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One Piece Chapter 969 Spoilers

Manga One Piece 969 Spoilers. One Piece Manga Chapter 969 Spoilers English Translation

Manga One Piece Chapter 969 Spoilers 

- Gotti gets defeated by Marine within the cover story.
- Oden was laughing but crying at an equivalent time when he knew Roger's execution through newspaper.

- Gotti gets defeated by Marine within the cover story.
- It seems Orochi jails Oden (thanks to the assistance of old Bari Bari no Mi user).
- 1 year after Oden's attack he discovered during a newspaper Orochi give to him, Roger's death.
- 1 year then , Gecko Pirates and Beast Pirates fight. Moria steal Ryuma's body and Shusui.
- 3 years then , Orochi kills Hyogoro's wife and their 16 children. Oden decide's he will stop Orochi and Kaido together with his servants.

Oden tries to chop Orochi down but his attack is stopped by the ‘Biwa Buddhist Priest’ Kurozumi setsumaru via the barrier barrier fruit.

Oden demands that Orochi returns him the seat of Shogun as he's only alleged to act as a substitute until Oden’s return. However, Kurozumi Higurashi had already used the skills of the Mane Mane fruit to convince all the Daimyo that Orochi should officially be recognized as Shogun so he’s Oden is told that his request can not be done.

The townsfolk are delighted by Oden’s return in order that they rejoice & ask Oden to drive out Orochi & but poisonous arrows begin of nowhere & blind two of the townsfolk so all the townsfolk take cover indoors.

However shortly after, Oden comes out of Orochi’s castle naked dancing & posing for chickenfeed . Seeing this, the onlooking townsfolk fall under despair & lose hope in Oden.

Oden’s Retainers suspect that something is amiss & implore Oden to inform them but Oden just goes on about his business and ignores them. As a result, even the residents of Kuri who believed in Oden till the very end, lost all affection for him.

Spoiler below is spoiler that translated to english using google

969 Fool

Orochi that cuts Orochi
"Biwa Hoshi" black charcoal semi-maru prevents it with the facility of burrs

Orochi may be a deputy, so i will be able to offer you the position of general as long as you come back 
The black charcoal Higurashi, transformed into a sukiyaki with the fruit of a mannequin, will make Orochi officially a general
Say it's impossible because you think within the daimyo

The townspeople who search at the castle and rejoice once they drive out Kaido and Orochi on the return of Oden
Two people killed by poison arrows released from somewhere escape indoors thanks to blindness

After that, Oden danced naked and laughed at Kadou's subordinate in Orochi, earning alittle wage.
The exposed townspeople began to disappoint at Oden

The vassals ask that they ought to be hiding something, but just return that Oden is merely working.
Guri people that were trying to believe until the top 

One year later, Oden is predicated on a newspaper received from Orochi.
I knew Roger's execution and therefore the beginning of the good Pirate era

One year later, the war between the Gekko Pirates and therefore the Beast Pirates broke out after Suzu
At an equivalent time, the grave trolls of the sword god Ruma occur, but even in such a case, Oden continues to bop 
Someone who understood me, including family, vassals and a couple of benefactors

And five years after the return of Oden, you'll receive the ship
The promise to return the captive Leopard Goro has been broken,
Leopard Goro's wife and 16 children were repelled and killed

Oden, who has finally reached the limit of patience, later decides to defeat Kaido with what's called Nine Akashiya

One Piece 969 Release date : jan 26, 2020

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