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Kingdom Chapter 631 English

The arm is thicker than the traditional human thigh, and therefore the muscles are engaged sort of a dragon. because the power moves, the muscles are constantly surging, and an invisible momentum swept out sort of a tide. At that moment, there's no fight, it can make people lose their courage. This pressure is basically too big.

What is the arm can't twist the thigh, he dare to mention that the thigh is ahead of him, but also a palm twist into a twist.

“Sometimes, not who has more muscles, whoever can win, the strength must be stronger than others.”

Yi Tianxing seems to possess not seen the large arm.

“On your own, you would like to win me. If you don’t want to attend for the humiliation, you'll fork over the 10th Dukang wine. Just give me Dukang wine, most are still an honest friend, good brother.” The old ghost grinned and said again.

“Don’t say more, come on.”

Yi Tianxing heard it and said nothing.

Come to a table and sit down directly.

The old ghost was also sitting opposite, his body shape, and when he went on, the entire chair began to form a painful snoring. Fortunately, the varied tables and chairs during this inn are all ordinary items, although they're constantly squeaking and not completely broken and broken.

Resolutely withstand it.

“Chair, be strong.”

Wang Xiaoer checked out the chair that was smashed by the old ghost, and said subconsciously.

This sentence fell into the old ghost’s ear, and his face was black.

The cold is snorted within the nose.

“Come on, let me solve you. i'm good to drink.” The old ghost has some wanting to say.

The huge arm stretched and an elbow was on the table.

The table was strong and didn't make any noise to interrupt .

“Come on.”

Yi Tianxing also extended his right . His arm seems like an old ghost. it's naturally just like the difference between a thigh and an arm. But always firm and stable, with none fear.

One big and one small, the 2 palms are instantly held together.

At this point , the monks within the inn were most gathered around, and every of them checked out the center with enthusiasm, showing a robust interest.

“Who will win, with the physical strength of the old ghost, it's said that within the desert, even the armored rhinoceros that ran wildly was turned over by him, punched down, and a dune was dusted. Natural power, ghosts and gods the power .”

“I think that the old ghost will win. during this neighborhood, he has never met an opponent. His strength is greater than him. He has never seen it before. check out this friend, his body isn't a burly, body type. I can’t compare with him, I guess, it should be the old ghost to win.”

“This might not be the case. The strength isn't associated with whether the body is tall or not. The body is little and thin. it's not necessarily that there's no power. Concentration is that the essence. Moreover, this Taoist friend dares to talk quite the old ghost. It must have a particular Grasping, it's impossible to be insulted by plain. Maybe there's a card, or maybe the physical strength isn't inferior to the old ghost.”

“Look, it’s starting.”

A famous monk showed a hot color his eyes and checked out the 2 .

Only within the arm of the old ghost, a bit of muscle swiftly moves sort of a dragon, and a force is totally condensed within the arm. Obviously, this is often getting to end the fight within the blink of an eye fixed . Win the sport with a crushed posture.


However, when he first tried his best, the old ghost’s mouth couldn't help but make a scream. He thought that his power, this force, could definitely put the other’s arm directly down, but this force, but found that his own strength It seems that the stone is within the sea. The seemingly unhealthy arm is usually supported by the ocean god needle. There are not any signs of trembling.

It is as if the facility just fell on his arm and disappeared completely.

“How can this be the case? Is it impossible to play the pig to eat the tiger. How can his strength be stronger than me? it's absolutely impossible.”

The contempt within the old ghosts disappeared completely in a moment .

He is not a fool, not even stupid on the surface. he's the foremost confident about his strength. Now he can’t use 30%, but he can’t even move his arm. From this, we will know that the person ahead folks , the facility of the flesh, is by no means idle.

This guy, this is often dug up and let yourself jump in.

“Playing the pig to eat the tiger, but you think that you'll withstand the facility of my 30%, you'll sit back and relax. I tell you, this is often impossible. 50% power.” The old ghost flashed slightly of dignity, The mouth issued loudly shouted.

A violent blood escaped from the body. Amazing power broke out of the arm.

“It’s specialized . This power has already been no but 90,000 pounds. If it's really 50% strength, his physical strength should be around 200,000.”

Yi Tianxing’s arm is usually sort of a sea god needle, and it doesn’t move. albeit the facility of quite 90,000 kilograms is poured out, it's still crushed, and there's still no slight vibration within the arm. the guts is additionally quickly estimating the facility of the old ghost.

For now, there are already quite 90,000 kilograms.

Really, as he said, only use 50% power.

Undoubtedly, his strength is a minimum of as high as 200,000 jin.

Such amazing power, in anyone, it's definitely an unbeatable power.

Unfortunately, within the face of Yi Tianxing has reached the White Cauldron four-sounding, a force, reaching the terrifying level of 400,000 jin. Compared with the 2 , it's alittle witch.

A collision, naturally impossible to shake his arm.

“There is an accident, there's a true accident. surely , it's definitely not a weak one that dares to compete with the old ghost. Moreover, it's still a strong Body Refining Cultivator.”

“There may be a good show, it’s wonderful. I don’t know who the old ghost and this friend will win. Why do I feel that heartbeat is accelerating? This suspenseful competition is that the most engaging . I don’t know who’s power. Stronger.”

“Good guy, this Taoist friend doesn’t seem to possess anything special, how can he have such amazing power.”

The monks of all around thought that this suspense wasn't big. I didn't expect that such a change would happen suddenly. many of us were excited once they were on the spot. all of them wanted to understand that Yi Tianxing is more powerful. Still the facility of the old ghost is invincible.

Many people are still looking forward to the five hundred strength of the old ghost.

But the strange thing is that the arm still doesn't move.

“Impossible, I don’t believe that your strength is stronger than mine. check out my 70% strength.”

In the old ghost, a roar was heard, and when the mind was during a move, a force of force again moved toward the arm and swarmed away. A blood spurt, letting the air outside the body rise to a hot atmosphere.

70% power, in order that the encompassing air is shaking.

However, Yi Tianxing’s arm still has no tremors and is usually standing ahead of him.

“100% strength, give me down!!”

The old ghost’s face gave birth to a red color, and it seemed that the top began to congest. Qi and blood boil within the body. The table under the arm emits a violent vibration, and you'll feel the facility of the ocean within the confrontation and collision.

On the face of the old ghost, a layer of fine sweat appeared.

Unfortunately, albeit the embarrassing Face is red, there's still no thanks to tilt Yi Tianxing’s arm to the side.

“You have used all of your strength, I even have not used it yet.”

Yi Tianxing showed a smile on his face, his mind was moving, his hands were vomiting, and a force that was slightly stronger than the strength of the old ghost’s arm broke out. Suddenly, he saw the thick arm of the old ghost. Under Yi Tianxing’s thin arms, start tilting a touch .

This kind of tilt, it seems that the amplitude isn't large, but it's always overwhelmed at the move towards one side.

The sweat on the face of the old ghost kept flowing down.

“Give me up.”

The old ghost screamed loudly.

The blood in his body rolled, and within the blood, he could see that an enormous figure appeared behind him.

It is a hand-held hammer, with a green face and a fangs, a single-angled head, an enormous body, a muscle knot on the body, and a strong spirit that exudes a strong force. As soon as this ghost appeared, he made a tremendous roar on the spot.

That is a terrifying momentum that dares to challenge the planet .

Vigorously a horned king! !

This deity may be a powerful unicorn king. Among the ghosts, they belong to the foremost powerful ghosts. This old ghost emerged as a robust unicorn ghost queen, the body’s breath, instantly skyrocketing, even suddenly doubled up, the tilted arm that was originally pressed, even pulled back a touch bit. The force of terrifying, flowing within the arms, the muscles are shaking.


Yi Tianxing saw that it couldn't help but reveal a wierd color, but the hands didn't show weakness, and a more violent force instantly crushed the past.

boom! !

The old ghost’s hand rested on the table and was completely crushed.

” Lost, the old ghost actually lost.”

“Unbelievable, the facility of the old ghost, even once I stand next to me can feel a robust pressure, but within the hands of this Taoist friend, how strong his strength.”

The monks of all around have a horror in their eyes.

The power of the old ghosts has just erupted. they need witnessed it, and even they will feel it face to face . If they punch down, nobody can resist it. The body are going to be blown up and smashed into flesh and blood. the facility of terrifying was actually lost. it's simply impossible to recover. visible. the facility that broke out from Yi Tianxing was crushed.

“Good strength, and surely , he's the cultivation of the twin Cultivation. Body reinforcement of the Body Refining Cultivator, even to realize such a terrifying realm. Certainly into the second realm of refining, I don't know, his qualifications for refining, It must be very strong.”

There is a touch of sunshine within the eyes of the gold inlay.

Obviously understand the Body Refining Cultivator and Qi Practitioner. i do know alright . Dual Culture, the facility of the 2 , is certainly not one plus one equals two things. Instead, the geometric multiples are incremented.

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