's indeed a completed space ring.

Wizard Creations!

Zuo Yi couldn’t help asking: “Baby, where did this thing come from?”

Do you ever have a tall tower Wizard come to Earth, then left an area ring, which was obtained by the small girl?

“I made it!”

As a result, Bao’er’s answer made Zuo Yi almost startled off her chin. She proudly said, “Father, I’m very difficult to affect , right?”


Zuo Yi does n’t know what to mention . this is often quite amazing, it ’s incredible!

The space ring belongs to the Wizard product and may be a High Level Wizard product. Usually only an outsized Wizard who masters the law of space are often made. additionally , the materials required for the space ring are very scarce, therefore the value is extremely expensive.

In Sadya World, a primary space ring are often wont to purchase a medium-sized Wizard Tower!

Zuo Yi is Knight, of course, there's no ability to refine the space ring, albeit he's also a rune master craftsman.

And Bao’er got the inheritance of the Destiny Witch, and it's possible to form an area ring within the future.

First of all, Zuo Yi is free, and therefore the inheritance of Destiny Witch contains the knowledge about Wizard creation. Vivian was ready to make an area ring.

But the strength of the small girl is way from Vivienne. From Zuo Yi’s point of view, she is going to not be ready to unlock the relevant Wizard knowledge in her memory until a minimum of an adolescent .

As a result, Bao’er now features a space ring.

This is completely beyond common sense!

Zuo Yi couldn’t help asking: “Baby, how did you create it?”

He is really curious! ——

During the extraordinary period, everyone must concentrate to safety and sincerely hope that everybody are often safe, healthy and healthy.

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