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Eternal Kingdom Chapter 1941

“Small five, let ’s plow ahead and let all the main shopkeepers of Vantone Trading Company return to the headquarters. there's something to debate . Remember, all shopkeepers must be rushed to the headquarters tomorrow, and arrangements are going to be made after leaving. Properly. “Shen Wansan spoke to a teenager who was 70% almost like him and instructed.

This is his son, Shen Xi, who is ranked fifth, and his nickname is Xiaowu, Xibao. ahead of him, there are four big brothers, namely Shen Jin, Shen Yin, Shen Bronze, and Shen Tie. Add up to gold, silver, copper, iron tin. In Between Heaven and Earth, this is often precious metals. It’s treasure.

Shen Wansan named his son with such a reputation , and that i hope they're going to be rich and rich.

Whenever you've got money, you'll never treat yourself during a woman’s color, and you'll not be within the minority to marry your beautiful wife. The remaining daughter may be a lot of daughters. It are often said to possess strengthened your family and let Wantong Trading Company People ’s hearts are more stable.

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“Don’t ask more, you'll naturally understood by then.”

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Trading Company’s strategy must change. within the past, Wantong Trading Company targeted the territory of Great Yi. It did its best, and indeed became one among the four major Trading Companies. In Great Yi, it are often considered a hit , but now it's become a royal merchant, then it must be external, all All strategies must be changed. there's an indoor shift to an external shift. Of course, this is often to not say that each one of Great Yi should be withdrawn. this is often the most energy which will be shifted to the surface .

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The most important thing is that they have already got the status of Emperor Shang, backed by the good Yi Holy Court. The convenience brought by identity is more important than any benefit. Just 30% is enough to fill the plate of the Four Trading Companies. The curved roads inside, naturally Shen Wansan, they will count them clearly. it's like we are losing tons now, in fact, we'll only get more.


The same thing is occurring not only within the Shen Family, but also in other major Trading Companies. Shopkeepers are convened to organize to vary the previous strategy and actively answer subsequent severe test. Outside the realm is that the real battlefield. it had been a battlefield without smoke, a special quite war.

At an equivalent time, the national policies previously formulated by Great Yi have also been moved towards Great Yi. there's a star network. this type of spread is sort of amazing, but within Great Yi, it's already documented .

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“This time, our Great Yi really must make an enormous move. Originally, each fairy city only needed to suppress the wildness of thousands of miles, but now it must suppress three thousand miles. The fairy city are going to be expanded to succeed in the dimensions of King City. to extend the population, it must reach a minimum of 5,000,000 levels. The limit is claimed to succeed in tens of millions. this point is basically an excellent generosity.

“This may be a good thing. Nowadays, the thousands of miles of wilderness in Xiancheng City, to be honest, a number of us can’t meet our needs. During this point , as long as we enter the wilderness, all the main alien forces hiding within the wilderness will show Very tough, there aren't a couple of killers secretly , and therefore the number of ominous beasts is additionally declining. they ought to tend more room for survival, and that they must leave something for future generations.

“Yes, my Great Yi strength is increasing a day . i'm fully capable of doing this. Suppressing three thousand miles. Although it's difficult, these all are small things. There must be aliens who dare to leap out. Send troops on to annihilate. “

In the Great Yi people, no many people are all concerned about this alteration , and that they don’t have much opinion. Anyway, this type of thing has little effect on them, and it's more beneficial to future generations. The fairy city also can be expanded. The living environment and therefore the concentration of Heaven and Earth Yuan Qi will still increase. For the end of the day , it's an honest thing for the heavens.

There also are some people with vision, and even see the advantages of doing so, they will release more talents, have more fairy cities, and suppress more territories. for nice Yi, it can reduce the pressure and has many benefits. Countless. this suggests that the pace of Great Yi’s future expansion will still accelerate, and it'll not even stop. What this suggests means Great Yi has more opportunities within the future. Bigger stage.

Most of Great Yi’s changes in national policy have maintained an optimistic and supportive attitude.

The national policy also began to be implemented. an outsized number of fengshui divisions began to visit the varied immortal cities, starting with the Han Sea boundary and ranging from Yizhou. The immortal cities, which had been separated by thousands of miles, began to maneuver outward and moved to new location. Immediately after the choice was made, there was the Ministry of Industry, and therefore the craftsmen of Tiangongge quickly began to upgrade and expand Xiancheng. the size of expansion is on par with moved towards King City.

This change has also affected the wilderness.
There are tons of aliens within the wilderness.

These alien forces are friendly to Great Yi, neutral, and hostile.

Of course, the hostility may be a minority in any case .

Beastmen Race

“patriarch, Great Yi moved the fairy city away and altered it into a fairy city of three thousand miles. this is often what they need to try to to . they need really given abreast of such an outsized wilderness.”

“Never mind him, for such an outsized wilderness area, we will breathe a sigh of relief within the future and allow us to know that the youngsters within the clan will work harder and provides birth to more cubs. we'll make our tribe stronger. Enhance Strength is most vital . “

“Notice, pay close attention to the actions of Great Yi, but don’t release such an outsized area clearly, but secretly give us a shadowy move.”

Elf family.

“Queen, will the changes in Great Yi have an impression on us. they're not getting to strike us.”

“Don’t worry, the tactic of Great Yi is extremely clever. There are tons of various racial forces within the wilderness area of three thousand miles. If there's no pressure from Great Yi, the conflicts between the main forces will only be one after another. Excite. “


Each and everyone’s actions on Great Yi can only be watched. nobody dares to challenge and destroy. You know, even within the wilderness, the influence of Great Yi remains strong. the bottom transportation within the entire wilderness is consistently changing, and therefore the level of ground transportation is getting higher and better . This all means Great Yi’s influence on the wilderness is getting stronger and stronger. Even now, three thousand miles apart, the wilderness strength control of those three thousand miles has not decreased in the least , but is strengthening. Ground speed is getting faster and faster.

This is the strengthening of Great Yi’s overall strength, enough to suppress all enemies.

The situation is sort of a fairy city, the wilderness within three thousand miles is enclosed into each and everybody Tiny World, and Xiancheng is usually the core area.

With the advancement of national policy, we will see that within the Han Sea boundary, fairy cities have begun to repeatedly move towards the boundary where they're located. Many fairy cities are already face to face and may be seen by lifting their eyes. These fairy cities are all fairy cities that are established for many years . City Lord is an experienced veteran.

In the past, Great Yi was the master of the fairy city, lacking an experienced fairy city.

At the instant , it's been completely reversed. Fairy City has more territories than Great Yi.

“Legacy continues, the main Legions speed up the attack on the Bohai Sea realm, and therefore the expansion of the Iron Blood Chinese Wall continues to accelerate. Within ten days, the Iron Blood Chinese Wall will completely cover the whole Bohai Sea boundary. Our military exists The meaning is to capture more territory for nice Yi, enough to accommodate the territory of all fairy cities.

An order was issued from the Military council pavilion.

Soon, the speed of the attack, which was originally unhurried, began to increase suddenly. The speed of the Jagged Iron Great Wall’s outward expansion is skyrocketing. Instantly advance several hundred li outwards, and each minute, advance a minimum of 10 li.

This advancement immediately caused an uproar within the entire Bohai Sea realm.

The reason why the Bohai Sea can still resist is because Great Yi didn't go all bent launch the attack. Now, with all movements, all resistance is just like the instant chickens and pottery dogs. They collapse in a moment . Moved behind. Quickly enter the designated area. albeit there's no got to pay the environment in the least , once the fairy city falls, luck are going to be born. These moved fairy cities are all powerful celestial cities inbuilt Great Yi for many years , and that they quickly divided the areas. Each fairy city is sort of a pawn on a chessboard.

At an equivalent time, all types of data flew like snowflakes towards the Moon Palace.

The Yinyue Emperor’s Court at this moment can clearly see that the entire exudes a solemnity. The Seven Nights Demon Sovereign ascends to the sacrifice rooftop, and is worshiping Heaven and Earth.

“Yinyue dynasty, promotion ….. imperial dynasty !!!”

A huge luck True Dragon suddenly appeared, moved towards the sky tribulation thunder, headed straight up, and quickly completed the transformation within the baptism of the tribulation thunder. moved towards Six Claw Azure Dragon metamorphosis. During this era , the Yinyue dynasty conquered an outsized number of demon forces and incorporated them into its own system. The air fortune increased greatly and its heritage was strong. At the instant , it's undergoing transformation and has endless benefits.

After a short time , where all the water flows, a canal is made is completed, the lucky dragon is transformed into a six-claw. Yinyue was promoted to the imperial dynasty.

“Report !!!!”

“Not good, Emperor, the battlefront … the battlefront …… defeated. Great Yi has aggressively attacked.”

“The frontline is urgent, most urgent. Great Yi is advancing three thousand miles forward, and is consistently attacking. Great Yi’s fairy city keeps entering the boundary of the Bohai Sea. Everywhere is lost, can’t resist, and asks for support.”

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

“A great Great Yi is just bully intolerably. When the emperor was promoted to the imperial dynasty, he launched an offensive, and he didn't put the emperor in his eyes.” Emperor Qiye trembled with vigor.

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