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[News] Solo leveling Chapter 103 - Spoilers

Chapter 104 of Solo Leveling released last Thursday and it had been one among the interesting chapters needless to say . The interesting storyline is keeping fans engaged successfully and that we can’t await subsequent chapter to release. Well, like us, you would possibly be looking for subsequent release, but allow us to tell you that the discharge for subsequent chapter is delayed for now.

According to the discharge routine, the Solo leveling chapter 103 was scheduled for this Thursday, that is, January 23, 2020. But, the discharge for the new chapter has been pushed for next week.

So, what happened? Why creators are pushing the release?

A Redditor posted a picture on the Manga subreddit, consistent with which chapter 103 for the webtoon ‘I level up alone’ aka Solo Leveling, which was scheduled to be serialized on Thursday, January 23, has been canceled thanks to Jang Sung-rak’s (Artist) health.

Fans are reacting to the delay in release date, some have decided to attend patiently and support the creators, whereas, some are going mad and posting hate comments. But, we'll suggest you wait patiently for the official release and support the parents within the creators’ team.

Solo leveling Chapter 103 release date –

According to the Reddit post, the new Solo leveling Chapter 103 release date has been pushed to next week and therefore the new chapter will go survive January 23. Stay tuned, we'll keep you updated with the newest release schedule of Solo Leveling.

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